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Perfect for some quality time with fantastic photo opportunities! The Falls were great but you still have to be physically fit to endure this trek round trip. Plan about 1.5 hrs with kids and fun at the Falls.

There are some challenges clambering through the rocks on the way up, but it's worth it! Amazing views, plus I rounded a corner on the way down to find a bear digging at the foot of a tree! Absolutely loved this hike and can't wait to do it again!

This hike is so much fun! You start by climbing up the mountain in a beautiful shaded area then once you get close to the summit the rock scramble starts. Keep in mind that the rock scramble is mostly bare so bring sunscreen. There are about three or four false summits before getting to old rag and the rock scrambling is pretty difficult. We brought 3 liters of water for two people and snacks which was just enough. Only do this hike if you are comfortable climbing lots of rocks because the scrambling is intense but again so much fun!!

i adore this hike! my favorite part is the rock scrambles at the top! definitely allow yourself some time to play when you get up there! beautiful all year round! (where shoes appropriate for steep hikes -ankle support- and good grips for the rock climbing, maybe gloves too if your hands are sensitive) *if you start the hike later in the day bring a flashlight just in case!*

Great trail, lots of wildlife, beautiful waterfall

Great waterfall!!! The track back is challenging but so worth it, the waterfall is lovely.

This is a great difficult mountain to hike. There are a bunch of difficult spots that you have to climb up or squeeze through. Definitely need to be ready to pull yourself up some ledges and wedge yourself up some gaps.
I made a mistake and thought it would be a good idea to go backpack camping for this trip. I planned to check in at the parking and backcountry camp station on the East side and then camp at the junction on the west side. I didn’t understand that with at least a 40lb bag this gets difficult in a lot of ways. You need to squeeze and crawl through gaps, so I was dragging and pushing my bag. You have to climb up steep and areas that don’t have much head room, where you have to throw your bag up. You have to walk along steep ledges, where if your backpack gets caught or unbalanced.... Anyway, I had a lot of fun and the views were gorgeous. There was one area where you had to crawl through where someone took a duke that was disgusting but other than that the hike itself was great. I went during the week and there weren’t too many people. Probably ran into around 40 people during the whole hike.
This hike extremely tired me out with the backpack so by the time that I got to the junction, where I found a backcountry camp site, I set up my tent, ate a bite, bear safed my food, and went straight to sleep. I emphasize to Bear Safe Your Food, because that night a bear was trying to get my food, which I hung on a tree right outside my tent...
In short, I don’t suggest backpacking unless you are very muscular, have a light pack, or you set up at the bottom of the mountain early in the day (10 am latest). It is a very fun and difficult climb and has great views. Make sure to pay attention to trail markers!

There’s a reason this hike is rated #1 in Shenandoah area! What an unbelievable hike! We decided to do the full 9 mile circuit trail. The ascent (3.8 miles) is full of excitement and a ton of rock scrambles. It is definitely challenging! In order to complete this hike you must be able to get through rock scrambles and hoist yourself up on boulders. The summit is incredible (360 degree views!), with great views and options to rest along the way. The descent is 5.2 miles but goes by very quickly due to the decrease in difficulty and the constant changing of scenery. It is a beautiful serene place. Make sure to pack plenty of water and snacks! As an experienced hiker I completed this hike in 4 hours with one break. Would suggest this hike 100%, incredible experience an a ton of fun! Would suggest getting there early to beat the crowd. There is a 15 dollar park entry fee.

Great family hike, enjoyed the falls! Easy walk down, a little bit rough on the way back out.

I have done this multiple times and it is probably one of the best mid-Atlantic hikes. It is an all day affair and can be rather hard. Make sure you have good weather! The views make the hard climb worth it.

Overall a really great hike! Well maintained trails and pretty good views at top. One problem is that it's so popular, you'll definitely get into traffic jams near the top if you go on a weekend

14 days ago

Very Rocky, overall a great challenge.

A great little hike that is often far too crowded. If you go early you can miss most of the rush, but otherwise you may not even be able to park at the trailhead. It seems easy on the way down but it's a good grade and the return trip can be hard for novice hikers. Even with the extra height, you can't skip out on going to the base of the falls - it's amazing. If you want, bring a towel and take a dip along the way. The COLD water will get you energized!

I done it round trip. It worth view on the top! I like it and hope to go back again:)

Great hike!!!

very beautiful hike down to the waterfall and along the creek.

I love this trail and all the scrambling you get to do on it. It gets very busy on the weekends, so try to avoid going on Saturday or Sunday if at all possible or you may get stuck standing in line to get through the difficult areas on the trail.

I did this hike today, it was also my first hike in Virginia. It was a good way to spend the day, and I did enjoy it. Though, I wouldn’t call this a hard hike for the experienced person. It’s more of a moderate hike for anyone that does this on a regular basis. There are some challenging parts, but nothing too crazy. But, if you are new to the hiking game, or not comfortable on rocks I would take it slow, especially through the rocky area. The trail is well marked and well-traveled, it is also kind of busy at times. But if you just keep pushing on and following the blue marks you’ll eventually end up at the summit for a decent view. I did the full loop in about 4 1/2 hours, and the way down wasn’t bad. It was probably the easiest descent I have ever done, mostly because the last few miles are on the fire road. Being form AZ I did feel the humidity, so if you’re not used to that I would definitely bring a little bit of extra water just to be safe.

Fantastic trail for the hiker, trail runner, rock climber...literally anyone looking for an adventure quencher. If you’re considering taking kids, they will need to be little brave ninjas for the rock climbing, rock heights and the need to problem solve on the rocks. It’s a gorgeous trail. We are fortunate to have it available to us. It is a well maintained and well traveled trail. Enjoy!!

Very challenging hike, with some views that are well worth the effort. The scrambling portion definitely adds a nice change of pace and gives you a chance to use your arms a bit and give your legs a break

Scenic but can be crowded by the falls at times. A good one to stretch your legs a bit when driving all of skyline drive in a day

Completed in just over 5 hours. Is it difficult? Absolutely. Worth it? Absolutely. Biggest advice is to do this as early as possible to avoid crowds and to bring more water than you think. Surprisingly ran out of water with 4 miles to go. Lastly, some people complain about the 5.2 miles back to the parking lot as boring but it honestly isn’t. You see some nice water features and the terrain change after the rock scrambling is very welcome.

21 days ago

i did a one night back country camping at old rag. it was wonderful. the peak was beautiful. there are small shelters when on your way down the mountain that was extremely helpful when it rained. great trip.

short and sweet. however the closer to the falls you get the steeper the trail gets. i found that people with bad knees or backs had some trouble making it to the falls.

Was a wonderful hike would most definitely do it again!

This trail was my first hike ever! It was extremely difficult because of the constant tough inclines for several miles. This 9 mile trail took 6 hours total for me to complete with consistent rests. I prepared months in advance for the hike by running 2 miles a few times a week in order to build endurance and stamina. However the top was great. It was so difficult i promised myself i wouldnt do it again. I sincerely declared it was the hardest thing I have ever did in my life. My friend and I were able to see a Mother bear and her two cubs pass on the trail. But i loved it.

Done this trail a few tiles now. Too comment on the last commenter. I suggest going up over the rocks and back down the rocks. There are only a couple real challenging parts coming back down but it is so much more enjoyable to go back down the rocks than the fire road.

I can’t get enough of this trail.

This hike was absolutely breathtaking. Some reviews suggest hiking this trail backwards-DO NOT DO THIS. The hardest part (rock scrambling) is also the most scenic and time consuming and occurs very near the beginning of the hike. The last four miles are an easy descent with very little to view, but it is very welcomed after the beginning portion.
The best hike I have been on by far. The rock scrambling was more than I’d hoped it would be and proved challenging while also incredibly fun. I would suggest this hike to anyone who enjoys rock scrambling.

25 days ago

Great hike - as everyone notes, get their early to avoid lines and waiting thru the rock scrambles. Each of the summits is a good spot to rest up, enjoy the view and hydrate. Fire Rd back to parking lot is a breeze and you can hear lots of water in the background. The best and most challenging hike in the Shenandoah Natl Park!

26 days ago

I loved this hike so much. The walk back is not easy, but so worth it.

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