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Wonderful hike!! We saw several different herds of both cattle and ponies!! Gorgeous views and amazing forest at the summit! Allow 6 hours for a relaxed hike with several stops but it can be made in 5 hours at a decent pace

18 days ago

Great trail with historical significance and waterfalls. Was disappointed yesterday to find that horse people thought it was a horse trail - in spite of the signage and trail guides.

1 month ago

Enter through Grayson Highlands (Wilburn Ridge), first day of hike. No signs posted, but passed a few campers Approx 1 mile before first shelter. Strongly recommending camping in Wilburn ridge, if willing to add the extra mile to day 2 (shelter doesn’t have 360 views/giant rock outcroppings). Day 2 Took AT SOBO around Mt Rogers. At head of Lewis Fork Trail, took an immediate right onto Crest & started off of All Trails map supplied, cutting off a substantial distance to make up for lost time. ~1600ft elevation gain in ~1/1.5 miles. Highly recommend for those not afraid of taking on an incredibly hard section with dense/lush mossy rainforest. At end & interection with Pine Mt trail, came into a giant blueberry grove, run in with a bear as a bonus. Jumped back on AT. Camped night 2 just before Wise shelter, mid-night bobcat screams to wake up everyone in camp were an additional thrill. Day 3 was incredibly quick (mostly downhill, only hiked about 2 hrs). Would recommend spending more time hiking/camping in the first half of the hike (best views, explorative possibilities, and ponies!), and powering through the last portion in a day.

Beautiful trail on a beautiful day! Well worth the drive!

2 months ago

Nice, short hike. Little cascades along the river are beautiful! Lots of water for pets and places to cool off in the water. There is an entrance fee to the park - $7.00 for non- Virginia residents, and $5.00 for residents .

A lot of reward for very little effort is the best way to put this. It's a simple little hike with some pretty good views considering how easy they are to get to.

From an elevation standpoint this is definitely a moderate rating but when you factor in the roots and the rocks it makes this hike much more difficult.

Easy, fun little hike. Gorgeous views!

3 months ago

could be marked better but fun visit

3 months ago

Nice trail. Not too long or difficult, beautiful falls.

on Cabin Creek Trail

3 months ago

Love this day hike trail and have shared it with many friends. Got surprised on our last hike as we found ourselves in 2 “ - 8” of snow that had fallen earlier in the week. My husband caught the most beautiful wild brookie in a pool on Cabin Creek during a hike last year.

6 months ago

Hiked this with my sister who doesn’t have much experience. Very easy hiking, well marked campsites and trails. Great view of the Blue Mountains and lots of ponies. Highly recommend for people who don’t hike a lot but want to get there feet dirty.

I started at Massey Gap parking at Grayson Highlands. Round trip 6 hours with a lot of time spent on the summit of Mnt Rogers. 360 views all the way up the AT and the summit looks like a forest from the Pacific Northwest. Unreal that this exists in Virginia! Grayson Highlands is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and the hike to Mnt Rogers lets you enjoy all of that, with ponies and long horn steer included!

Hiked over to Mt Rogers from Grayson Park parking lot. It was a very overcast day with light rain and heavy mist. We could only see out about fifty feet most of the morning. Just after noon it stopped raining and the clouds thinned out, just a little bit. We never really had a good view but the hike is very nice, even in the inclement weather. We did see the ponies and plenty of bear scat. Overall, an excellent hike. I’d love to do it again in the warmer months.

Beautiful on a nice day

8 months ago

Relatively easy hike with two main overlooks. We came here with heavy fog. Even though we couldn’t see the distant scenery, it was quite enjoyable. The bigger pinnacle has steep stones that make a stairway up to the top which may be a little more difficult. This can be bypassed if too much. Simple 1.6 mile loop hike that’s starts and finishes at the visitor center. Well worth it.

Hiked this trail yesterday during peak foliage. Overall a great experience, with a variety of landscapes. The rocks on the trail were a bit hard on my feet, but the glades and ponies were well worth the 5h drive.

Great to hit the highest peak in VA! Both markers were easy to find at the top. The signage on the trails were easy to follow. The paper maps provided by the park didn't seem very thorough, but a nice backup to have. I added on Cabin Creek trail at the end by taking a right on the Rhododendron Trail, and then another right on main horse trail by parking lot. Cabin Creek adds about 2mi to your trek. Nice stream and falls to relax by after making the climb to Mt Rogers.

9 months ago

Great 19 mile loop through Grayson Highlands (lots of ponies) up Mount Rogers on the AT past Thomas Knob. Turned right on Mount Rogers trail to Lewis Fork Trail to Cliffside Trail back onto Lewis Fork Trail into Old Orchard shelter area. Got back on the AT SOBO there through Scales and Wise on my way back to Grayson Highlands.

loved this little trail.

Hiked to Mt. Rogers Summit on 8/28 from Massie Gap. Headed out around 0830 and had the trail and summit to myself for the first 3 hrs. Very rocky but the elevation gain wan't bad. Many nice camp sights along the AT. The summit was neat, very different from surrounding area. Found both survey markers and not sure why there are 2. Not a difficult hike for an old man. Round trip took just under 4 hrs with a distance of 8.75 miles.

Beautiful high county nothing to steep but still vary rock and awesome the ponies are cool some are friendly and some not so friendly but it's beautiful and I highly recommend it

This is a stellar half day hike that provides a bounty of 360-degree views along the way. The rocky terrain merits the moderate rating, but it is an otherwise completely manageable trail that is not overly taxing. The wild ponies within Grayson Highland did not disappoint; plenty of trailside appearances along the way. I had not researched the summit very well and was surprised by how low profile the marker is – but was very gratified to find in on the large boulder beneath the trees. Would definitely return to backpack and camp along this route.

First time hiking to Mount Rogers. I accessed it via Massey Gap in Grayson Highlands. Got to see lots of wild ponies and their babies. Hiked along the AT to the Summit. It's a very rocky trail but the views are Amazing all the way up! The Summit is in an old forest that is absolutely gorgeous. One of the prettiest places I have ever been to. I cannot wait to do it again.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

One of the coolest hikes in Virginia for sure. Has a more western mountain type feel to it with the high up terrain you get to see. The wild ponies are an incredible cherry on top for this hike as well. At the end the trail goes into a beautiful forest with an anticlimactic finish at the summit which is in the trees as opposed to a final view point but the best views are many and often all along the way there and back.

Lots of great views, even on a foggy day. Trail is rocky, but not painful. Beautiful over-the-clouds views from Pine Mtn on the way up. Upon reaching the summit, it becomes a mossy oasis. If you're overnighting, heed the sign...conditions change rapidly...and the local forecasters really have no clue as to what it will do at 5400 feet. Beautiful hike & well worth the wind & rain on the trip back down.

The half mile spur to the summit through the dense moss-covered pine trees is quite a contrast to the dramatic mostly open terrain you pass to get there. Though slightly anti-climatic despite being at the highest point in Virginia (5729 feet), it is the journey that matters most...and what a journey it is! I am glad I know about the second marker at the summit now...thank you Bill! I will be sure to find it on the next visit.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

I hiked from Massie Gap in Grayson Highlands State Park to the Mount Rogers summit (November 2015) on a beautiful and unseasonably warm day. The open views on this section of the AT are spectacular. I really enjoyed crossing Wilburn Ridge. I took the more direct and rocky route on the way out and the somewhat less challenging 'bypass' on the way back. The trail also takes you through Rhododendron Gap and by the Thomas Knob Shelter (shortly before the Summit Spur). There was a mommy pony and her young pony hanging out in front of the shelter as I passed (not to mention many more that I saw along the way).

Monday, November 28, 2016

Mt. Rogers Spur proper is a blue blazed trail leaving the AT near the Thomas Knob Shelter along the AT that climbs to Virginia's high point at 5729 feet. We hiked on a partly cloudy cold day with a wind chill of 7 degrees in the open areas. It got much warmer out of the wind on the tree covered top of Mt. Rogers. The Spur travels up though first fields of grass and then dense pines at the top much like what you encounter along the Black Mountain Crest Trail and Mt. Mitchell in NC. I'd also compare it to the dense moss covered pine forests of British Columbia. The top is not very spectacular except for the change in climate zone and the cool forest. There are two geodetic markers, the true top is the second one which is only 100 feet or so from the first across the area at the top. This hike, combined with the lower trails from Massie Gap that you have to take to get there is a not to miss adventure! Enjoy!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Did a section of this trail and combined it with a longer route. Gorgeous views, but it does get cold and windy in late October. We brought our dog and she loved it.

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