We had no information on this trail prior to hiking. We happened upon it when Skyline drive was closed due to ice and snow. From Rt. 211 we started on the Buck Hollow trail. There are two streams which we had to hike over but there were large rocks to step into.
When we got in the fork of Buck Hollow and Buck Ridge we decided to go left and take Buck Ridge. Wow, the beginning was tough and challenging. Lots of steps. I don’t know how far we hiked. The trail was snow covered. We unfortunately weren’t able to make it all the way to Skyline Drive. At about the 2 hour mark, we turned around on Buck Ridge and returned to RT. 211. It only took an hour to get back down. We definitely could have used poles on the way back down. We saw deer tracks and another animal, which I assumed was a dog. Thankfully I didn’t see any bears!

Challenging, but enjoyable!