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Did this with my sons... it was a well marked trail, and we didn’t get lost or turned around as I tend to do! Take plenty of water and watch out for copperheads. We saw a big one that blended in perfectly with the sand on the trail.

couldnt locate trail head. All Trail directions up Brandy Run are wrong. take you to private residence. time to find another hike. would try again if someone can post correct directions.

1 month ago

Definitely one of our favorite trails. Great trek, great views. We really enjoyed this one. We took the fire trail down to give our dogs a break. We learned you can also take the fire trail up.

great views ! spent the night at Campbell camp and watched the sunrise .

1 month ago

This is a phenomenal hike—highly enjoyable and satisfying. The trail is challenging for the first third of a mile and the last mile plus before the knob. The two miles in the middle (along the fire road) are very easy and relaxing. They are also satisfying b/c they are along the ridge and, while in the trees and shaded, offer glimpses of the magnificent views to come. Then the destination, the Knob, is spectacular, breathtaking both for its geology, with the intimidating overhangs, and the views that rival any you’ll encounter anywhere. For an added treat, there’s an excellent novel in which the Knob figures prominently: “Prayers the Devil Answers” by Sharyn McCrumb. Adds an extra level of interest to the hike.

Great hike. Views are great. Extremely crowded on the weekends. The fire road is also a good option to get to the top.

Great hike with some of the best views I’ve seen!

My favorite hike yet. McAfee Knob challenges you in ways you wouldn’t know possible! Plan to spend several hours here as the trail itself is 3.9 miles out and 3.9 back. It took us 3.5 hours with minimal time at the top. Loved every second! Already planning on coming back soon!

I loved this hike

Good hike. Good views.

Having never been here before, I expected more than I got. However, I did take the fire trail instead of the actual terrain trail so I walked on sand or gravel the entire time! The view at the top was a little crowded with many people there, but it was really relaxing nonetheless. Would go back.

Stunning views. Worth the effort to reach the top. Not crowded; rain scared off some folks. Hike back was in pouring rain but still would do it again!

well worth the hike to make it to the end amazing scenery especially in the fall

Definitely a popular hike and for good reason. The view at the top is breathtaking. The knob is fun but there will always be lines of people waiting to take pictures on it. Find a secluded spot and enjoy the amazing views!

One of the better defined and marked trails of AT. Something to note when hiking this trail is ‘breath’. It’s a consistent climb to the top, and if your not a regular hiker or have gained good breathing techniques through maybe yoga... It’ll feel like the air is getting thinner as you elevate. And you will likely stop frequently to catch your breath. But so worth the view and getting the shot of yourself on the knob... you’ll be glad you did!!

Great hike with an amazing pay off. Completed today with two slower hikers and made it up and back in 4.5 hours with a lunch stop. Recommend going early as it started to get busy. Also recommend taking trail up and fire road back - trail is worth it on the way up and you’ll appreciate the ease of the fire road when returning.

A worthwhile hike, despite the crowds. Parking lots was overflowing when we arrived on a Sunday morning around 8:20am. There are clear "no parking" signs along 311, but we found parking on Old Catabwa Road, only a short walk away. Cross 311 from the parking lot to begin the trail. After about .3 mile, there is a fork. You can choose either path. On the left is fire road and on the right is a proper trail. We took the trail up and the road down, which was a nice, gradual descent. The Knob is actually just off the trail; look for the "overlook" sign. The rocky outcroppings go a ways past the initial overlooks. If it's crowded, go down a ways for a little more solitude. There are port-o-potties at the parking lot, but remember to bring your own toilet paper/sanitizer if desired. No fee to park.

My favorite so far

The reviews are accurate. The view is great at the top.

Absolutely amazing. Pictures do NO justice!

I started this hike on a Wednesday afternoon around 5pm. The hike is tough but not too bad and is just a beautiful site. Got to the knob just as a man fell off and was being medivacked to the hospital. It is beautiful but make sure you’re careful. Come prepared, bring water and s headlamp. The sunset is amazing but that means you’re hiking in the dark on the way down.

frankly, one of the highlights of my hiking career. Dogs carried their own water. Beautiful and tranquil.

We started this hike under a light drizzle. Not a problem as there is plenty of tree cover. It starts out straight uphill over roots, rocks and stairs. Gradual incline up to the fire trail and then straight up. Cannot comment on the view at all as Mother Nature opened the flood gates at the precise moment that we reached the peak. Our view consisted of a big fluffy cloud that blocked out everything. Nothing but fast moving water back to the fire trail. In the end the rain did not bother us and we met some great people on the trail. This one, although not the trail for a novice, will go in the record books for me.

hiked this trail last new years and it even snowed. loved the views from up there, a must hike

i enjoyed the view!

This is a great hike. My partner and I have done it twice. Once in the winter and once in the late summer. My goal is to do this during the fall to see the leaves! The dog loves this place! Through hikers are always so pleasent... WATCH OUT FOR THE SNAKES!

worth every step

beautiful hike. glad we dove the extra 2 hours to get there. one of the best views on the AT.

Challenging in spots with an amazing view for a payoff. Can get a bit crowded at the top.

Did this with my daughter on my back. She weighs 34 lbs so it was a little more difficult. the trail is rocky at times. very steady incline untill you cross the fire road towards the end. this is where the trail begins to be more of an incline. i believe this is where most of the challenge is. the air gets thinner a little bit. the scenery at this point is amazing. once you get to the top there are multiple ledges to grab a great view from. on the way back if you take the fire road it is much simpler and easy. very wide path and still some great scenery. not to crowded if you hit it in the early am.

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