King George

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I'm glad to have found this app as it put me in touch with Caledon State Park. Who knew such a great park was so close. I took my two dogs and arrived Mid-day around 3PM. Parking was $4 and as usual it's cash only. This park has multiple trail options but I took Boyd's hole. Contrary to what the discription of park stated, it was open during summer months. Majority of the trail is shaded by the beautiful large aged trees. It took a bit to get to the potomac as the dogs wanted to sniff around but once we did......what a site! The sand wasn't too beachy so sand didn't get into my shoes. The dogs jumped right in and swam around (on leash of course). There was a picnic table right by the water if you wanted to have lunch. After a good 45 mins at the water we started the hike back. Great experience especially if you have a dog that loves water. Would definitely go again