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Easy hike with an excellent view. Saw two bears.

7 days ago

Hiked today. I actually missed it first time - kept going on orange blazed trail, and had to come back. Loring S. review down there is the most useful as far as direction goes. Except - there is no pile of rocks any longer indicating where you turn right on purple trail. Anyway, start with yellow blazers trail, then follow trail with orange blazes. If you keep follow orange blazed trail and it descending to overgrown trail down - you have missed the right turn to purple blazed trail to Strickler Knob. Come back. Purple trail is not that hard, just take it slow, find your footing, look for purple blazers on stones (I wish they repainted, and put more of those).

The view from the trail is amazing, but be aware that this trail is not rated difficult because it's steep, it's all rocks. At some points you will be jumping over gaps in rocks where the ground is at least 10 feet below. Also the trail is very confusing since there is no actual trail to follow, just a bunch of rocks and trees and a few trail markers. It's pretty dangerous, so be very careful. I ended up falling, getting cut up and bruised pretty badly and getting lost trying to get to a point where i could climb back up and find the trail. If you want to go here, do NOT go alone.

20 days ago

We are not in the best shape, so this was a great hike for us. The view is just amazing!

This was a nice, leisurely hike, and well worth the view from the summit. We started at the Stony Man parking area (near Skyland), and just followed the trail. Wide and relatively flat, although it was a bit rocky at times. Pass the crossing Appalachian Trail and you will approach a fork; we took the right fork but either way meets again at the summit. The views were fantastic. (On the way back down we did cross on to the Appalachian Trail an on to the Passamaquoddy trail, which is a much different hike!)

This trail is very easy can be done in less then 1 hour. The view from the top is amazing and worth the quick hike. We went when it was about to thunderstorm and that is a bad idea, almost got hit by lightning so be careful. The summit is very small and can maybe host 6 people comfortably. We also saw 3 black bears on the way to the summit.

Gorgeous, and it is fairly easy. Loved the ferns as they were really a great part of the hike.

Views were hit and miss over the holiday weekend with the storms, ..but where they were there, very hard to beat anywhere on the east coast.

2 months ago

Super easy and nice hike! Not very scenic on the way though... but the view from the summit totally worth it!

Great easy trail with amazing views at the top!

Short and easy hike with a stunning view at the end. Just as we made it to the summit, the clouds started to disappear and we were treated to the view of fog rolling between bright yellow-red trees in the valley below.
If you have a few minutes to spare and are in the area, give this short walk a shot!

2 months ago

Easy stroll through the wilderness, well maintained walking path easy for very young kids.

Nice little trail, but it was poorly maintained with branches over the path and a lot of thorns snagging your ankles. Perhaps it will be better taken care of in the more popular months.

3 months ago

Good hike on a fall afternoon. We started further south on Christman Hollow Road in order to add a few miles to this hike and come up the creek. In retrospect, that did not add too much enjoyment as the drop down from the ridge to the creek/river is extremely steep and was rough sledding with all the leaves down. The last mile of the hike to the view is really enjoyable and the view to the south is impressive. Lots of friendly birds at the top. As the view is south to southwest, time your arrival to arrive earlier in the day or later in the afternoon to avoid the sun directly in your face as you take photos.

Best at sunset

Pretty hike with a nice panoramic view if you tack on Kennedy Trail at the end.

Tryin to decide north to sout or visa a versa ?? Any comments

Nice look out but definitely an easy hike.

6 months ago

awesome hike with great views, it earns its 'hard' rating at the top


7 months ago

Easy trail very flat. My wife was able to push our 2 year old in her carriage the entire way with no problem. There are plenty of benches along the trail.

7 months ago

Great hike. Variety of terrain but short enough for anyone in decent shape. Definitely would advise against if it’s raining. Difficult to spot the hard right at the top of the mountain so use some common sense and if you reach an apex and start heading downhill, turnaround.

short & nice submit

Beautiful view, great first hike in Shenandoah!

Amazing view with a short hike to get there!

I love this trail. Kid and dog friendly. Easy and great views.

on Strickler Knob Trail

8 months ago

Incredible hike with incredible views. It was worth the long drive for us to get there. Check out my full write up along with pictures and things to look out for.

My buddy and I took a long weekend and tackled this section of the AT as our first trip. A good amount of diversity among the trail, some awesome views, and a great first hike. Highly recommend!

An easy hike on a heavily traveled trail, one of the most popular on the ridge. The view from the turnaround point is a huge draw and offers a fantastic view of the Shenandoah Valley.

Parking at the trail head fills quickly but the lodge offers plenty of parking just 100 yards up the road.

8 months ago

Relaxing walk with lots of new benches and scurrying shrews. Leaves have begun to turn auburn.

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