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Amazing trail. Was windy and a little snowed in after mcafees onto tinkers (some 3 foot snow drifts). But 100% worth the effort. Did the hike in 4 days 3 nights to take our time as a group of 3.

Great quick and easy trail...rewarding views and not heavily trafficked.

Did from Dragons Tooth parking lot to the top of Dragons Tooth then over to McAfee’s Knob then to Tinker Cliffs and down the Andy Layne Trail one day 24.7 miles 10 hours.Don’t recommend it but would I do it again probably but not solo lol.

3 months ago

Beautiful views and great memories made on this strenuous 2.5 day/2 night trip. Started in Mcafees parking lot at 4 pm Friday and hiked up to the pig farm camping area to camp. Hiked .5 miles back to mcafees knob for sunrise then next morning and then hiked to Tinker cliffs by 11 and after a break made it to the parking lot by 1:30 pm via the Andy Layne Trail. Hiked up the Cawtaba Valley Trail to the north mountain trail, no water for the rest of Saturday and early Sunday so stock up! Camped near the Turkey trail intersection and then hiked the rest of north mountain by 10 am on Sunday after a 6 am start. Hiked dragons tooth and were heading back to Mcafees on the AT by 1:50pm Sunday. Got back to the Mcafees parking lot at 5:45 pm Sunday. Awesome hike but be prepared for a tough hike if you plan on finishing in a weekend!

This was a good, easy hike in and out. The views were nice though not as great as McAfee Knob which was expected. I went up the trail for sunrise. I saw the first rock formation and immediately stopped there and wish I had walked further along where the rocks are because there was an even better view further down.

I completed the VA Triple Crown this past weekend and it was AMAZING! VA is beautiful!

great hike. a friend and I did out and back to tinkers from Mcafees knob lot. we ran out of water, but there was one campsite near Mcafees to fill up (it's a stream with an old rubber hose). the out and back was almost 18.5 miles, did the Mcafees knob hike back in the dark which was fine.
we also did Mcafees knob to the dragons tooth, we missed the loop and hiked out off the AT south parking lot 4 miles later, then the 9.5 miles back to the lot, which sucked.
if you need gear go to Roanoke, the sales clerk at Walkabout Outfitters hiked the loop in a single day and is super helpful.

6 months ago

Did it in a two-day weekend.
Day 1
I started from Dragon's Tooth Parking Lot at 7:30 with a daypack. Hit the summit while seeing a few people's tents along the trail. It was a climb but not very long, so I consider it moderately-difficult. At about 9am started defending, meeting a lot of people climbing up. Ha: a little rest at my car and picked my 50L backpack.
It was a boring hike to McAfee Knob Parking Lot. Lots of people at parking lot at noon. It was a hard climb with the backpack. Finally made it at about 3:30. Thank god there were water source near Campbell shelter clearly marked.
Hiked to Tinker's Cliff when sun is falling. Just caught the sunset at the cliff. Hiked another 40min to Lambert Meadow campsite in the dark. The campsite is about 0.2 miles south of the shelter with a bear box and water source.
Day 2
Started at 8am and arrived at my car at 7pm. After Andy Lane Trail, there is a 2 mile climb where you can find water. But to the top of North Mountain Trail, I met no one and no water. In the 6 hour hike on the ridge, I drank about 2L. I carried a bear ring hoping bears will stay away.

Great hike for a summer evening. Super views. We enjoyed watching the setting sun skip across the mountains.

7 months ago

Great hike! Did it in 2 full days. Lots of uphill, lots of sights, and lots of bears!

8 months ago

July 16 – July 20, 2017

The way we ended up doing the trek work out very well, especially for a couple of old men not in the best of shape. We have a good deal of trail experience and have done several multiple day hikes; however, looking back on it this was a pretty advanced course to tackle. Especially since this was our first longer that 2-3 days. The original plan was to do this in 3.5 days but we quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen. We doing it over 5 days with a half day the first and last days which really helped considering we had a 3+ hour drive back home. If we lived closer to the trail, we could have done it in 4 days. We started and ended the trek at the McAfee Knob parking area which was best for us; if we had started at Dragon’s Tooth we may not have completed it because DT is pretty overwhelming. Big Tip: when tackling Dragon’s Tooth stash your pack somewhere at the DT Trail & AT intersection that way you don’t have to lug those things up and down Dragon’s Tooth. We probably wouldn’t have thought of doing that on Day 1 but by Day 4 that was an obvious choice. Also we stashed water at the Dragon’s Tooth Parking Area because we weren’t sure what the water situation would be like. As it turns out there’s a big creek there that I’m sure is only dry in the most extreme conditions, if ever. This loop definitely lives up to its difficult rating and should not be taken lightly. Water was a major concern as well as the difficult terrain, especially on the back half of the loop.

Day 1 (McAfee Knob):
After driving 3+ hours we hit the trail around 1330. We hiked to the Campbell Shelter which is just past McAfee Knob. McAfee Knob was spectacular and a great way to start the trek. The hike itself was fairly strenuous as you’ve got a long vertical climb to get to the knob. There was little water along the way. Campbell Shelter had water but the spring was at a trickle. Some ingenious thru-hikers (thanks Enoch of the Mountains, and Mountain Nav) set up a piping system so that the water was easier to access. Slept great as we were tired from the hike and our new hammocks were very comfortable. Lots of people and dogs on the trail but there were only a few of us at the shelter.

Day 2 (Tinker Cliffs):
Our first full day on the loop. The plan was to go 11.3 miles but we only made 8.2 miles. We were pretty well beat up and dindn.t have it in use to do the Catawba Valley Trail. The dog was also showing signs of fatigue. He’s only 2-1/2 and still bull of every and doesn’t know how to pace himself, so he probably walked and ran at least twice the distance we had so far. Tinker Cliffs were awesome. We got within about 10 yards of a doe before she was spooked and ran off. One of the coolest things about the cliffs is that the AT actually goes along the edge of the cliffs. The topos are a little misleading, even though you’re on a ridgeline to Tinker Cliffs there are still a lot of up and downs. Plus, the downhill from Tinker Cliffs was brutal, I’d rather go uphill than downhill.

Day 3 (North Mountain):
This was our best day on the loop mileage-wise. We were able to cover 11 miles and only stopped because we were coming down from the ridgeline into the valley and we were concerned about the lack of good camping spots. As it turned out this was a pretty good decision since the next good camping area was at the intersection of Dragon’s Tooth Trail and the AT. The Catawba Valley Trail leading up to the North Mountain Trail was defiantly very difficult. The North Mountain Trail was a nice hike but also had lots of up and downs. Saw a Timber Rattlesnake.

Day 4 (Dragon’s Tooth):
Wow. Dragon’s Tooth was tough, and a spectacular view. There were some pretty awesome rock scrambles, especially near the top. They were difficult for the dog to negotiate and had to assist him a few times but he made it. Coming down was a challenge and there were lots of ups and downs as we continued north on the AT and several rock obstacles to overcome. We were pretty tired after Dragon’s Tooth and the hike out. Saw a black bear as we were hiking out. We ended up camping at the first good water source next to a creek after hiking about 7 miles. I was so glad we decided to stash our packs at the top of Dragon’s Tooth Trail before continuing on to Dragon’s Tooth.

Day 5 (Hike Out):
Not a bad hike out for the final leg. A lot of softer terrain (no rocks) which was very nice for the dog as his paws were very tender at this point. Next time I do anything this adventurous I’ll have booties for him. Lots of ups and downs as we were on ridgelines most of the way; however, there was on long tough vertical climb at the end. Pizza time and a 3-hour drive back home.

Just got home from spending the weekend enjoying the views from this awesome hike. It's a hike that all hikers should do.

Amazing hike! Incredible views all three days. Wear good shoes and pack plenty of snacks and water! Did this with my dog who loved it.

8 months ago

Great trail but do not underestimate the difficulty, especially during the heat of the Summer. Recommend start at Dragons Tooth. Not as crowded and you can stash supplies and water at your vehicle after you come down from North Mountain ridge. You will need them.

Great challenging trail. It poured the days I was walking

Monday, February 20, 2017

Amazing 36 mile loop. Great for a 3 day 2 night backpacking trip. Lots of ups and downs and it is a pretty difficult hike, but it is something you should check out. The three points of interest are dragons tooth, McAfee knob and tinker cliffs. Great stuff

8 months ago

8 months ago

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