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Great Trail!! Great work out...

2 days ago

Really interesting trail, but very populated. It's an easy hike with a lot to see and several spots for the pups (and you) to swim. The bridge over the James River was a really cool way to start and end the trip. The structures and rock wall along the way were really cool places to explore and take photos. I'd say it's more of an urban walk than a hike, though. We had to park a bit up the road (parking is very limited, especially for how busy it is) and in total "hiked" just over 3 miles from start to finish.

5 days ago

Awsome walking trails! Beautiful scenery! However we got a little turned around in certain spots. Just follow the map, you walk down a road a little bit but if you follow the map it will bring you to the rest of the trail :)

Huge tree down that I had to climb under. I was running so that was a hindrance. Trail is nice and shady for walking Easy to park.

Easy, nice, quick trail. Short jaunt over a gravel path, then the rest is on relatively well packed sand. It's out of the way, the beach isn't nearly as busy as Virginia Beach, but it still sees plenty of traffic. Absolutely worth the trip!

So much fun with my son and wife! Seen so many of nature’s gift.. loved it!

9 days ago

We hiked this and loved it! It was beautiful and even seen a doe and yearling!

10 days ago

Great trail but trailhead not where depicted in All Trails.

Loved this hike! Challenging and very rewarding when you reach the view!

13 days ago

if the loop is done counter-clockwise, your journey is going to be more quiet. Just know as you approach the water at Stubblefield Falls the rock scramble is very steep. The Scotts Run Falls were smelly and loaded with trash. There were people drinking beer and some of them looked underage. Lots and lots of people swimming in spite of warning signs not to swim. one girl was naked! Pretty day as was quiet until I got to Scotts Run Falls. Trails were blazed according to the color coded map. An ok afternoon, could be better could be worse.

It's beautiful just to walk around especially in the Japanese garden. I loved the animals and the kid farm they had for the children. The house still stands tall and is a beauty to look at. I'm definitely coming back to explore again.

15 days ago

Awesome hike! Arrived to start the hike later than anticipated around 2:45pm from the twelve o'clock knob overlook and started the hike clockwise... great start considering everyone recommends the opposite direction. The first mile was spent taking in some seriously spectacular views as we passed rock castle gorge overlook, rocky knob, and saddle overlook and even from the first cow pasture! After that you get a feeling of being deeply alone in the woods which is just incredible and exactly what a long, hard hike like this should deliver. There's about a mile of traversing a rocky descent before you arrive at the bottom and meet up with the creek. Then, you're on the fire road. This serves as an excellent place to make up some time which may have been lost enjoying the sights at the overlooks. These 2.8 miles have a slow and steady incline and are wide and easy to traverse-- also another treat! Along this part I did see a black bear and various prints, so beware. After the fire road we began our ascent once again out of the gorge. this was moderate at worst and to me what made it difficult was just the sheer distance preceding it, but it was definitely manageable. At the top of the 1.5 mile 900' ev section you will arrive at another cow pasture. If you have a dog with you please use caution because me and my dog almost got mauled by some angry cows as we interrupted their feeding along the trail. They were not fans of us stepping on their grass before they got to eat it :( from there its easy and your only about 1.5 miles from the twelve o'clock knob parking area again! All in all this was a great hike with excellent views and a challenging but rewarding and manageable terrain. Great for training for an AT thru hike. Make sure to bring plenty of water. Me and my dog went through almost 5 liters on a 80 degree day. There is the creek so you don't have to bring it all with you as long as you have a water treatment system with you (yay for Sawyer filters!) I loved this hike and its a rare gem. Took 4 h 15 m with 3 10 min breaks:) Hike on friends!!!!

16 days ago

At the very back of the park, behind the picnic area, there is a collection of poorly marked but easily navigated trails. There are white blazes, and green blazes and tin medallions embossed with a “hiker” logo. I couldn’t make sense of any of them, but honestly you don’t even need them. My guess is that these trails were created for picnickers to walk off an afternoon of hotdogs, potato salad and beer. Nothing challenging here, but if you don’t like walking on cement, this is a decent alternative.
The front of the park has a nice Japanese garden and a well groomed trail through pines and azaleas. Certainly not a “destination” but if you are in the neighborhood it makes for a decent afternoon or morning.

great for walking or bike

Very scenic trail ! Took lots of pictures ! Will walk this trail for my fourth time on August 11, 2018!

on Bear's Den Park Trail

16 days ago

Great small hike for all ages. The trail is a bit rocky but not steep. The view at the top is great!

17 days ago

This is my favorite trail in SE Virginia. Very shady and around 10 am a breeze can be found during the hottest months. It can be as hard as you want it to be. I have hiked this trail on a healing broken ankle and I have built up my trail running endurance on this trail. You can even build your hiking endurance by wearing a back pack. There are rolling hills that really work the hamstrings. There are many deer that walk throughout the woods, plenty of turtles, lake birds and I have occasionally seen a bald eagle. Although I have seen couples trying to use strollers and wagons for small children, I don't recommend it. There are many 6x6 beams that run along the inclines to prevent erosion to which these people have a difficult time. There is an area of botanical interest where many flowering plants and trees have a place. They rate this as an "easy" trail, but make no mistakes about it, there are plenty of rolling hills. This is probably the only rolling hill trail in all of south eastern Virginia. At times it can get quite busy but I have never found it to be so busy that I can't enjoy it. The people on the trail actually make it safer since the trail is 5 miles through the woods. There are portable potties but they are not always clean with tp. I know of 3 areas they can be found; 1. At the head of the trail, 2. 2.5 miles into the trail off to the left (look for a wide open area with stump in middle of trial), 3. The last one being at the end of the trail. The 5 miles takes me close to 1.5 hours to walk, less to run. This is my favorite trail in SE Virginia because of the varying terrain.

Love this easy trail walk. So pretty. This last time we had a deer run right by us. Always see some kind of wildlife.

19 days ago

Great way to get around downtown without going through the hustle bustle of busy streets. There are restaurants with outdoor seating along the path. Excellent urban path!

21 days ago

This is a great trail to get out into nature right in your own neighborhood. very well marked and good for all types of hikers.

Felt like a real forest experience. My dog loved it!! Only flaw is the lack of signs and we got lost several times. Need better signage/directions!

We have done this one a few times. Lots of wildlife. We see deer almost every time. It is a very easy walk in the woods.

23 days ago

Quite a challenge. I wasn’t prepared for it. Took me just over 6 hours including a lunch break. Great trail!

24 days ago

Cross an arm of the lake on rocks, climb up a couple steep areas but other than that - pretty easy. We are seniors and had no problem with this trail.

24 days ago

Nice cool down walk in between trail runs.

25 days ago

Well maintained trail with lots of opportunities for off-shoots. Completed this path and a few others but lots in the park.

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