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7 days ago

Enjoyed this. Easy walk, beautiful day, not too crowded during the week. A few good photo opportunities

trail running
10 days ago

Love this trail! Slightly difficult at times but it encourages you to keep moving. Best to go during the week. This trail will lead you to Belle Isle and even to Browns Island if you chose to keep going.

Really beautiful. Not difficult.

We accidentally followed the trail down Texas beach which doesn’t reconnect to the main trail again. We ended up walking beneath the boulevard bridge, crossing over the train tracks, and going through a hole in the fence near the pump house (by the utility poles with solar panels to the west of the bridge). On our way over the bridge we saw another lost group of hikers standing on the train tracks trying to figure out how to cross the canal so this seems to be a fairly common scenario.

Outside of this problem, it’s a pretty good hike, though I’d definitely recommend novices start on the buttermilk portion rather than the James river. The buttermilk is considerably more difficult and may be too much for some people by the end.

Great little trail, beautiful scenery and polite richmonders. Great walk for dogs with park system dog fountains at just the right intervals.

Other than the history of the Bell Isle, and exploring the old power plant, this hike is fairly lame. If your looking to pass some time or can’t really find anything else to do in Richmond, I guess I’d go here.

like the many Trails......

Great walk with nice views! Easy trails. Perfect distance for the dog who loved it!

I love these trails. They are our "go to" trails for our Sunday guy's rides. Would encourage all mountain bikers to check these trails out. But as some others have said, these trails have climbs and some technical spots. I'm 49 and no mountain biking savant, but in decent shape and have been mountain biking for 30+ years. None of our wives will go on these trails. Some older teens have enjoyed, but younger teens not so much. Check out some sections, give yourself time, HAVE FUN!

Another great trail that is part of the James River Park System. It’s particularly great in early spring

1 month ago

Really easy, leisurely trail. Great for a chill hour-long afternoon hike. A little dirty in some areas, but that’s to be expected in the city. Kids could easily complete this hike.

Nice, easy walk along the river. Lots of spots to hang out for the day and jump in.

1 month ago

Love this park. Has lots of paved trails as well as easily navigated natural trails through the woods. There are amenities for lots of different activities.

Beautiful walk alongside river. There is a gravel path but we had more fun walking along the beach of the river where we could. Lots of other walkers on the gravel path and dogs.

Such a great urban trail

2 months ago

Great hike even with all of your children....we hiked as a family and loved every second. Beautiful view as well.

For a little place there's a lot of little things to explore. Love the cascade little water falls and all the urban city views. Not hiking but a great work out for walking

3 months ago

It's an interesting place to visit. It's not very long but interesting like view points.

walked several times. good urban trail. highly recommend for midweek morning hike to avoid heavier bike and other hiker traffic.

This trail is awesome! But it gets crowded on the weekends.

Beautiful trail with awesome views of bell isle and the water. It wasn’t crowded at all and was very peaceful. But it’s really easy to get lost because there are so many other paths that branch off from the main trail, and it overlaps with multiple other trails. Make sure to remember which turns you took.

4 months ago

I found the trail to be hard to follow as there are a lot of side trails everywhere. We started on the Buttermilk trail and walked through the tunnel to connect to this one. Very different than the Buttermilk where you feel a bit more secluded. In my opinion it’s not a very pretty trail and there is too much city noise for my liking but that’s just me.

rock climbing
4 months ago

Amazing outdoor walls, right on the river, a great day activity for any aged climber.

4 months ago

This loop is a nice moderate workout if you keep up the pace. It’s interesting how the scenery changes with the seasons. Lots of ice in the river today.

Literally just out our backdoor.
Great trails for a jog, a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon cocktail.
Look for RVA Rocks!

4 months ago

Great trail for a Christmas Day family hike!

4 months ago

I've driven by this park hundreds of time in the past. Never knew this little gem was tucked away in there. Nice network of trails intertwining in the midst of a loop that runs along the expressway on one edge and the quiet fencelines of private property elsewhere. So much there, before you know it, you've put in an hour and a great workout.

on James River MTB Loop

5 months ago

Buttermilk side is way more challenging and given to trail hiking. North side is a lot of flat walking with dreaded gravel stone at times. Good exercise.

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