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We had no information on this trail prior to hiking. We happened upon it when Skyline drive was closed due to ice and snow. From Rt. 211 we started on the Buck Hollow trail. There are two streams which we had to hike over but there were large rocks to step into.
When we got in the fork of Buck Hollow and Buck Ridge we decided to go left and take Buck Ridge. Wow, the beginning was tough and challenging. Lots of steps. I don’t know how far we hiked. The trail was snow covered. We unfortunately weren’t able to make it all the way to Skyline Drive. At about the 2 hour mark, we turned around on Buck Ridge and returned to RT. 211. It only took an hour to get back down. We definitely could have used poles on the way back down. We saw deer tracks and another animal, which I assumed was a dog. Thankfully I didn’t see any bears!

Challenging, but enjoyable!

Took us about 6 hours to complete this trip, including a 30min lunch break. During our trip, ice & snow were abundant which made navigating the trail challenging & quite dangerous. The views at the top are amazing & luckily we didn’t run into any bears!

Excellent trail, steady inclines and awesome water fall and rock outcroppings. Highly recommend!

Super steep, but our group of mostly-out-of shape hikers, 2 young kids, and dog made it no problem. The only issue was all of the acorns on the descent. 2 adults and both kids took pretty bad spills. I definitely would bring walking sticks next time.

This was a fun hike. Not sure why but I didn’t think it was too rocky as many of the reviews do mention. Great views on the way up and also at the top. Moderately steep which makes it not too difficult.

Very rocky moderate climb to the top. Views are stunning!
Make sure to go early or midweek to avoid most crowds.

20 days ago

Loved this hike in the wilderness. Hiked 8.5 miles up from the bottom, outside SNP from Rt 611 near Rileyville, where the private property owner no longer permits access to Jeremy’s Run Trail as of Oct. 2017.
Alternate rock hopping, ford construction, log sliding, branch pole use methods were tried on the many (at least 15) stream crossings. To her shame daughter had to use packed dry socks.
Sparkling sun down through the trees; mountains above, on both sides. Lunch with Barboursville cab sauv enjoyed.
Solitude undisturbed, only human encountered was 1 Park Ranger, spraying insecticide,we think. Only 1 deer tick in October.
Glad Alltrails graphic prepared us for end of hike steep ascent to AT. Grateful we found our ride with my wife at Elkwallow Wayside before dark.

Steep hike up to a great overlook. Fit people will fly up this thing. Average people will hurt a little but make it up fine. Unfit people can make it to the top, just take your time and take short breaks up against all the big nice boulders. Everyone can do this one, some with more effort.

I went super early, got in the park when it was still dark. Was on the trail right after sunrise... didn’t see another soul until I was halfway up and I passed this guy with trekking poles coming down (probably hiked from the other route). I got to the top and there was one young lady there who I chatted with for a bit. I stayed for a little while at the top alone even though it was cold and rain was on the way. A family with a young child about 10 got up to the top. When getting ready to leave I heard the boy say, “going back will be easy!” Well it is easier but not easy, take your time because all the rocks and downslope can lead to a twisted ankle very easily.

On the way down I ran into a few families and couples on their way up. So if you want to do the hike in solitude and have some time at the top by yourself go early!

Wonderful hike, we did take a wrong turn which made the hike longer but we really enjoyed a fantastic View at the top.

Quick easy hike with a great view.

Nice crisp fall day for a walk in the woods with wife and 2 Dalmatians. Missed the "blue-blazed connector trail" described in circa 2000 guidebook as "generally well maintained and easy to follow." Not a trace; couldn't find its other end on the way down either, bushwacked where I thought it should be. Appalachian Trail led us up to Neighbor Mountain Trail and the Shelter. Enjoyed lunch at the shelter, watching raptors, views above and through the woods. Wound up, after looking for no longer existing connector, logging 3 miles in 2:13, including leisurely lunch.

Moderate hike with pleasant panoramic views at the end. Trail was moderately trafficked, but not crowded. Elevation steepness and roots/rocks on trail make it a bit more challenging, but it should not be too challenging for anyone with hiking experience or a good fitness level.

Hike Date: 10/6/18

The hike was awesome, as far as we got. The stream crossing is no joke, which we really weren't prepared for it. We did four crossings that got progressively harder and at the fifth crossing, we decided to turn back. I highly suggest bringing water shoes with a good grip and clothes that dry fast so you can just wade through. It might have been easier if it had not been raining as much this summer.

Other than that, it was incredibly beautiful and very secluded. We started later in the day, like 2:00pm, and there was only one other couple and a family coming back down right at the start, probably after turning around at a crossing.

1 month ago

We didn’t actually do the full loop because we were just backpacking in to camp one night by the river. We parked at Elkwallow Wayside and backpacked along the AT for about half a mile, then onto Jeremy’s Run Trail. We saw a bear about a mile into our hike. The path down to the river had a gentle grade then along the river it was very easy. There were several river crossings, and on a few of them we had to work hard to keep from getting our feet wet. We walked along the river for about six miles, then turned around and backtracked to a place we’d passed by earlier that was perfect for setting up our tent. It was a very pleasant night and we were awakened by what sounded like a group of barred owls calling to each other. The next day the hike out was very quick, and we saw a bear along the AT behind Elkwallow. There weren’t very many people on this trail. I think it’d be perfect for a family with young children because you don’t have to go very far before getting to the river.

Great short hike for a fall day (hiked 9/29) with good views. Not too many people on our Friday morning.

The view at the top is great and good for short hike. Not a 5-star though because we were aware of Skyline Drive for the first half of the hike. Trail traffic was moderate on a Wednesday.

A short but steady incline that takes you to some incredible views. This is a popular trail with a parking lot, bathrooms, and water at the bottom. Expect to see people, possibly quite a few if it's a weekend or holiday.

Nice trail. Very rocky path all the way up. I brought my three and a half year old son, and he completed the whole thing by himself (while holding my hand). Good trail for kids as long as they can hold onto you so they don't trip on one of the rocks.

Beautiful view - just stunning. This hike I would rate as a little more difficult than moderate- only because my 8yr old daughter had a tough time. So beware if you plan on bringing any children. Take your time and take breaks. Kids aside- rocky but well maintained trail. Most of your view is through the forest of course on the way up- you will pass an old home- chimney remnants. Really cool- once you reach around 3000ft there are views- beautiful once you've reached the rock. Worth it.

Took us much longer than expected. Six-seven hours for the loop. Went after a few heavy rainfalls (ok tropical storm Florence) and the rivers and streams were full. Running water was everywhere, coming out of the ground too! Had to carry our miniature Aussie across a couple times. Wet feet and hungry but would do it again.

A fun hike with multiple stream crossing so be prepared during times of heavy rain to get wet and for the water to be deep. We ended up turning around at the 4th stream crossing where it got hip deep. We'll definitely attempt this again.

Went on a gorgeous September Sunday, saw a few people along the trail but were on our own most of the way which was nice. Did the route clockwise, so we had the stairs right off the bat. They’re tough but it does level out a bit at the top. Not a ton of views bc the leaves hadn’t fallen yet, but still beautiful. Especially loved the small waterfalls on the second half. Overall challenging but great hike! Will come back late fall/early winter to get some more views.

Good hike for rainy day, the last part down to the falls was extremely steep. The ascent on the way back wasn’t too bad except for the first part on the return right near the falls.

Fun water crossings. No real views but nice forested hike.

Not that hard of a hike with great scenery on the way up and a astonishing view at the top. Great for family’s though it will be hard for younger children.

Beautiful trail, with lots of scenery. Most of the trail was in the shade when we did it in the morning with the exception of the summit.

gorgeous views from the top of the rock! didn't want to come down.

Great trail for a 4h-something hike. Went clockwise from the parking lot up. Quite steep in the beginning and the end but beautiful scenery all around, and great views from Mary’s rock. Some small river crossings but nothing too tricky. Wish I had had hiking poles for the way down though. Plenty of chance to fill up your water from the creek.

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