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Offers relative serenity and beauty a stones throw from DC. It doesn’t quite live up to nearby Great Falls, but is a worthy alternative.

sweet place to hike..

Sky Meadows is a terrific park, yet another affirmation of Virginia's outstanding park system. This was a cold, rainy day - but an outstanding loop. Some of the best marked trails anywhere. The ranger at the office/store suggested going clockwise, which was great advice as the most rapid elevation gain is the first third going up the South Ridge - leaving the beautiful meadows and spectacular views for the final third and descent back to park HQ. On this winter day, the trails were a bit icy, especially the South Ridge, but doable. The brief stretch on the AT is well maintained and very passable.

Nice easy trail. But quite busy.

Wooden area, majority of hike you are hiking up the mountain in the woods - very pretty. Gets very steep and strenuous when nearing the top - legs got a beating! Once you've reached the top, it comes to a beautiful overlook. Trail intersects with the AT. Overall great hike - lots of informative signs and trail heads.

Love the views & walking along the frozen Potomac!

2 months ago

Cold day (17F) with a light layer of snow. Well kept trail with worthwhile view at the top. Nice way to end 2017.

Lots of unmarked trail intersections. Very easy hike.

Great place for dogs!

3 months ago

my wife and I did this trail for the first time during the end of NOV, we mad it a 2 day/1night trip. the trail has the potential to be a good trail but with some little changes. first the trail is about 12.5 miles loop.

2.5 on one trail.
4 on the jeep trail
4 on st Mary's trail
and 2 on the last trail

on the whole loop their are only about 3 blazers which makes it really hard to navigate and some points. Their are very minimal signs that are helpful. and the other growth was outrageous. some parts of the trail are relatively flat, but the other parts are either steep incline for miles. or steep decline. plan to spend at least 30 min trying to find the correct trail because their are alot of self made trails.

pros. Their are alot of self made camp sites along the way. one that even over looks the the valley( but there is no water at this site) another real good one is half way thru st Mary's trail, right next to the creek. there are also alot of places to get water.

overall I will probably not do this trail again do to the lack of information and trail blazers.

took our dogs. it was beautiful! kinda stinky but a fun trail.

4 months ago

You'd never know somebody could be so happy finding a trail. About a year ago this time last year, I entered the Kaylor's Knob (or Ridge) Trail at the Massanutten overlook in the afternoon for what I thought would be an out and back short run, having never been on the trail before. Well it was a little late in the afternoon and all I had on were my running shorts and a tee shirt. Somehow I missed the "end" of Kaylor's Knob and never turned around. I thought I was doing a big circle, but little did I know I was just going farther and farther north into the woods. It finally got too dark for me to see safely, so I sat on the little path, (prayed a little that it wouldn't rain) and spent the night shivering in the woods. Why didn't I call someone? - I was "that guy" in this case - no phone on me! as I thought I would be back at the overlook in no time. At 6:23 a.m. the next morning (I remember the time precisely) I started off again. It was only about 25 minutes later I came across some overnight campers that were camping not too far from the path entrance off of Airey Lane. The park rangers who picked me up said they help find about one hiker a month, but I was the farthest from where I had entered from anybody in a long long time! So anyhow, I've been searching for this path (I'm not from the area) a couple times I've been back and yesterday I finally found it! I had never asked the park rangers where it was they picked me up - I just kept searching the maps and I knew it was a long way from Massanutten . I would do it all over again - but next time will be much more prepared. Thanks for reading - I loved the path btw. I'm not sure what the section after Kaylor's Knob is called heading towards Fridley Gap, I think it called Second Mountian Trail , but there were some pretty knarly paths and dangerous slopes and rock formations. If you get a chance and are in up for it - go for it!

Beautiful area with very well marked trails- there are even maps at each trail intersection. Great spot for a picnic lunch by the falls.

I only did a short hike, but it was good. The Scott Run Falls was nice and scenic. Came across one guy who had dog off leash, but it was okay.

People had dogs off leash, it smelled of dog poop and sewage. It gets better when you climb further up into the wooded areas. One trail takes you to a parking lot though. Not exciting.

5 months ago

Beautiful views. The first two miles to the peak is a moderate hike, the last .5miles is moderate to difficult and very rocky.

It was a nasty day but we could imagine it would have pretty views. It was extremely peaceful

5 months ago

Completed this 9 mile loop clockwise in 4 hours, beginning from the lower parking lot. Both trails (yellow and orange) were marked clearly. As to the confusing spur trail below Kennedy Peak some have complained about, it had been blocked off with rocks and branches. One complaint I had was the constant presence of mosquitoes even in late September.

While many would consider this an easy trail, it is not for beginners. There are a lot of steep hills, lose rocks, and thin slippery paths. In the end I did thoroughly enjoy the views but felt a little mislead by the "easy" label.

Nice and close to DC! Right off of 495. We got there around 1030am and the first parking lot was full. It's super tiny. If you drive down a little ways on the right you'll reach the 2nd parking lot which had more spaces. Others reported lots of trash on the pathway but it wasn't too bad. When we first started the hike it smelled like sewer water but didn't last too long. We did the 2.5mile loop. It starts off pretty flat, turns rocky and then hilly. Lots of lose rocks. I know you can bring dogs but I'm not sure I'd bring mine since it was a good amount of time walking on rocks. Waterfall was pretty and quaint. We enjoyed climbing on the rocks in the river to get a better view. Once you past the waterfall, we were pretty much by ourselves on the trail. I'd definitely go back even though the way back up required a few breaks!!

Great Hike pay attention to signs is easy to end up on a different trail than you intended.

lovely waterfall

Pretty easy stroll with a beautiful view at the top. Just a little tip- there's a switchback that is easy to miss and go the wrong way around the peak.

I really enjoyed the trail and the waterfalls. The trail was VERY busy when we went on a Sunday and we got the very last parking spot. If you want some serenity, you can follow a few side trails that are less trafficked. We also went on a Tuesday morning and it was much quieter so maybe try to hit it on a weekday if you're able! Unfortunately as others have mentioned, the trail was covered in trash. It's really disappointing that people have left it that way. There were clothes and shoes left behind, beer bottles, take out containers, and entire garbage bags full of trash. If you're able to, I really recommend bringing a bag with you to help clean up the trail. The trash really detracts from the view and it's obviously horrible for the environment. The trail also smells really bad in a few places from what is apparently sewage. Aside from the trash and the occasional smelliness, this trail was great and we will definitely be back (with trash bags!).

Trail was good until we go to the river then the trail had washed out so we couldn't make the loop. We had to backtrack uphill. Good exercise but still to see the waterfalls would've been the icing on this cake. Still good trail someone needs to reroute the trail near the water. Kind of dangerous on that side.

Had a nice trail run coming from the AT on the Rt 50 side, connecting with the "Old Trail" (not a soul on it) and then looping through the Ambassador Whitehouse trail. I like this route a lot better than the typical Sky Meadows trailhead route. Ambassador Whitehouse is nice either way.

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