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This is a nice day hike, and I recommend packing in a lunch and just hang out at the top of Kennedy’s peak, because there is a nice shelter with a widows watch on top of the shelter, and shade within the shelters. There is even a small fire pit. Good overnight spot.
The trail head - follow curve of the road to the apex of the curve, you’ll see a break in the trees. Follow the orange blazes to the Kennedy trail head. The trail is a nice mellow hike, with a gradual climb for about the first 1.5 miles. Some rocks, a nice stroll. The last third of the trail is a different story. Very rocky and you gain elevation quickly. Be careful and watch for a switch back noted by a double orange blaze, telling you the trail changes direction. Go left and up the hill....very important. Follow the blazes to the Kennedy trail, where the orange blazes change to white. Turn right and follow the white blazes. The trail ends at the shelter. Again, you will gain elevation quickly. It’s well worth the view at the top.
The view- beautiful at the parking lot and the top of Kennedy peak. Not many awe inspiring vistas during your hike, maybe ⭐️⭐️ during, but ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ at the peak. You can see all 7 bends of the Shenandoah River. Just beautiful!
No bear scat, and didn’t see any wildlife, but there were 11 hikers we passed, horse nuggets, and mountain bike footprints.
If you have weak ankles, I recommend boots. It is very rocky the last 1/3 of a mile, and would be slick on a rainy day.

5 days ago

Hike through dense woods to open up to a vast view point at the top. Short and easy for some amazing views

Easy with kids

6 days ago

Short but sweet. The stony man summit is really beautiful. The view is just mesmerizing. Easy enough to hike with children. I highly recommend it.

Very pleasant hike, easy walking without too much elevation change. The view is spectacular however it was quite humid the day we were there so visibility wasn’t the greatest.

we visited with old aged parents. was a bit nervous but it was easy. There were many chairs on the way for people to relax. This is as easy as it can be.

we went there with a 6 yr old and it was easy. The view from the summit is really breath taking. worth it. it took us close to 1hr 15 mins to complete.

Take your camera, no hiking boots needed. Sandals preferred. Beautiful Views!

very easy trail. nice filler. good for beginners. has an offshoot to other trails.

10 days ago

Very short walk, easy family hike with a great view.

14 days ago

Very easy walking trail. It is flat with a gravel path and benches. We saw deer out here and we were able to get some great photos. You can connect to the Cresent Rock Trail from here. Cresent Rock is a 1.1 mike uphill climb which will take you to Skyline Drive. Cross the road to reach the Cresent Rock Overlook parking area and see the view.

This is a great trail that leads to an amazing view! When you see pictures of people standing on a rock ledge in Shenandoah with the mountains behind them, this is the spot. There are a couple of small trails to the left and the right which offer smaller rock overlooks that are equally worth visiting and take about a minute to access. If you want the epic photo, have your hiking partner go to the left trail and snap a picture of you on the main rock crop from the one on the left. You will be glad you did.

Great hike! We did this hike early in the morning. We were above the fog, so visibility was limited. Super easy trail.

24 days ago

fantastic view when you get to the summit

Did this trail about a week ago during the rain. Definitely some of the best views in the area. Went by myself ignoring the reviews where people said not to go alone, and I’m going to have to reinstate the danger to the people who think just like me. Once you get to the top it’s a likely place for someone to twist an ankle, and as others have said, it is a lightly trafficked. As long as you keep it safe you will have a great time when I got to the top I saw 2 giant Turkey Buzzards blocking my path and scared me half to death, I started making noises to scare them away, because I didn’t know if they were dangerous or not. However after doing my research I found, turkey Vultures in North America are not harmful and only tend to eat dead animals haha. But let me tell you those things are freaky looking. Anyways, safe travels everybody!

Piece of cake with great view and plenty of fauna

Great hike for kids with a spectacular view at the summit!

perfect for bringing small kids. we brought our 6 and 3 years old and they did well. It was no problem for the 6. the view is spectacular

Easy hike with an excellent view. Saw two bears.

1 month ago

Hiked today. I actually missed it first time - kept going on orange blazed trail, and had to come back. Loring S. review down there is the most useful as far as direction goes. Except - there is no pile of rocks any longer indicating where you turn right on purple trail. Anyway, start with yellow blazers trail, then follow trail with orange blazes. If you keep follow orange blazed trail and it descending to overgrown trail down - you have missed the right turn to purple blazed trail to Strickler Knob. Come back. Purple trail is not that hard, just take it slow, find your footing, look for purple blazers on stones (I wish they repainted, and put more of those).

The view from the trail is amazing, but be aware that this trail is not rated difficult because it's steep, it's all rocks. At some points you will be jumping over gaps in rocks where the ground is at least 10 feet below. Also the trail is very confusing since there is no actual trail to follow, just a bunch of rocks and trees and a few trail markers. It's pretty dangerous, so be very careful. I ended up falling, getting cut up and bruised pretty badly and getting lost trying to get to a point where i could climb back up and find the trail. If you want to go here, do NOT go alone.

1 month ago

We are not in the best shape, so this was a great hike for us. The view is just amazing!

This was a nice, leisurely hike, and well worth the view from the summit. We started at the Stony Man parking area (near Skyland), and just followed the trail. Wide and relatively flat, although it was a bit rocky at times. Pass the crossing Appalachian Trail and you will approach a fork; we took the right fork but either way meets again at the summit. The views were fantastic. (On the way back down we did cross on to the Appalachian Trail an on to the Passamaquoddy trail, which is a much different hike!)

love this trail

This trail is very easy can be done in less then 1 hour. The view from the top is amazing and worth the quick hike. We went when it was about to thunderstorm and that is a bad idea, almost got hit by lightning so be careful. The summit is very small and can maybe host 6 people comfortably. We also saw 3 black bears on the way to the summit.

Gorgeous, and it is fairly easy. Loved the ferns as they were really a great part of the hike.

3 months ago

Super easy and nice hike! Not very scenic on the way though... but the view from the summit totally worth it!

Great easy trail with amazing views at the top!

Short and easy hike with a stunning view at the end. Just as we made it to the summit, the clouds started to disappear and we were treated to the view of fog rolling between bright yellow-red trees in the valley below.
If you have a few minutes to spare and are in the area, give this short walk a shot!

on Story Book Trail

3 months ago

Short easy walk to a very beautiful overlook with lots of sandstone, limestone and shale and white pine trees. One of the most beautiful places we visited

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