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Careful with where you start at Jenkins Gap - there are 3 different starting routes, and if you pick the wrong one (the one in the middle), you’ll end up in a town.

If you stick to the course though, it’s a pretty easy hike. Took my dog on the 16+ mile journey, and she ended up with 10 ticks on her in November, so keep that in mind.

Also, walked within 10ft of a black bear. There are signs posted throughout the hike warning you about bears, so be ready.

Short fun tree covered hike with nice views at the lookouts.

Easy hike at the end of the day. Fun to walk up into the rocks.

Hiked from Gravel Springs to see the overlooks on the Appalachian Trail.

Nice hike from skyline drive to creek and back with my two labs

After the days of rain, and possibly some Spring thaw, a lot of the trail is basically a stream so prepare to get your boots wet. The views from the overlooks are spectacular.

Nice little extension off the AT that leads to some fun rocks. climbing around on the rocks was quite enjoyable and my kids loved it quite a lot. Nice place to let the kids feel like they can climb without there being too many exposed heights. My kids were 3 and 5 at the time. We added onto this, so we probably did about a mile and a half, which made for a nice little hike before the sunset on a 90-degree day. Lots of wildflowers and mushrooms. We even saw a giant lunar moth. It would be a good leg stretcher for someone getting ready to hike a bigger trail. For those with kids, it's quite a nice little hike.

Great hike, with better views than expected. Started at the most westerly side and went clockwise, meaning all the good views were in the first 1/3rd of the hike. The views face westerly so better to move in this direction if you want to have the sun at your back for photo taking. Arriving in the afternoon would put the sun right in your face on the photos. The southern half of this hike is smooth but can get a bit boring. Enjoyable afternoon hike.

Very quick leg stretcher from the trailhead, but a nice rock formation to check out and climb around on a little bit. Also checked out the nearby spring. Quick and easy walk.

Just a note on the entrance to this hike, it’s not well marked. This hike, make a right at the cross in the path when you first enter. I️ made the mistake of going straight, and while a nice 3.5 mile hike down and back up, it didn’t offer many views. Still very enjoyable and beautiful area.

Nice hike. Not very strenuous. It was foggy the morning we did this hike so I can’t say what the views are like from the top. The trail is nice.

Nice, short hike. Heavy fog during parts, but still a nice view from west lookout.

Very nice short hike. Beautiful fall hike definitely recommend.

moderate hike with a couple nice overlooks

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Good elevation, cool millipedes, lots of ticks, nice backcountry camping locations, not much water on the AT, and cellular connection for AT&T.

Great short hike for kids. Go past the rock formation to find a rocky path that leads you to the very top of the large cliff. The rocks at the top are easy to climb and a fun "real" rock climbing experience for my kids, 5 & 7. The roundtrip hike would take about 30 mins but they explored and climbed the rock formation for about an hour.

Quick little hike to the rocks, which are interesting enough. Much more interesting is the Columnar Jointing formation the other direction on the AT. I visited this peak just to bag it while I was finishing up a section hike to the edge of the park to see the kiosk.

Overall this beats an out and back hike but there are a few miss leading things to keep in mind on this loop.

- The AT crosses Skyline at 3 different parts of this section… all of which provide a better starting location as far as parking.
- It could have been the snow but I never saw a clear connection between the tail head at the north end of the Mt Marshall trail and the AT.
- The Mt Marshall Trail ends at skyline and if you walk up the hill directly in front of you the AT runs parallel to the road a few hundred feet up.
- I imagine it is a bit difficult to find the Mt Marshall trail head without GPS coming from the AT so I did it in reverse.
- Decent amount of running water on and across the trail due to snow melt.

- Trail connections for reverse loop were as follows: parked at Jenkins Gap, Skyline to Mt Marshall trail head, up the hill on the west to the AT, AT to the 3rd crossing of Skyline where it meets up with the Bluff trail, Bluff trail to Mt Marshall trail, and then up skyline back to Jenkins Gap.

A good leg stretcher to an interesting rock formation. The trailhead is at the northeast end of the Compton Gap parking lot at MP 10.4. Blue blazes mark the trail. There are no restrooms at the trailhead.

Great trail to hike, although can be quite strenuous on certain parts. Just hiked it twice this year in the summer and seen at least 5 black bears each time and other wildlife. Quite an awesome hike with the AT close by.

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