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This is beautiful trail. It is a half day hike so plan to bring lunch and plenty of water. It was wooded and wet with lots of waterfalls and swimming holes. We stopped at one swimming hole to hang out and eat lunch. It was beautiful. The elevation does get steep close to the summit so prepare for a strenuous climb.

Great hike! We went up the White Oak Canyon trail and took the horse trail across to Cedar Run trail. Saw some small wildlife: birds, squirrels, snakes, and a skink. We also got to see a small bear cub at the top by Skyline Drive. Coming down Cedar Run trail was a little difficult, the trail was washed out in places and terrain was rough near the rock slide into a water hole. Very refreshing to jump in the water and cool off!

3 days ago

Decided to do a last minute backcountry camp by the falls. Enjoyed the hike down and up very much, little hard on the knees going down and gets you winded going up especially when you backpacking with an old alice pack with 40lbs of camp gear. Nonetheless it was a great time.

Loved this trail so much! Hiked from the skyline entrance down to the natural waterfall water slide and had lunch at a swimming hole along the way, will be back!!

Great trail, lots of wildlife, beautiful waterfall

Great waterfall!!! The track back is challenging but so worth it, the waterfall is lovely.

Beautiful on the way up and down. Lots of water falls and large rock formations.

Great family hike, enjoyed the falls! Easy walk down, a little bit rough on the way back out.

Started off at the white oak canyon parking lot, suggest to get there early as the lot fills up quick, overflow parking is available for $10 a car, in addition to paying the park entrance fee. But if you are there early enough parking is free. We did the white oak to cedar run loop, the hike itself was challenging but also wonderful in so many ways. Took up 6 1/2 hours, we stopped for lunch and spent time in the water. Beautiful scenery, many over looks to enjoy the water falls. The rocks on the down hill was the hardest part in my opinion, difficult on the knees, feet and ankles. The water slide was all I hoped it to be, refreshingly freezing cold water. The trail was crowded today, never felt like we were alone which I don’t necessarily enjoy, I prefer the solitude of nature but that didn’t take away from my experience.

Great hike. Steep and rocky

10 days ago

Very Rocky, overall a great challenge.

A great little hike that is often far too crowded. If you go early you can miss most of the rush, but otherwise you may not even be able to park at the trailhead. It seems easy on the way down but it's a good grade and the return trip can be hard for novice hikers. Even with the extra height, you can't skip out on going to the base of the falls - it's amazing. If you want, bring a towel and take a dip along the way. The COLD water will get you energized!

11 days ago

One of our favorites in our three years of coming to Shenandoah. Start left and follow the river. Take a dip in a nice rapid-laden pool and enjoy the scenery and (cold!) water. This is a slightly strenuous but very do-able hike. We took our dog along with our 7 and 10 year old daughters who, though they complained a bit near the end, were troopers and pulled it off on a hot day. Sneaking over to Dark Hollows is a must and saves you the trouble of doing that hike separately. We got to see a bear and a few deer on the way. I can't recommend this trail enough for a great family day hike!

A great hike, but a rating of hard is, well, hard. Yes, I'm approaching 60, but in very good shape, and this was an exhausting and strenuous hike. Lots of rocks, a real work out on the ankles and knees. Pay close attention and bring a walking stick or two, as well as lots of water and something to eat. Our fitbits measured it at more like 9.5 miles. Be sure to stop and put your feet in the water at some point. Watch for snakes (big) and bears (sudden). In other words pay attention to your surroundings. Lots of swimming holes (ice cold clean water) and fairly well traveled. Trails are well marked but print the above or bring a print out so you know which path to take. Allow 5-7 hours. Parking lot was packed so get there early to get a spot, otherwise there's overflow parking at $10 a shot.

very beautiful hike down to the waterfall and along the creek.

13 days ago

Gorgeous trail the follows the river.

Scenic but can be crowded by the falls at times. A good one to stretch your legs a bit when driving all of skyline drive in a day

short and sweet. however the closer to the falls you get the steeper the trail gets. i found that people with bad knees or backs had some trouble making it to the falls.

Did this hike today with my 15 year old nephew. Absolutely loved it. We started on the yellow blaze side at skyline drive, which is the oak canyon side, coming up cedar run at the end of the journey was a challenge but an enjoyable one. If you don’t want as much a challenge I would start on the blue blaze first, ending on a fire road for the last 2 miles would probably be pretty nice if you’re not an overly experienced hiker.
Currently there is A LOT of water. Be prepared to get wet, and cross water and be on very wet rocks.
The pools are all very deep and so good to swim in!!!

It’s NOT 7.3 miles. It’s more like 8.5.

22 days ago

I loved this hike so much. The walk back is not easy, but so worth it.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Hiked this loop starting from Skyline Drive. We originally planned to start at the bottom, but the road was closed due to high water. We actually drove a bit past the sign and a van had been left abandoned in the middle of the road, and from a distance the road looked rough. We decided to turn back and start from Skyline Drive instead. I would definitely start from Skyline Drive if heavy rains occurred the day before, just to be on the safe side. From Skyline Drive, we descended the Cedar Run Trail, which had several nice little waterfalls and a steady, pretty stream. “The Slide” was very cool and the water was absolutely roaring today; one benefit of coming after a heavy rainfall. The first “official” waterfall on White Oak Canyon was breathtaking, and probably the highlight of the hike. Further up, there were some pretty great falls as well. All in all, “The Slide” on Cedar Run and the first big waterfall on White Oak Canyon stole the show...but there were plenty of other cool medium to small waterfalls to be seen. Would definitely come here again!

Road to the base is washed out about 2 miles from the trailhead as of 3/23. After rain, you may have to go around to Skyline Drive to access this hike unless it’s been dry the day before.

Great Hike, nice waterfalls. Wasn’t too strenuous or muddy, though can be difficult to keep your shoes dry if it’s rained recently. The area between high and low white oak falls is a little steep, but it’s not too bad. Plenty of spurs to go off the main trail and get up close to the water. Plenty of flat rocks to relax and have lunch on.

Great Hike, nice waterfalls. Not too strenuous or muddy. The area between high and low falls is a little steep, but it’s not too bad. Plenty of spurs to go off the main trail and get up close to the water. Plenty of flat rocks to relax and have lunch on.

Got a late start because the road at the base was washed out so you have to go around to Skyline drive if it’s rained recently.

lots of walking and walking

beautiful hike, lots of fun. It's a bit of a climb but I did not find the trail particularly difficult. Would definitely recommend.

1 month ago

So this is a great hike—my new favorite in SNP. Make sure you go left at the start and not down the fire road. Two things to know. First, out and back is 4.5 miles. The trail is 2.9, but there’s .5 before you reach it to the left and 1.1 on the fire road on the way out (or vise versa is you start the other way). Second, the uphill on the last 2 of the trail is a fairly strenuous uphill. My 9-year-old has no problem with it and neither did I will a 30 lb pack. Can’t say the same for others on the hike. If you’re out of shape, this will help with that, but you will likely hurt a bit tomorrow.

1 month ago

I love this trail of waterfalls especially after all the rain we had this spring. I brought my tripod and did an awesome photo/video shoot early enough in the morning when I was the only one there. Buungeng by the waterfall is a beautiful experience. I took my time at some of the most impressive spots and captured my moving meditations and the falls on video. The trail became much busier as the day went on. I also did the Dark Hollow Trail which was quite steep but gorgeous. On my way back down, I took the fireroad and after coming around a bend, came eye to eye with a mama bear and her two cubs. Hiking alone.... oiiii! It has it's pros and cons and this was not my idea of a good time. The cubs went off into the woods but big mama watched me intently as I backed away.... even took a few steps towards me. I was petrified as she did not take her eyes off of me! I went back around the bend from which I had come and waited. Two fly fishermen approached and I told them my dilemma. They had a whistle which they used to scare the cubs up into the trees so that mama wasn't going anywhere. So much for whistles! Two more hikers came along and then we all decided to just go for it in hopes that mama bear would stay by her cubs which were only about 50-100 yards from the trail. OMG, now I've got myself a whistle but am wondering if I need bear spray too....

1 month ago

Amazing hike today on Rose River, my dog and I loved it!
The waterfalls are lovely!

1 month ago

Saw two bear cubs today! This trail is an awesome hike with the river and all its cascades, watering holes and small falls beside most of the trail. Going left at the start is definitely the way to go. I did it on a Tuesday and saw quite a few peeps along the way but not too many. I'm sure this would be well traveled on the weekends. I wanted to extend the hike to include the Dark Hollow Falls Trail but the group I was with weren't into it. I will definitely be back to this one many times! It's an hour and a half drive from home, but worth it!

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