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Bears are definitely out and about in this area, especially on lightly travelled days. Started at the bottom with only two other cars there. Took the left path (Buck’s Ridge) to knock out those stairs first. I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish the remaining 8 mikes after those step up the side of the mountain! Levels out some after that.

About half way along the ridge, came up on a bear cub running through the woods. I hung back for 5-10 minutes to wait for them to move along. As I continued on, I spotted the momma bear down the hill looking up at me. Continued on to not stick around that area.

Hit the parking area for Mary’s Rock without seeing another person. Passed a few people while heading to the top there. Great views!

On the way back down, maybe a quarter mile from the top, I startled another bigger bear that I didn’t notice as I came around a bend. It took of running into the woods, and looked back as I moved along.

Took the Buck’s Hollow trail back down to the car, not seeing another person on that trail either. It follows a stream most of the way down, which was nice.

Definitely recommend this hike!

Started on Skyline, went down Buck Hallow, up on Buck Ridge and all the way up to Mary’s Rock. A tough climb but I’d totally recommend this direction! This trail had everything— water, woods, views. Buck Hallow is lovely along the river with some small falls and easy water crossings. The descent isn’t too steep but it’s constant. Really glad I went up Buck Ridge because there were some spots I wouldn’t want to go down (including the stairs!). Once you’re up it flattens out which is a nice way to end the loop. Mary’s Rock was tough after the ~6 mile loop but what a view from the top! Well worth it! Loved this hike!

29 days ago

We started at the parking lot then hit up Knob cutoff trail first as we thought to get the climbing done first. The climb in this route is shorter but sharper and will get you breathing nicely. The hike along the ridge is a good workout but no views to speak of with all the foliage. Our plan was to come back around on Jeremy's run and camp for the night but we made the decision to press on and do it all in one day. Stellar workout and the trail through the water (many times!) on the way back is very pretty. Three things to watch out for: 1. Ticks. As previously mentioned I'd recommend regular inspections for you and your canine companions. Right now they are everywhere. 2. Bears. WE saw a gigantic mother bear with 3 cubs just after getting onto Jeremy's trail. Biggest darn animal I've ever seen in the wild. Awe inspiring but please keep your eyes and ears open and don't stumble upon them. 3. The entire loop is actually more like 15 miles than as mentioned in this trail description. Not a huge deal but something to be aware of if you decide to do the entire thing with a big backpack like we did. Those last few miles will push your legs :) All in all a great epic day out and we saw another bear on the way home. But this isn't one if you like wide open sweeping vistas.

This is a great trail for calorie burning. Go left and clockwise from the Rt 211 trailhead and you’ll get 664 steps to start out your hike. This is a bear spot for some reason, I’ve seen one almost every time, but no reason to avoid the hike.

1 month ago

First trip taking the kids; ran across two poisonous snakes (one right between my legs while wading near the waterfall) and an pretty close encounter with a black bear (startled each other at about a range of 60 feet). We went way to late in the season last year so the views from the ridge line were heavily obstructed by foliage. Most challenging portion is the initial mile or two while climbing up to the ridge line. After that, day one was smooth sailing. We camped at a great spot right along side the waterfall. The hike out the next day was a fairly gradual climb back up to the trail head. Would def go again!

2 months ago

TICKS! Ticks, ticks, ticks, ticks, ticks. Admittedly went in to this trek ignorant to the prevalence of ticks in Virginia, especially as it relates to spring, but my goodness were they everywhere. They unfortunately consumed a lot of our time - fighting them off, checking each other, keeping bags off the ground, etc. We couldn't even sit at our backcountry camp site, as within minutes there'd be 2-3 crawling up your boot.

This was a combination of lack of preparedness by us (i'll never go in the woods without premethrine spray and /or treated clothes again) and negligence by the welcome center of Shenandoah National Park. We spent 30 minutes discussing possible treks with a Ranger there, going over every little detail including what to look out for. That ticks never came up, knowing how unbelievably prevalent they are there, was ridiculous. You have families and newbie backpackers coming in oblivious, and you don't even mention it? Whatever with the bears ....TICKS! One ended up getting me, and I'm not happy about it.

Regarding the actual trek, it was nice. The stream/river was beautiful and we set up camp about 30 yards off of it. Provided beautiful sounds all day and night. Had a day hike up Neighbor's Mountain (2400 feet) which was cool. Nothing amazing, just a bunch of pretty vistas at the peak. On your way down Jeremy's Run to start the ascent of Neighbor Mountain, you'll come across a pretty water fall. Nothing monstrous, but decent size and power. Adjacent to that waterfall is an ideal camping spot. I'm guessing it's very popular and it had a lot of signs of use. Yet another thing that should've been mentioned by the Ranger. I would target this as a camp spot for overnighters. Spacious and you're right on the waterfall. You'll see stone steps going up to the area across the stream near the waterfall.

All in all, good not great. Take a bath in permetrhine before you go! Kidding of course, it goes on clothes and gear only.

EDIT: I failed to mention that along Jeremy's Run you'll have to cross the stream/river about 15 times. When we went the water was very low, making crossing easy.

Very enjoyable trail We take our kids (5 and 7) moderate ratings are usually okay for them Just a little advise do not split left at the first split trail option We did not go that way and I ran into another hiker that did and it is very steep

3 months ago

Even though this isn't the full blown scramble route, it was quite a test.
From the parking lot to the top and back its a total of 10.6 miles. It took us 5.5 hours including lunch and a lot of breaks here and there. We averaged about 27-28 minute miles, but were not trying to go quickly.The first few miles along the fire road are really nice as you are walking alongside a stream running over boulders. The fire road is a pleasant stroll.
Once you turn up to the saddle trail things get a lot tougher. It turns into a packed mud road. There are a number of log steps which can be hard on the knees. The grade is probably the steepest here. The next mile or so is probably the toughest part of this route. Once you get beyond that and into the rocks it actually gets a little easier. The scrambling is really just watching where you put your feet. We saw someone fall and twist their ankle. I almost took a fall myself. You don't need to actually pull yourself up or anything like that, just be careful and watch where you are going.
The view from the top is spectacular. Good cell phone coverage which is surprising. We texted some photos and made a call from the top. We took a lunch and enjoyed it on the open flat area at the top. Note that you come to a false peak about 500 feet bellow the actual peak and some people seemed confused by that.

Remarks from the Buck Ridge Trail Overseer for exactly twenty years. I helped rescue this trail from planned abandonment in the late seventies. Perfect circuit when coupled with the more attractive and older Buck Hollow Trail. There are, BTW, 612 steps at the bottom. I know. Patrick Wilson and I dug most of them in. Boy Scouts lugged most of the steps up when needed. Patrick was…and may still be…the Buck Hollow Trail Overseer. Of all the Blue Blaze trails along the AT, BRT has the greatest altitude change in a short distance. Something like 1800’ in a quarter mile. Don’t hold me to those numbers. I last did the circuit in 2012 when I was 78 (6 ½ hrs). I love that trail.

great exercise hike. plenty of spots that open up to see some views, took me only 3 hours 10 mins with a little delay . would do again for sure

A much easier way to the top of Old Rag, this is a gradual climb up a fire road from the junction at the old Old Rag parking area. Not as fun but still gets you there to some absolutely spectacular views. There are switchbacks to get you to the top as the elevation change is the same, just over a much longer and flatter ascent.

10 months ago

Like most I did the Jermy's run and Knob Mountain loop as a quick over night backpacking trip. Jeremys Run was an easy trek perfect for a day hike out and back, took us about 2 hours to get to the Knob Mountain start. You're feet will get wet, we did this in the pouring rain and the creek crossings were very shallow but rocks are extremely slippery leading to toes and heels dipping in. Knob Mountain is a pretty intense uphill switch back for the first 3.3 miles, if you aren't in good condition you will have a hard time getting up there. The walk down was easy and quick. Took the cutoff trail back to Jeremys run which was a nice rocky downhill with one more creek crossing before heading back up the uphill Jeremy's Run entrance.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

I did this trail with White Rock trail, this way i made a circle, after two days of rain Hazel river have lots of water, during this circle i need to cross the water multiple time, each time I trying to find the tree to cross water and need to drift from trail, top of the White Rock have beautiful rock to rest and enjoy some time. Also in this trail you can find Falls and Cave next to each other but reach at that point you need to do extra 0.2 miles down the hill to enjoy both.
My plan to start this trail from outside the park boundary but I didn't find any parking spot, if available local residents posted private property, no parking and drove back to park.
Overall trail is beautiful in this month with cloudy weather

Saturday, May 06, 2017

This should really be called "Jeremy's Run + Knob Mountain Loop". Jeremy's run is a moderate but very nice hike with a ton of waterfalls (depending on your definition of a waterfall), but the Knob Mountain Trail is a pretty big climb, and as others have said the views are nice but obstructed... you never really come out of the trees. That said, we did see a black bear at the northernmost part of this loop, right where you meet the fire road (marked as "Knob Mountain Restricted Road" on the Topo map).

I'd do this again, but I'd only do Jeremy's Run as an out-and-back. And yeah... Steven Steinbacher is absolutely right about the ticks, too. Brutal (in early May, anyway).

Monday, May 01, 2017

Did an REI overnight as an out and back, in perfect weather! Quite fun! There were numerous stream crossings, and I was glad for my decision to wear lightweight approach shoes and waterproof pants rather than heavy hiking gear. most crossings were midcalf; one reached my knees.


Great for hiking. Running, well, a quad and hip burning workout

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A pretty awesome route !! Not easy and fairly daunting to have the summit on the horizon the entire time . Didn't see much wildlife but I'm sure it's out there . The summit is like another world and I really dug being able to get out of the cold at birds nest #1 . Views for days at the top and well worth the effort !

Monday, December 12, 2016

Love this semi-challenges no hike for a dog's day out:)

Great trail, and well maintained. Great hike if you're looking for elevation.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

This is a much better choice to get to the summit then the more direct route of the Summit Ridge route. Good warm up and then the last 2.5-3 miles of climbing to get a great view from the top. The Summit Ridge starts with climbing at the trail head and then you get stuck in traffic at the rock scramble.

Awesome babbling brook most of the way up. Mary's rock is super crowded. bucks ridge was less than challenging, except the stupid stairs, on the way down.

Great hike, includes some fun scramble areas. Best during the week to avoid any crowds.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

I took the left trail up and the right one down. Great hike but the only views you get are of surrounding mountain but during fall it's great simply because of the colors. After completing I realized I am in better shape than I originally thought.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

we were looking for the white Rock which doesn't exist anymore more. Hazel River trail was just up the road. It's a beautiful trail with falls at the end.

Fun trail

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Hiked this route with my girlfriend and 6 month lab puppy. We followed the route as marked on this map and it was over 14 miles.
Yes - there are some nice streams but otherwise the views are very unsatisfying compared with other options in the area. Additionally, the bugs were very bad and the Ticks were relentless. I picked off probably 20 from myself and the dog collected no less than 20 as well. It was a very tiring day that luckily wasn't too hot as there is a lot of cover from the sun. Still, over 7 hours of hiking with no real reward in the way of a view and awful bugs made this a hike we won't return to.

nice trail, dog friendly and reasonably kid friendly. would recommend taking the right path at the fork and following the stream with the waterfalls on your way up. the left path is nice, but has a steep climb with stairs.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Great Trail! We started at the bottom in Rileysville. To get there take Vaughn's Summit Road from the 340 (we started in the direction of Luray). It winds a bit but when you see the little bridge that crosses over the stream that is where the hike starts. It's not obvious from the road. No obvious parking. No trailhead marker. However there is a bit of yellow paint on the tree at the very beginning of the trail that my fiancé spotted. It was a really fun trail. It was in the 40-50's yesterday so crossing the river (which the trail requires frequently) was especially challenging since we didn't want to go in the drink. LOL! Took some hilarious videos. :-) :-) :-) And the water was high from recent rain. The leaves were just past their peak but for a California girl, it is absolutely stunning this weekend. Very quiet trail. We loved that. We passed a total of 10 hikers all day. 4 were backpacking. 2 were fishing and 4 looked like they were out for just the first mile or so of the trail. Enjoy!!

My wife and I did this trail counterclockwise working our way up to Mary's Climb. We did the Buck Hollow trail to start and ended up coming back using Hazel Mountain. The trail has a beautiful creek with a few very small waterfalls and some amazing overlooks on Mary's Climb. According to GPS it was closer to 10 miles than 9 if you do the entire thing.

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