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Fun urban experience.

off road driving
23 hours ago

Mostly stock friendly, there's a couple rocky areas and mudholes that are not stock friendly. You will have pin stripes at the end. It's a good 3 hour trip. This was my second time out with HMMWVs. Trail is narrow with brush but no trees are in the way.

The entrance at Jeremies run is closed

Hiked this one today. Actually, that was my second attempt to climb the rocks all the way to the top. First time around it was drizzling all day long, boulders were slippery, and I did not finish it. Today was sunny - different story. Good traction, because it was dry, and spectacular views all the way up (if you are climbing the boulders). Very very challenging climb, and I have done some tough trails. Rocks are getting bigger towards the top, and harder to climb. I had enough brains in the end to take side trail down instead of jumping boulders back...lol. Highly recommend if you want entire body workout. Do not recommend if you have knees problem.

Beautiful views, but it has gotten popular so it’s usually crowded. It was a better hike before it got so popular.

The bathtub is beautiful and so are the many creeks that you will cross to get there. The entire trail is a beauty. Wear good chaco type sandals or waterproof shoes. Your feet will get wet and tennis shoes make it easy to slip on the already slippery rocks.

The road to get to the trail is a different story. We took a car and there were some huge potholes. We got stuck a couple of times and we weren't sure we would make it to the parking area. When we were leaving,we kept seeing lots of people going toward the tub. We were worried about the parking situation. The parking lot was not full, but we found where they were all parked as we were leaving. They were parked along the already horrible road. We were forced to go down in some water filled potholes because of the people parked along the road. They aren't supposed to do this, and would supposedly be towed, but that was not the case. Driving in and out of that place was VERY stressful and would be what would prevent me from going back.

The trail is awesome, just get someone to take you there are drop you off!

A very nice hike, however we went on a Sunday afternoon so there was a lot of trail traffic. Parking is limited and I would recommended a 4 wheel drive vehicle if you want to park in the parking lot.

4 days ago

Good hike. We wanted to finish going down hill. If you want to do it this way, follow the driving directions AllTrails gives you. After you park on the right side of the gravel road, you’ll have to walk down the gravel road in the direction you just came (about a quarter mile) and turn right at the white bar or Oak Knob fire road. The sign was overgrown with weeds and we missed it. It’ll be in your left when driving in, or on your right walking down from the upper parking area. The gradual elevation change wasn’t too bad.
The pond is very small and we laughed when we saw it. This is where 3 trails come together. Tricky, but if you’re coming from the upper parking area, take a sharp turn left at the pond, if you start at the oak knob trail head, make a sharp right at the pond. Do not go past the big number “8” on a tree. There are big open fields filled with wild flowers, that are numbered with huge numbers painted on the trees.
No views when the leaves are on.
If you want to start at the upper parking area, just cross the road and walk to the white bar and start your hike. It’s only a .2 walk up hill on the gravel road to your car at the end. We didn’t see any bikes just their footprints. Two dear.

didnt think it was that difficult to hike to the bathtub , some slippery rock and mud, but that is to be expected hiking along a creek , the water was a bit chilly but crystal clear definitely will do again

on Bull Run Trail

5 days ago

This is a great day trail to take kids and pets on. Its fun and easy. And its beautiful.

Not only is it dog friendly, but you may end p with a neighbor's dog tagging along! That's exactly what happened to us and he was a gem of a guide and companion. The trail is marked when you start walking up the hill but the map at the kiosk doesn't make much sense. The longer trail that you get to if you walk to the overlooks first then go down is pretty steep, and very poison ivy lined, in the path some, and longer. If you want the shorter, easier hike to save your energy for rock scrambling, walk along the cemetery when you go and go in and out that way. The ivy isn't as bad that direction, either. The rocks and nooks are crannies are amazing to climb in and around but there's TONS of poison ivy everywhere, except down in the more cave like parts so wear long pants and socks and such if you plan to scramble. It's really beautiful.

Great hike not for beginners it's up up all the way! But the 360 panoramic view is amazing.

Great out & back for all levels and is kid friendly. Gets very crowded, so get there early. Very scenic with the river along the entire length of the trail, with plenty of places to stop and enjoy the views.

The actual trail is a wide open old road. The smaller trials near the river edge are nice to explore along the river. But to the west (of where I started at) gets a bit overgrown and hard to travel. The canal gate and abutment dam are worth seeing to the west. I will come back with my mountain bike to go to the east.

Very confusing

Trail is narrow for a good portion of the climb and it’s a steep, steady, incline all the way up but the view is worth it! We hiked the extra 1-1.5 miles along the ridge to the other overlook and had even better views there.

Beautiful , beautiful place to explore no doubt! However, very poorly maintained by the Govt and State. The way to the trail starts with a 10 mile drive to the top of the mountain thru Jefferson Forest. Very poor signs, GPS will go in and out, please use directions printed on paper. The drive is a very narrow paved road for the first few miles but difficult to navigate for less experienced drivers as their are numerous blind hair pin bends. The last 2 miles are gravel. There are ramshackle or non occupied few scattered homes on the way. The last turn into the supposed parking lot is just driving over rocks on a steeper hill with cliff on one side and barbed wire fencing on the other with warnings of trespassing and towing posted. There is no cell phone coverage in these last few miles, so no help if you get stuck,lost or towed.If you do not have a vehicle bigger then a Toyota RAV 4 then please do not attempt this last part upto the parking lot. My RAV4 got caught on the rocks and spun and I was only able to turn it around with great difficulty in the scrunched space between the barbed fence and the cliff.There needs to be a lot more maintenance and signage for this otherwise amazing gem of a trail.

only made it to Manassas gap shelter before a torrential downpour occurred . we got stuck with the thru hiker "2 pac". rained from 3pm-5am .. most of my gear got pretty wet but i slept well .

It was the Devil’s Climb to Angel’s Rest, but the view was worth every bit of the 1,800 foot elevation. It was an intense cardio workout on the way up and tedious on the way down since it’s steep and rocky in some places. It is a beautiful trail with some witnesses wildlife. If you feel like you want to stop and turn around halfway to the top- don’t. Both views were great, so recommend going to both spots. My dad and I are Appalachian Trail rookies no longer!

Awsome walking trails! Beautiful scenery! However we got a little turned around in certain spots. Just follow the map, you walk down a road a little bit but if you follow the map it will bring you to the rest of the trail :)

Amazing wildlife! We saw 3 small wolves scampering around, deer, and accidentally walked a few feet from a rattlesnake! We went counterclockwise around the loop, reaching the bathtub at mile 5. The first 1.5 miles were super steep, but all pretty easy after that. The bathtub was gorgeous. We went on a weekday and saw no one on the trail until we got past the bathtub and saw people doing the 4 mile out and back hike. You have to hop over rocks but it had been dry for a week or so and I didn't feel like I ever had to put on the water shoes I brought. definitely go on a weekday- I can see it being kinda cramped and miserable with a whole bunch of people.

Easy, nice, quick trail. Short jaunt over a gravel path, then the rest is on relatively well packed sand. It's out of the way, the beach isn't nearly as busy as Virginia Beach, but it still sees plenty of traffic. Absolutely worth the trip!

off road driving
12 days ago

I was out with a group of jeepers For my 1st Ever Jeep trail run. This trail is A-blast. It is challenging but not so much to the point That is frustrating. I was the only Jeep Liberty in a group of Wranglers and had no problem running with them.
On a side note though. Beware the water crossings if it's been rainy they can get rather deep... Fun but deep. Happy trails y'all.

Awesome trail one of the best in the Fredericksburg area. Lots of different terrain and wildlife. Would be great for mountain biking. Long enough to give you a great work out yet easy enough to keep it fun.

Change in elevation might be low, but not as easy as I would have thought. Not bad, a good moderate trial with wonderful views. Just surprised how much garbage people leave throughout the park :(

Started a little late in the day and hauled butt and got back before dark. Took exactly 3 hours. Now I know why they call it the roller coaster! Make sure you bring water and a snack. Awesome hike!!

18 days ago

Based on the google maps directions provided by this app, you’ll be driving up a tight service road for a significant amount of time until you reach a point where you may be able to park your car. Do not drive a car that rides low to the ground as you’ll basically be driving over two small creeks and many potholes. Signs for the trailhead are nonexistent, so the gps tracker on this app is absolutely essential. The actual hike is easy, with a bit of a rock scramble at the summit, where it’s a panorama view of the mountains surrounding you.

This trail offers amazing views, wild ponies, and lots to snack on in late summer. We had blueberries, black raspberries and blackberries within arm’s reach nearly the entire way. For the hike itself, you can expect a short climb, with the trailbed being packed earth and rocks. There are several rock outcroppings for the adventurous. Everyone should visit this park at least once.

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