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Great hike!

In my opinion, the best views in the area. A steady climb with plenty of switchbacks brings you to a breathtaking view of the valley and reservoir below.

Challenging in spots with an amazing view for a payoff. Can get a bit crowded at the top.

nature trips
18 hours ago

An awesome hike, lots of switchbacks on the trail and a lot of steep inclines. The last half mile of the trail is pretty much a scamper up some fairly tough rocks. But when you get to the tooth you’ll know why you did it. I almost stepped on a rattlesnake on this trail as well so my adrenaline was in a bit of overdrive. Highly recommended! Will be doing this again soon!

Good easy trail for the family.

Well worth the extra hike to the bottom of the falls

Nice hike. Not as hard as I thought, it's a pretty gentle slope. Great views from the top!

It's a pretty decent trail, however the first 2.2 miles runs parallel with the highway, and all that noise that comes with it. Bug spray is also a must.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Trail typical of most Rails To Trails. we'll graded, smooth, little or no elevation change. Trail follows the Jackson River for almost the full route. Great views of farmlands, trees, etc. we've rode the trail 2-3 times.

Though the trail is serene, the markers AND maps to get you there are dreadful. There are too many trails without blazes or signs and it makes following a map difficult. Even using real time GPS with Google had me second guessing. There was trash in areas. I’m not sure we’ll go back.

Went on this so many times when I was younger, but took Layla and Sarah and Trinity up this past fall and had a great time. Need a 4x4 to get to trail!!!!!

on Rose River Trail

1 day ago

Go clockwise. Great trail.

Awesome trail. I did it with my wife and 3 teenage daughters we all had a great time.

So much vehicle traffic it’s not safe to walk here any more.

I’ve been hiking this for almost 30 years. It is one of my favorite hikes and different every time. The view at the top makes it all worth while.

Explored this trail last weekend. It's nice - as mentioned it's a historical monument as much as a trail, so there's a lot of really cool history and signs and such to see. As a trail, it's clean, well maintained, and a decent length. The folks I bumped into on the trail were very nice, as well.

hard to access, not sure you can bike here

Had a great time walking the trail. Some parts are a little overgrown but still passable. Creek crossings, road crossings, animals, and plant life were awesome. Fun trail!

Absolutely beautiful hike and location. This was my first hike in Virginia and it did not disappoint

2 days ago

Beautiful area but the trail on a Saturday morning was very crowded and the parking lots filled up by 9:30 am. There is an entrance fee to enter park but it is included with a national park annual pass. I would recommend going either on a weekday or early morning on the weekend. The beauty is worth the crowds though

2 days ago

Hiked clockwise from Fisher’s Gap Overlook parking. Dense forest but not too much understory to impede forest views. Initially the surface was good gravel with few obstructions and a comfortable downhill. At 1.1 miles the trail becomes rockier, more narrow and a little steeper downhill. And some not-too-challenging roots. With denser understory. And the sounds of the creek. About 50 yards further down the trail joins the noisy creek in a very picturesque ravine. Dappled sunlight filtering down on the understory. At 1.4 miles the creek becomes a “river”. Soon, at the upper falls Overlook we scramble down large boulders about 20 or 30 feet to get a good base view. Good placement of rock steps around falls. At 1.9 miles we re-join the creek after separating for a bit. Then quickly the creek we head south southeast and the trail turns west southwest. Starting a gradual easy rise. As we proceed slowly uphill Hogcamp creek appears on our left below us and heading counter to our hike. We come up on the weathered concrete compressor foundation from the old abandoned copper mine. Creek Crossing on large stones. Then we come to a foot bridge about 50 feet long, arched. With hog camp branch Creek on our right we enjoy numerous lovely small cascades as we hike up. After the bridge the trail becomes rockier, a bit of a scramble. But the lovely small and noisy heavy running cascades continue, seemingly without end. On and on, the cascades continue getting progressively smaller but no less noisy. We arrive at the fire road bridge across the creek. At this point we chose to add Dark Hollow Falls, a 1/2 mile total, steep, but well-groomed climb. This is where the large crowds are, having hiked the short trail down from Dark Hollow Falls parking. Hiking up the last run to the falls we encounter more crowds. Dark Hollow Falls were active, an unusually wet summer. start Back down to the fire road bridge and an easy uphill hike out on the fully gravel, nicely graded fire road completes a memorable hike. For us, better than the Two sets of falls were the numerous, lovely and heavily flowing and noisy, smaller cascades of Hog Camp Creek.

We did the 7 mile loop. It is covered by trees most of the way, which is nice for Virginia summer weather. Very little elevation.

it was nice not hard my kids were able to do it the youngest 9 oldest 16 no issues pack a light lunch and enjoy lots of roots not bad for $2 per car

road biking
2 days ago

I’ve parked at both ends and loved the ride both ways. More like 10miles from Harbor Park to Hermitage. Once you get used to where the signs are they are easy to spot. Have to think like a walker and sometimes they are on the opposite side of the road. Lots of water views, beautiful flowers and trains and boats. Definitely helps to download the map first to get an idea of where you are going.

A few slower spots crossing the stream but for the majority you can run without too much technical stuff

Coming from south there is a very similar trailhead and parking lot. Make sure you start at the “summit” parking lot else you can walk a couple of miles on the east side and the same distance or more to the west — none of which have a view or cross the AT!

Nice walking/running path. The occasional unleashed privileged dogs.
Lots of shade.

3 days ago

Took my 4 year old daughter with me on this hike! She needed a little help climbing from time to time, but for the most part she did excellent. Not a super long hike and it can be a little harder at times. Trail gets hard to follow every now and then but if you just look around you will find it pretty easily. Took us about 30 minutes to get to the top. Views from the top were amazing! I could have sat up there all day! Very disappointed in the amount of trash and graffiti that is up there. It’s sad that people can’t see beauty for what it is... Did not see a single snake either. Always the chance they could be there, but don’t let precious’s comments scare you away! The top is amazing!

3 days ago

The fastest trail you will ever do! It only took a few minutes but it was a really nice view. If you’re looking for a longer hike, connect to Lewis Falls Trail from there and do the 2.8 mile loop. You can’t access this trailhead directly from Skyline but if you turn in at Big Meadows you can access the trailhead from the lodge parking lot.

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