4 days ago

Ok, I got it figured out. This app was gettin in my nerves not tracking my whole run.

This is one of me and my girls favorite trails that leads to the James river. Lots of friendly people and even the occasional pot smoker which I don’t care. I’ve sprained my ankle 3 times & fell on this damn trail though already. That’s the only downside. Bikers are a challenge but it’s all good!

mountain biking
6 days ago

Nice little trail but not if your mountain bike cane from Walmart. Not crowded at all.. couple friendly runners though.. peaceful however the trail is not heavily marked and we got lost...a plethora of not so well traveled “off trails” that will leave u riding or pushing in circles.. no trash or litter.. my 16 year old daughter and I loved this lil adventure in the woods

7 days ago

Nice trail, but led to under car bridge which had sketchy people hanging out. The two walking bridges to the river were closed. Huge disappointment. The bikers, although polite, were an inconvenience. This should either be a hiking trail or a biking trail, but not both. Nice and shady, interesting path, but had to go back to get to river. Oh and parking is a nightmare.

no shade
10 days ago

It’s very beautiful but lotta parts have no shade so keep that in mind on a hot sunny day. And bring water. Unfortunately you’re not able to complete this whole trail if you are in an adaptive handicap stroller. Unless you had two people to help you carry the stroller up and down the stairs at the end of the football. That being said there’s lots to walk around and see you just can’t complete this trail

bridge out
11 days ago

such a cute small trail that has been well taken care of! few gnats by the water but that’s expected.

The trail gets busier at the flood wall, but I liked the trail overall! Beautiful views of the river and city.

12 days ago

My favorite trail in Richmond. Beautiful views, challenging, and peaceful. We saw so much wildlife and loved the changes in scenery from woods, to wide open space, to the city views. Highly recommend.

This app sucks for this entrance. Dunno why it always leaves the first couple miles out

15 days ago

Great hike, but the gorgeous day made for a large number of people who weren’t exactly socially distancing.

I have hiked all along the James River, but had never completed this whole trail. I highly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone in the area. Good mix of moderate and easy stretches. This trail will be added to my monthly go to list

on Buttermilk Trail

20 days ago

Ok, only one other person out here today. Amazing. I would have been here waaay longer but there was a dead medium sized animal with their guts out and I had to get the fuck out. Also, my period is kicking my ass today.

If you want a quick walk in the trees, this hike is a good option. It is not a popular trail, which makes it appealing for social distancing, versus hiking in JRP. It is popular for biking so hikers heads up. It can also get muddy in the low area along the creek and wetlands. The one true downside is its location along Chippenham Parkway.

22 days ago

Took the route down Texas Beach and then had to come up past the Pump House. Also came back via the Potter pedestrian bridge. Overall a super nice walk.

bridge out
washed out
23 days ago

was a good trail. would be better if most of the trails weren't flooded out. but will be back.

Easy and nicely shaded. One part wasn’t accessible because of work being done. Definitely a lot more mountain bikers than walkers/hikers.

This trail was great! We went over some bridges, found some cool places to stop, and really enjoyed it! There are a few places that have some drops next to the trail, but my dog wasn’t too scared. Would love to hike it again!

28 days ago

29 days ago

Bit crowded today, wasn’t bad earlier in the day though. Super pretty today

30 days ago

1 month ago

It’s been ages since I’ve been here. It was really nice. I miss my mom.

Beautiful park! Nice walk.

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