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Front Royal, Virginia Map

Nice hike to do with my dog and teens on veterans day. We saw a bear driving in the park but not on the trail. The incline seems to be about 2/3 of the way in on clockwise. It was nice to go that route and get the scenic view of the valley/Front Royal.

Jumped on the trail head just before you get to the park entrance. Easy hike around 1.8 miles in until you hit the roadway. You can cross over and continue if you want, but we decided to turn back because we were pressed for time. Loved hiking along the creek and we timed as the leaves were turning. Beautiful.

Quick hike to a neat waterfall

Fun hike. got turned around and ended up turning left and hitting skyline drive instead of looping back to the visitor center (oops) so we added an extra 2 miles. otherwise, it was a fun walk in the woods..not too terribly steep. saw bears on the way back from the trail but not on the trail itself.

Love this hike!
Done it 3 times but never all the loop. I found difficult to find where to turn if doing it counterclockwise. The first time I went, it was 06:00 AM and saw a bear in a tree.

Found what I think was the trail, no markings except a fish and game sign. Other cars and a couple wearing blaze orange. Decided to find another trail. Didn’t want to get shot at by deer hunters.

1 month ago

The trail is hard to find. From the turnaround at the end of the road, which I guess is the parking area, you have to backtrack to a dirt road that goes south just 100 feet before turning west on the dirt road/trail. Once on the trail you eventually pass a few no trespassing signs. There are no overlooks on the trail, but it gives access to the Massanutten Mtn Ridge Trail.

on Dickey Ridge Trail

2 months ago

All up hill from the start, no significant decline until you turn around. Not many views, just deer and bears. It's a great trail to train for mileage and incline.

Nice enjoyable hike. We were diverted several times due to a bear family in the area. Saw a lot of wildlife. Great hike for dogs! Very peaceful.

3 months ago

it's a beautiful hike with a stream that keeps you company in the beginning. you...i can see nature at its best. We saw pretty does grazing on the side of the trail. The hike isn't difficult, a little up hike but not hard at all. ENJOY!

nice parking lot off the road. first half is down hill and it was little tricky for us due to wetness. reach to top of water fall in 30 min or less (we had 4 yr old and 9 yr old with us). water was powerful and amazing to see strong stream waterfall. hike back same road we walked down. we didn't came cross with black bear, but there was couple of berry trees were knocked out. overall good hike but not much to see other than water stream/fall at half way of this hike.

trail running
3 months ago

Great trail to hike with the family or if you want to go running, I would recommend.

This was a nice easy walk to the top of waterfalls. it gets a little rocky so I suggest wearing sneakers not sandals. All and all a nice walk with pretty waterfalls.

Visited on a beautiful summer Saturday and not a single other person was on the trail the entire time. Starts narrow with little rocks and then widens and mellows. Beautiful stream parallels the trail about halfway down. Just past the little bridge at the end to the left was a little double two foot falls into a little pool, maybe 18 inches deep. We lounged on the rocks and dipped into the pool. Cold water. Fun hike! No waterfalls or springs as marked.

This was a great hike! My husband daughter(22 months in a backpack) and myself hiked it in a little under five hrs. The start is a bit steep but the rest of it is a moderate hike. The stream running next to and through the trail were just amazing. The falls were nice and a great place to have lunch and dip your feet in.

5 months ago

first "real" hike for my almost 4 year old. make sure to grab a kids' map at the trailhead; my daughter enjoyed following along with the landmarks. we saw several chipmunks and squirrels and a box turtle, plus heard a lot of birds. incline is just enough to get some work in but not tiring

This has a tag for hot springs but it doesn’t mention them in the description. Does anyone know if there is hot springs there?

if you're looking for some solitude, this is one for you.

5Jun18-weekday afternoon overcast 70° hike. The whole Loop took about an hour and a half with stops. Drank 2 liters of water along the way. This hike started off at the Dickey gift shop and an incredible view of the Shenandoah Valley. The only people I saw the whole time on this hike was in that area. I never saw a soul on the loop except for my poles haha. as far as Wildlife goes, there were a lot of bear warning signs... But all I saw were squirrels (and one platypus ;-)

I did the loop clockwise and it began by climbing for the first 20 minutes. this is where I broke the majority of my sweat. The trail is pretty even some rocky outgrowth. But It pretty much leveled out after that and was mostly downhill. There were a couple of Spurs I could not go to because I wore shorts....and I could see poison ivy creeping up over the trail. If I had the hike over again I would have work long pants for this time of year because of the poison ivy. When I got back to the parking lot, I just washed my calves and ankles with soap and water since the bathrooms were still open. all good :)

The only place the trail got tricky to follow (because the overgrowth) was at The Farmhouse itself. I started going left when I was supposed to follow the trail down to the right, over a recent rain made Creek and then join a big trail.

* Really nice peaceful hike, would love to do it again in the winter just to see how it looks then.

Happy Travels!
the RAWG

6 months ago

The trail starts downhill. Past the waterfall and to the right is a little cabin across a tiny bridge that apparently is privately owned but grandfathered into Shenandoah National park. If you don’t like finishing your walk uphill, don’t do this. Also, it was nice and shaded. My dog was a happy camper on this trail.

My dogs and I walked down to the water falls are many days of rain, It was more impressive than I expected. Best think to see it after some rain. A nice walk in the rain,

I did this as a point-to-point from Compton Gap to the park entrance. it was approximately 10 miles with 900' of elevation gain. Heading in the opposite direction, it is a far more difficult hike. The highlights are a stop at the visitor center and the definite possibilty of seeing a bear.

7 months ago

Took the trail down to the fall. It's easy and not too long, but don't underestimate the uphill climb on the way back.

Not much to see on the falls. You can climb down some rocks next to the water. If you want a really short hike with some water, it's worth doing.

We walked past the fall on the fire road another mile, and that was very steep at points, which made the return a decent workout.

My favorite trail starts 1 mile from my door.

I hiked this trail with my kids (9 and 14) and my mom (65). It was a quick, easy walk to the waterfall along the gravel fire road and the waterfall was gorgeous (early April). You actually stand at the top of the waterfall and look down. More adventurous hikers can climb down a bit to get a great close up view of the falls and it makes for a great photo opportunity. The uphill walk back up was not fun but worth it for a quick view of the falls. We turned around at the falls but you could keep going. Other than the falls, the hike is pretty boring, not any good views or unique terrain, this is the only reason I rated a 3 instead of higher.

scenic driving
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Scenic and serene. This drive does not disappoint! I came over the holiday weekend when the entrance was free. This was definitely worth the trip with well maintained roads and beautiful outlooks if you want to stretch your legs. I recommend this drive to anyone who isn't afraid of mountains. I will definitely be back again!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Saturday, October 21, 2017

There is a very small (easy to miss) parking lot near mile 9 on Skyline Drive with minimal signage. The whole hike is on a fire road, so less scenic than other hikes in the park. It’s out and back (downhill on the way in and uphill on the way back). When we hiked this it was a nice leg stretch after a long drive, but the hike ends at a very small stream with a very small trickling cascade (not what you may think when you hear waterfall). It might be a better hike after a lot of rain. Walk is shaded and easy to do in sneakers.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Where is the trail? No markings anywhere!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pretty good trail to do with kids and dogs...well maintained. Counter-clockwise travel knocks out the steeper parts first.

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