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Fort Blackmore, Virginia Map

beautiful!! the water is ice cold and Crystal Clear

The trail needs some work put into it. A few parts need guardrails and steps. The falls are pretty though.

20 days ago

Absolutely Beautiful!
This hike is very kid friendly. I take my 11 year old all the time and he loves it.
It gets a little slippery around the bathtub but other than that it’s pretty easy.

we had been planning a trip here for over a year, got rained out last year but finally made it this year. it was not disappointing. we got there at a perfect time because the tub wasn't crowded & we were able to enjoy it to ourselves for a bit. definitely wear waterproof shoes. the worst part is the parking. luckily we got to the parking lot& got the last available spot, I wouldn't suggest a low clearance vehicle. but getting out of there was nerve wrecking, there were cars on the side of the road, barbed wire fence on the other side making it a tight squeeze. get there early. definitely worth the hike.

Beautiful views, but it has gotten popular so it’s usually crowded. It was a better hike before it got so popular.

1 month ago

The bathtub is beautiful and so are the many creeks that you will cross to get there. The entire trail is a beauty. Wear good chaco type sandals or waterproof shoes. Your feet will get wet and tennis shoes make it easy to slip on the already slippery rocks.

The road to get to the trail is a different story. We took a car and there were some huge potholes. We got stuck a couple of times and we weren't sure we would make it to the parking area. When we were leaving,we kept seeing lots of people going toward the tub. We were worried about the parking situation. The parking lot was not full, but we found where they were all parked as we were leaving. They were parked along the already horrible road. We were forced to go down in some water filled potholes because of the people parked along the road. They aren't supposed to do this, and would supposedly be towed, but that was not the case. Driving in and out of that place was VERY stressful and would be what would prevent me from going back.

The trail is awesome, just get someone to take you there are drop you off!

1 month ago

A very nice hike, however we went on a Sunday afternoon so there was a lot of trail traffic. Parking is limited and I would recommended a 4 wheel drive vehicle if you want to park in the parking lot.

didnt think it was that difficult to hike to the bathtub , some slippery rock and mud, but that is to be expected hiking along a creek , the water was a bit chilly but crystal clear definitely will do again

Beautiful , beautiful place to explore no doubt! However, very poorly maintained by the Govt and State. The way to the trail starts with a 10 mile drive to the top of the mountain thru Jefferson Forest. Very poor signs, GPS will go in and out, please use directions printed on paper. The drive is a very narrow paved road for the first few miles but difficult to navigate for less experienced drivers as their are numerous blind hair pin bends. The last 2 miles are gravel. There are ramshackle or non occupied few scattered homes on the way. The last turn into the supposed parking lot is just driving over rocks on a steeper hill with cliff on one side and barbed wire fencing on the other with warnings of trespassing and towing posted. There is no cell phone coverage in these last few miles, so no help if you get stuck,lost or towed.If you do not have a vehicle bigger then a Toyota RAV 4 then please do not attempt this last part upto the parking lot. My RAV4 got caught on the rocks and spun and I was only able to turn it around with great difficulty in the scrunched space between the barbed fence and the cliff.There needs to be a lot more maintenance and signage for this otherwise amazing gem of a trail.

Amazing wildlife! We saw 3 small wolves scampering around, deer, and accidentally walked a few feet from a rattlesnake! We went counterclockwise around the loop, reaching the bathtub at mile 5. The first 1.5 miles were super steep, but all pretty easy after that. The bathtub was gorgeous. We went on a weekday and saw no one on the trail until we got past the bathtub and saw people doing the 4 mile out and back hike. You have to hop over rocks but it had been dry for a week or so and I didn't feel like I ever had to put on the water shoes I brought. definitely go on a weekday- I can see it being kinda cramped and miserable with a whole bunch of people.

Breath taking beauty! Take your time to enjoy with safety first!! Take your litter back with you!! Moderate to some extreme levels of hiking. Prepair to get wet at the most knee high. As you will have to cross about 6 streams. Hiking stick is a great plus for stability when unknown unstable rocks and boulders as crossing small streams can turn into injuries. We saw three bathtubs leading up to the small narrow 17ft deep oval shape bathtub.

a very fun hike 7 Miler took the right down and around to the devil's bathtub and was ready for a dip great experience....

I only had time for the part of the loop for the devils bathtub. Stay to the left and if you’re unsure of the trail just walk up the creek bed until you see a yellow blaze.
(I used driving directions from https://www.virginia.org/listings/outdoorsandsports/devilsbathtubwaterfallthe/)

The trail had lots of different fungi to identify and the crossings were not difficult because there wasn’t a lot of water, my shoes stayed dry most of the time. There was a rescue while we were there (jumping from ledges that should not have been jumping from).

The water was bee refreshing and devils bathtub was probably 8 feet deep and clear to the bottom. Not too many people but lots of trash. Please bring a bag to carry out what you can. I’m 100% going back!

went 7/10/18 Tuesday to Devils bathtub and it was so much fun! For being about a mile and a half hike(the left trail) it felt like forever but really only took an hour. The was was so clear and clean. Water was freezing to swim but so worth it! It wasn’t too busy, a few groups but not overly crowded. Definitely would go back!

The hike took about an hour ( my 66 yr old dad & 11 yr old daughter made it in 45 mins). The swimming hole below the Bathtub & the Bathtub is some of the clearest & coldest I have seen/felt. Absolutely beautiful & worth the hike.
Cons: 1. hard to find/no signs until u get there 2. parking is very very limited

2 months ago

The main attraction is the bathtub but if you continue it's more rugged. More than I expected. Also, the water will literally take your breath away if you jump in.

The Devil's Bathtub has been on my list to hike for over a year. We hiked it last Friday, arriving at the trailhead parking lot at 9:30 am. At that time, we were the 3rd car already there. At 1:00 when we arrived back to our car, the road leading into the trailhead parking lot was lined with cars parking. We took the advice of going on a weekday and starting as early as possible. The hike is beautiful with 13 creek crossings on the way to see the bathtub. Most of them were shallow being about ankle to mid calf deep while 2 were just above knee deep. I would recommend watching how much rain is happening in the area before heading out. Before the actual bathtub is a waterfall flowing into a beautiful pool, the bathtub is on past this and is worth the drive and the hike to reach it. It is absolutely beautiful. I had spoke to the forestry service the day before to check trail/creek conditions and was told they had just had a trail clean up, so we did not see much trash at all. Also, a vehicle that sits higher off the ground is recommended to reach the parking lot. I was advised a 4x4 but drove my front wheel Outlander and made it.

The trail crosses the stream multiple times so wear shoes you don’t care if they get wet, also the trail can get confusing at times so make sure you are on the trail. follow the yellow markers.

Very Rocky trail for a good bit even when you aren't in the water. Very poorly marked in spots. When in doubt, cross the river, just remember that doesn't always mean STRAIGHT across. Sometimes its a diagonal cross or even just short hike up the river itself. You will get wet at least up to the knees! But so beautiful once you get there!

After 2 days of hiking in the Smokies, this trail in a rural area of southwest Virginia was the highlight of my trip. Love the water crossings for opportunities to cool off on a hot day. The hike to Devil's Bathtub and back takes less than 3 hours and that is with time spent at swimming holes. Just below the bathtub is the best swimming hole I've ever been in north of the Florida-Georgia line. The only thing I did not like is seeing all the garbage and personal belongings (socks, towels, etc) that disrespectful hikers left behind.

Definitely a tough hike, especially counterclockwise ending with the bathtub. Bring some shoes with good grip, there’s plenty of stream crossings and you are bound to get your feet wet. A word of advice for those planning to do the whole loop, don’t go after a recent rain storm. There is so much mud on the trail that my feet were getting sucked into the ground making the climb so much harder. Lastly, please follow LEAVE NO TRACE; there were piles of garbage scattered throughout the trail closer to the bathtub.

Worth the trip. The water is ice cold. The trail markings are piss poor in several spots. I learned really quick it's better to just cross the stream and not try a way around it.

Kinda hard to get to, especially if you are not an avid hiker. But oh so worth it when you see it.

3 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous trail. Not too difficult, but need to be in some kind of shape to get over some logs and rocks. I would highly recommend waterproof shoes/sandals, you WILL get your feet wet!

Make sure to get there early! Parking is not great, especially if you have a small car. Our stick-shift Mazda 2 could not get up the road to the main parking area due to extremely rugged terrain, so we parked off to the side closer to the entrance. It can fill up quick!

Only downside is there was tons of garbage along the way and at the end by the bathtub. Dirty baby diapers, styrofoam plates, plastic bottles, wrappers, and a bunch of other trash was just left behind from lazy, inconsiderate a**holes.

Pack a lunch or snacks if you want, but don’t be a dick. Clean up after yourself/your kids.

3 months ago

this hike was beautiful. you're feet are wet the entire hike and you aren't out of the water enough for them to start blistering. I don't recommend going after a heavy spell of rain. the flow of the water is too strong to get a good glimpse of the "bathtub" itself. when I went the blue coloration was undetectable due to recent rains.

the parking is terrible. it took me 15 minutes to even back out because everyone parked so close together. we went on a Monday morning and it was already packed.

there are a lot of pools. when you finally reach the area after the rope on your left, you will think you are there. you have to cross that larger pool and continue up. the tub is only the size of a small car. also the water in it is so cold it will take your breath. it would be extremely dangerous to jump in alone because of how shocking it is.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike with 12 water crossings to get to the bathtub. Go on up to mile marker 3 to see the last waterfall! It’s beautiful as well. We continued around the 7.2 mile loop. The scenery isn’t as pretty after you pass the waterfall. The trail meanders away from the stream and climbs to the top and follows the ridge. It meets up with an old mining trail on the way back down. Most people hike to the bathtub and back. I suggest hiking on up to the waterfall at mile, then return the way you came.

Beautiful & always worth the trip! I lve the cold water after working up a sweat getting there!

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