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Great hike on a beautiful fall day. Followed Little Stoney to the falls. Only 3 other people there at10:45am. Continued my hike up to Barney's Wall, hiking trail was well maintained and good signage to keep a person heading to their objective. Outstanding views at the top, had the Wall to myself, ate lunch, rested and watched a red tail hawk float on the up drafts. Back down met a few people going to Barney's Wall. I took the fire road down from the Cascades. Passed crowds and crowds heading to the falls. Advice, get your but out of bed and go early. Can't wait to come back to Barney's Wall, and will bring some of my children, spouses, and grandchildren.
Mike Furey

Simply stunning. A couple different paths to choose from that will take you to the falls. Definitely plan on coming back during the Summer.

Gorgeous views from beginning to end with lots of fun to be had in the water along the way. Picturesque spots are abundant.

overgrown trail but cool overlook at least

Amazing, vibrant trail! Coming back from the falls at the top of the stairs take the right if you want to trail run back (it's a broader easier path)

this Trail is beautiful all year round. and the winter time you get to look at the Frozen waterfall and the beautiful winter trees. And the spring and summer time it's great to hike up to the waterfall and play in the waterfall and pond underneath. In the fall it's beautiful to look at all of the turning leaves.

We took a group of Scouts here and had great success fishing the native brook trout in the ever-climbing waters. Beautiful stream and hike that should be tackled by any skill level, although it gets pretty crowded at the falls mid-afternoon. Would like to return for an early morning view of the falls.

Great trail. Very well maintained.

took the lower trail and it was so beautiful. next time i will take the upper trail and compare. one of the nicest hikes ive been on.

I haven't been hiking in a long time, so I was a bit worn out. Once I got to the waterfalls though, it was worth every moment. Beautiful place and the other visitors were friendly which is always a plus.

Loved it..the creek next to the trail..hearing the water running...and you can choose hard or easy route

This is a beautiful hike that I have enjoyed since childhood. I only regret that I forgot the end of the trail near the falls was not stroller friendly. My toddler ended up turning around with his dad to head back because our stroller just wasn't going to make the last part with stone steps.

Don't repeat our mistake. Baby wear!

We loved this trail. I had a 7 and 11 year old in tow. We took the lower trail on the way there. Lots of steps in the last half to the falls. My 7 year old grew a little weary of them, but did fine. It follows close to the creek the entire length. The fall was beautiful. The kids cooled off around the water and we took the upper trail back. Upper trail was easy and quick walk back to the start. Saw plenty of dogs and hikers of all ages. Highly recommend.

The hike to the Cascades is easy but if you continue up to Barney's Wall it is moderate-hard.
I'm a 35 year old female with no health conditions, not overweight and don't smoke. I hike & backpack 15+ times per year.
At the beginning of the trail there's two paths. To the left is the "fire road" but we crossed the bridge over the stream that takes the trail to the right of the run off from the waterfall. The foliage over head was nice. The winding and narrow trail with rocks jutting out made it easy for me to trip a lot because I love to look at the view haha Our dogs enjoyed getting their bellies wet in the ice cold stream. After we passed the cascades we then ascended up the trail to the left of the waterfall, climbing the switchback stairs to a crossroads. At the sign the trail splits; to the right, the path continues to a view looking down from above the cascade waterfall. To the left, Barney's wall.
We pushed up the trail to Barney's wall and once we arrived we dumped out our lunch and sat eyes fixed on the sprawling hills and valleys. Then we stretched out on the rock and took a mini nap. We then headed down the trail. When we got back to the sign where the trail splits we took the "fire road" down to the right. It's a wide and easy road but it hurt my hips because the rocks are large and rolled under my feet. I wish I had my hiking poles with me.