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20 days ago

nice trail for most of the way, it gets a little hairy when you pass the tucker gap sign and the trail is redirected to aboid private property. I'd suggest not going when leaves are on the trees so you can see all the markers more easily. i got pretty lost in the summer for about an hour before finding the trail again.

awesome hike well worth it!

It’s tougher than I thought! But also great! The cave was very interesting!

24 days ago

Great short distance hike. Parking is to the left after crossing RR tracks. Falls are easily accessible and close to the parking area. This trail is clearly marked with red Nature Conservancy markers.

Awesome day with the family! The reward was well worth the hike.

Sand cave was really neat. White rocks were OK but had a nice view from the top. A decent hike.

1 month ago

Excellent trail, steady inclines and awesome water fall and rock outcroppings. Highly recommend!

This is one of my top 5 hikes of all time. It's dog-friendly and has cool, unique features. We went up to White Rocks first and spent some time relaxing and enjoying the view. Then we hiked down to Sand Cave and back to the car. It's not an easy hike, but the payoff makes it more than worth it.

The rock formations are amazing! Followed the trail down past the outcrops... just to see what was down there... a little waterfall. Seriously a beautiful part of the world. Saw bear poop on the trail, so, watch out for that. Saw huge beautiful wild turkeys! Park to the right of the cemetery and head into the woods from there.

I primarily use the Creeper for trail running, but have biked and even gone swimming in some great swimming holes along the trail. The Virginia Creeper is gorgeous, and offers a variety of great views no matter which section you are on. I love the farms and trestles on the Abingdon section the most.

absolutely beautiful in the fall. make sure to check out the small offshoot to your left when the firetower first shows up on your right. gorgeous views.

this is a tough trail. the final destinations were beautiful though. the waterfall was flowing nicely at the sand cave, the view from the overlook was beautiful. the distances were way off though according to our fitbit. We done the entire loop, with no shortcuts, & it was close to 12 miles & took us about 7 hours. definitely a workout on the legs.

quite steep. parts were washed out.

Not a easy hike, i hike a lot and would consider it closer to hard than moderate.
Trail is steep most of the way and rocky.
I do suggest using the short cut on way back. We went to Sand Cave first then went to White rock and back via short cut. Shaves about hour or more off hike.
We did a lot of walking around at overlook, which was amazing.
Took us 5 hours and we clocked 11.2 miles. I’d do it again for sure

Good place, small parking lot, lot of history nice for small hiking

Great views, loved the channels. We made it a 4 hour trip to the channels and back with children. The hike is a little longer than I was figuring, but I would do again. I recommend bringing a wide angle camera lens for the channels.

Just biked from White Top, down to Damascus, was very new to biking a trail. I had a super fun day of biking, Our trail was about 17 miles downhill, the views were beautiful and the rental place we used was phenomenal, awesome trek, would do it again!

2 months ago

Moderately Hard Trail Rocky Areas and steep some areas. Fun climbing up to white rock and waterfall flowing nicely at the cave Fun Trail!!!

First off, would love to say thanks to the guys who found my phone and placed it on my car!!! Kudos to you!!! Great pic too ;) Loved hiking this trail today. Weather was perfect, partly cloudy and mid 70's. The trail was pretty muddy after several days of rain, but not too bad. There are a couple of very rocky spots. We turned right at the hitching posts and the trail from there to the top is pretty narrow and steep. Turn right at the top to get to the white rocks. Be prepared for a pretty steep climb to them, but the view is so worth it. The cave is awesome! We didn't do the loop, just returned the way we came up. According to the signs, we thought this was about a 7 1/2 mile trip but my Fitbit said we walked 10 miles. Took us about 5 hours.

Good hike for rainy day, the last part down to the falls was extremely steep. The ascent on the way back wasn’t too bad except for the first part on the return right near the falls.

2 months ago

This seems to be a less popular (or lesser known) hike in the area, but it is well worth it! It consists of two loops: a smaller, easier loop around the waterfalls (take either the first right or continue straight for this loop), and a larger, steeper loop in the surrounding forest (take the left after the concrete structure). The stream and waterfalls were gorgeous. No big views or vistas on the larger loop, but still beautiful and worthwhile. Someone else mentioned bees down below. We also came across what appeared to be an underground beehive directly on the trail, but they didn't threaten us. But just be aware!

A nice trail to ride horses on.
I recommend riding during Winter months and on weekdays, because of the heavy traffic of bikes.

2 months ago

Well worn trail but distances are incorrect. All trails says 3.7 out and back. The sign at the parking lot says 2.5 miles to the summit. GPS reading was 3 miles one way and the sign at the top going down said 2.8. First mile was easy but the last 2 miles gained over 2000 ft of elevation making it a strenuous hike. Its another 1.1 miles to Hensley Settlement and about another mile wandering around in the settlement. All in all it’s almost 10 miles round trip.

The caves where cool.

A great hike to a fun area. The Channels are nice to spend time in. As for the hike up to them, it is quite steep but doable. The age in my team ranged from 30-70 years old and everyone made it to the top. By no means did anyone consider themselves an expert so beginners can do this but I strongly recommend taking breaks and stay at your own pace. Don’t let experience or age keep you from completing this trail. In my opinion it is well marked and well maintained. I definitely recommend this trail be on your list of trails to complete because you honestly won’t be disappointed.

Took us 5 hours to go up to white rocks and and cave. We didn't do the loop, just doubled back to the white Rock trail. Saved about 0.8 miles. The view was great and the cave was really neat. Hike up is steep but not terrible, rocky in parts. I plan on doing this again with my 7 and 10 year old boys, they'd love it.

on Mill Knob Trail

3 months ago

lived so close for so long and never knew about it but just went and seen it and was impressed

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