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this was a pretty challenging trail, but the hike next to the waterfalls made it worth it to keep going definitely recommend waterproof and grippy shoes alot of wet rocks

1 day ago

I took my chocolate lab to the trail and we loved it so much, easy walk, decent distance. Even some parts of the trail close to the expressway, but I didn’t find it bothersome. I plan to take my lab back again everyday until it’s time to go home

We did the Lower Trail in and Upper out. If you are looking for a basic walk in the park take the Upper in and out, for much better scenery take the Lower but be prepared for a much more strenuous hike with climbing up and down. Visited on a weekday afternoon and still lots of people and no opportunity to get nice shots of the falls without people in the water. Lots of kids from VT on the trail.

Not a bad hike didn’t care for all the walking along the power lines. There were a few down trees on the trail. $7 to get into lake Anna park

The map is misleading. It takes you to the gate by the water treatment plant. You have to access this trail through Lone Star Park. Easy hike, even on a scorcher of a day. May want to go back to go fishing.

Just wonderful. Take the lower trail if it's open!

To be honest this loop Cedar Run up and White Oak canyon down is not difficult at all. Very easy hike even for my friend who never hikes. Enjoyable hike with lots of waterfalls and places to swim. There are about 4 times needed to wade across the stream but its not deep just remove your shoes and cross. The trail is very well maintained and is not steep.

Great hike! Lots of water along the trail and the waterfalls are great. If it’s been raining prepare to get your feet wet, the main entrance was flooded and you have to cross at your own risk. There was one other creek crossing about shin deep and lots of deep puddles along the way. It gets really good when you start to climb. There’s lots of rock and opportunities to roll an ankle. Definitely worth going back over and over again!

This trail took my friends and I just over six hours to complete. The six hours included a lunch break, several trips down a natural water slide, and a couple of stops for the dog to swim. It is a difficult trail—personally, I think it is more difficult than Old Rag.

The connecting fire trail between White Canyon and Cedar Run is uneventful, but the first and last portions of this loop make the hike worthwhile. We did not realize that we’d be able to ride the natural water slide of Cedar Run, but when we saw others doing it, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. We were soaked on the hike back to the car with no regrets!

After you enter the trail, I suggest making a right to see White Oak Canyon first. You can then end your hike by swimming in and sliding into the pools of Cedar Run.

14 days ago

This has to be one of the best value hikes in Shenandoah. The level of effort vs rewarding views is awesome! My 12yo son and I made this out first hike in Shenandoah and it was a perfect way to break-in to hiking. The trail was lightly trekked unlike Hawksbill or other popular trails that can get crowded. There is a fun little rock scramble and a false peak that is the perfect place to take in the views and a snack. It only took 30-45 minutes to summit at a relaxed pace and stops to take in different scenic or fun spots along the way. We did it on a hot and humid July day so I look forward to doing it in better weather in the fall.

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15 days ago

Great out and back. Amazing gorge with cool rock formations. Most people only hike the lower and upper ends, so otherwise we had the trail to ourselves. (Reminded me of Linville Gorge, NC)

on Stiles Falls

16 days ago

a very good trip for the family

16 days ago

its a nice view and worth it

on Cascades Falls Trail

16 days ago

a very nice up and back trail for the family

The trail was fairly easy with no steep inclines rather gradual inclines. I went to the end of the red trail where the large waterfall was in the distance. It was very beautiful and calming to watch. To get to the falls you can go on the shorter red trail or the blue trail then on to the red trail. I was told the blue trail had a cemetery and some old buildings if you knew what you were looking for, but I did not go on that trail. To loop back I went on the yellow trail which takes you down to bottom creek gorge which was also beautiful and nice to take a dip on a hot day. The yellow trail is narrow at times and overgrown, watch out for poison ivy! On the drive in I saw 6 deer and a rabbit, and on the trail I saw a salamander and a friendly bumblebee that let me take some close ups so keep your eyes open!

Less than impressive, that’s all I can honestly say.... The long ness of the hike was expected but not the challenge of it, it was very rocky (which we weren’t prepared for shoe wise) and poorly marked making it a hard trail to follow. The water fall was less than remarkable and the water hole you were supposed to swim in was small and crowded, oh and ps there was no rope swing which very much was probably the most upsetting part of the whole trip.

I absolutely love it. It’s very shaded, wide, and just beautiful. Many different landscapes to see.

Great hike but very crowded, crossed the creek 3 times water low had no problem. The falls at the end were very pretty!

Beautiful hike! Make sure you have $3, exact change per car. The sign said the lower trail was washed out but it no longer is. It's easily passable. I figured if I ran into an area that was washed out and impassable, I'd just turn around and take the upper trail. The rocks were slippery so I took it slow. There were very few hikers on either the upper or lower trails before 1pm. As I made my way back, on the upper trail, there were quite a few people. Everyone was friendly. the upper trail is well marked if you leave the observation deck going up the little winding stairs. Once you get to the split it's well marked which way to go for the parking lot. It was a hot August day and I could have used a second water bottle or a Gatorade. I enjoyed this hike very much. I'd agree it's moderate on the lower trail but probably easy/moderate on the upper trail. The falls are spectacular. I didn't swim because the signs warned it was potentially dangerous and I was hiking alone.

Challenging trail but fun. Lots of waterfalls.

19 days ago

Hiked this trail for the second time. First time felt like 4 miles instead of the 2.3 miles it really is. This time it felt like 2.3 miles. Trail is in pretty good shape even after all the rain. Lots of roots to watch out for and enough ups and downs in elevation to give us a good workout. Always well shaded.

Hiked this about a month ago. We hiked for quite sometime and never came to a peak but could hear the cars. I kept track with my phone and the swimming hole is about 1/3 of the way up. I would be careful as either my husband, myself or our pups stepped on a wasps nest and had a nasty encounter with a lot of them.

Love it

I had a wonderful time hiking the red trail at Bottom Creek. The waterfall is beautiful!! I can't wait to go back and possibly have a picnic and explore the other trails.

21 days ago

man we did this hike and got totally turned around! Beware there are two trails! We were hiking for a couple of hours before we ran into a horseman who told us there was no loop and we needed to turn around!

Nice hike watch for bears.. seen bear poop!

22 days ago

Pretty trail along the river. The trail is large and well maintained. It’s flat and not heavily trafficked. You are about 30 feet from a river to one side and have beautiful trees and rock walls on your other side. Very easy trail for all skill levels.

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