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Best place to ride a bike. I love it

Rented bikes and rode from white top down to Damascus. Very beautiful trail and wonderful ride.

Love, love, love this trail. It's beautiful. A must do for everyone!

Love this Trail. We started out from Whitetop and rode back up from Damascus, having to use horn at times as most people didn't expect any body coming up. The weather called for light rain but the natural forest canopy repelled the few showers and it cleared later in the day Took us about 4.5 hours total riding took and hour off for lunch in Damascus. Damascus may be the place to stay if you want rentals or only have time to ride one way as several vendors offer bike transport to the trail heads to let you ride downhill. Take tools, watch the ruts, and check equipment periodically for loose bolts and such. Had a blast. Must be beautiful in Fall

Great experience for families with elementary and middle school-aged kids.

Trail was extremely rocky, harsh on the ankles. Also it seems to be more of a dirt biking trail now. Not much fun to hike, will stick to the AT in this area.

Great trail to get in your daily jog! I ran along the trail for about three miles from Abingdon then turned around. Terrain was flat with gravel / hard pack soil that was a little damp from recent heavy rains. Views of farms, streams, and forest were nice. There were hardly any people on the trail when I was jogging around 9AM on a weekday.

Loved it!! Was a little cold the day we went but will definitely do this again...when it’s warmer! Easy downhill ride from Whitetop to Damascus. Beautiful views along the river with many places to stop and take pictures.

Great for a first time overnight trip. Trout fishing along the creek was not as great as expected. I’m not sure when they stock the creek but it obviously wasn’t around the beginning of March. My one complaint is having to walk through a tiny village on the creeper trail and the camp sites are very sparse. If you plan on camping try to get to the creeper trail as soon as possible because that’s probably the only part of the trail you can camp along.

Awesome hike can be tricky in spots with the rocks. Follow white trail to blue trail back to white trail off the Creeper trail. The last two miles are challenging back up the hill. Also not 10.8 miles more like 13 miles.

easy trail to walk. I start from the Abingdon side and walk until I'm getting tired and turn around. nice wide path for walkers and bicyclists.

10 months ago

Hike of 2 parts. First part along Feathercamp Ridge trail was a steady slog uphill in a dark forest, crossing the stream multiple times. It had rained quite heavily 2 days prior which added to the oppressive atmosphere and darkness. We reached a clearing with a small campfire which was a welcome relief to see some natural light. A short section further brought us out to a gate and a road from where we turned sharp left to join the Iron Mountain bike trail. V pleasant walking with some glimpses of views through the trees. The trail either hugged the mountain side or one was walking on the ridge itself. At Beech Grove, we made a left for a short steep descent back to the main road and the parking lot for the VC trail. Not a bad hike all in all. Wish in a way we had stuck to the original plan in following Istvan's track which was a little longer and probably would have had us emerging off the AT at the same endpoint. Our route ended up being 6.8 miles as a pleasant loop.

Biked this trail several years ago in the fall and intend to go back! Beautiful and you pass through many old train tressels along the way.

Love this trail! I have biked it 4 times and will do it again.

This bike ride is awesome. Rent a bike and catch a ride to the top and just coast off the mountain on this beautiful trail. Stop at the little old train depot, too. the ladies working in there are very informative and super nice!

The views include woods, rock outcroppings, and farm land. Love all of the trestles. Easy, fun ride.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Amazing views. We rented a bicycle and we were dropped off at the top end of the trail. All you had to do was just sit on the bike and the slope does the rest. There is a nice little restaurant as well on you way. To me the best part of the experience was the amazing views.

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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Best Trail - anyone can do it. This first 11 miles or so are all down hill!! (pretty much just coasting!) and then flater land. This is an awesome adventure - totally worth it!!

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Monday, July 03, 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017

Nice long hike. Where Chacos because you cross the creek at least 8 times.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nice easy kid friendly trail going from White Top to Damascus.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Super fun trail close to the water! Didn't do much peddling mostly cruising.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Great ride, can be crowded. Not a good idea to go up trail vs. down trail due to flow of traffic. We did this during a National Trails Day celebration, used the Virginia Creeper Trail Bike Shop in Abingdon, great service, great equipment. They shuttled us a half hour to Whitetop Station for the start of our downhill to Damascus, and they can pick you up there to take you back to Abingdon or you can ride all the way back the full 34 miles, which we did. Lots of cool trestles to cross, lots of other riders to navigate at times, this is a rails to trails thoroughfare. Half way to Damascus we stopped for some hot dogs from a local church. Great lunch on the trail. Most of the trail is along crushed cinder gravel which will fly up into your eyes so recommend wearing sunglasses, and if it gets wet, it will get all over your seat and back if you don't have fenders. We stayed dry to Damascus and started enjoying the Trail Days Parade when the heavens opened up with heavy downpours that lasted about an hour. People were going crazy, especially the crowd in tent city. It's really all downhill going this way. Overall a great experience, and everyone can do the 17 miles to Damascus. Enjoy!

Monday, May 08, 2017

This is a nice forest hike. If you want a bit shorter (below 7 miles) loop without walking on the road, then see my recording.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Great loop hike from IMT to AT.

24 days ago

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