2 days ago

What a hidden gem! We did the trail as a late afternoon filler hike and we are so happy we chose it. We stayed at Skyland numerous times and never once even heard it mentioned. We only encountered one other family on the trail, out and back. Fairly short trail but it was a fun trail for the kids with lots of rocks to climb down and up, pretty untamed, but you never felt unsafe. The view was spectacular. With the vantage point being out on an outcrop, the view was at least 180 degrees, including being able to look back toward the mountains. The first portion of the trail is pretty lame with there having been a cell tower, lots of cleared trees, and a road running parallel for the first 500 feet. I thought we made a mistake at first in choosing this trail, but it soon became pretty neat. In my view, it's at least as good as Stony Man, the main attraction at Skyland. If you have walking issues, then this is not a trail for you, but my kids are generally bored on an overly groomed trail. The directions are pretty bad on this site (but that doesn't warrant giving THE TRAIL a one star, which is just ridiculous), but the confusion may be in part because of the fairly new *gravel* road. Park on the grass at the Skyland Amphitheater, walk back to the *paved* road you drove in on, take a left, walk 100 feet, look to the left, and, Voila!, there's the sign for the trail (right across from the nearest Skyland cabins you see from the Amphitheater).