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Virginia Map

I’ve done this hike once before and I’m excited to do it again tomorrow! Very fun and gorgeous views!

Love climbing the rocks

20 hours ago

love it

Beautiful views. Peaceful place for the sunrise, quick rock scramble.

Challenging and long! Beautiful views.

The weather was overcast with a misty fog and the trees were starting to turn. This made for good photography. Was pleasantly surprised. We did the trail counter clockwise. We would consider the trail pretty easy except for the switchbacks on the AT while climbing up to Hogback Mountain. Didn't get to see the vistas, which are typically nice, but that let us focus on other things.

Very foggy day, but absolutely gorgeous! Great uphill walk. Dog friendly was nice as we gave 2 hounds. There was traffic on the trail, but not too bad.

great hike and well marked. Views are amazing!

Went counter clockwise. Nice trail, well marked. Plenty of streams for my dog (wet summer). Will go back when leaves are off because the ridge walk will be incredible with amazing views. When leaves are on it’s just a nice alpine stroll of moderate intensity.

this was a great trail somewhat challenging at spots, rock scramble near the end was fun ,would do again

A gem! You completely forget that you are less than a half mile from Route 1. Amazingly serene. And there are some great side trails if you feel like exploring.

went yesterday and was amazing. my phone died so my recording all got half but it was beautiful ontop. everytime you think you made it, you didn't. the best 360 degree view is a little before you reach the summit. it wasn't too hard but it did take awhile because I stopped a million times to take alot of pictures. I really think if you try hard, anyone can do this hike. my husband isnt into hiking like I am. .so he is a little out of shape...but he did fine with me helping. I also saw kids doing it. the trail is pretty easy to follow. you have no service up top but all trails always works no matter service or not

Trails were scarcely marked, hard to follow a single trail without getting lost. But gorgeous, serene walk with fruit scattered on the path creating a sweet aroma

mountain biking
2 days ago

This is a good trail, although the description is incorrect. None of the mountain biking trails in this area of the park allow pedestrians or animals. It is clearly marked no pedestrians, mountain bikes only here. You can actually be fined for using them without a mountain bike. There are other trails in the park intended for people who want to walk or bring animals.

Trail very narrow in many spot. I did go shortly after the hurricane, and trail was marked far. However in several place it should not have been. It is very secluded, never seen a single person. Part of the trail could definitely use some TLC. Could definitely use some more trail markers, quite a few times I guessed about where the trail was. If you are not a fan of spider or spider webs I suggest you don't go on this trail or find yourself a stick of some sort to knock them down before you even start.

well worth the hike to make it to the end amazing scenery especially in the fall

2 days ago

amazing hike,very steep incline for a short distance hike but you are alongside the waterfall for the majority of the time and there is a couple rest spots if needed, went right after a rain storm and the falls were flowing hard, nice view if you go alittle further past the fall

this was a pretty challenging trail, but the hike next to the waterfalls made it worth it to keep going definitely recommend waterproof and grippy shoes alot of wet rocks

found this taking a wrong turn on the buttermilk trail, nice trail gets kinda noisey near the end though when youre right next to the road. nice spot to hang out on some rocks near a stream

2 days ago

well maintained trail, splits off to many other trails, saw a turkey in the woods, fun day hike

Lots of dog poop left along the trail from previous hikers. Parts of the trail were quite flooded over after recent rains. I had my toddler with me (who mainly refused to move unless I was carrying him), so crossing the creek that the trail goes through was a tad tricky, but doable. It wasn’t a bad hike, but not the best.

3 days ago

I took my chocolate lab to the trail and we loved it so much, easy walk, decent distance. Even some parts of the trail close to the expressway, but I didn’t find it bothersome. I plan to take my lab back again everyday until it’s time to go home

Was boring at times with only a couple great views. The watering hole was a lot of fun though.

mountain biking
3 days ago

I pray this park is available for future generations.

mountain biking
3 days ago

I pray this park is available for future generations.

I wish I could have spent some time enjoying the overlook but soon after getting there a thunderstorm moved in. By the time I hustled back to the truck I was soaked but this was still an incredible outing! No one else on the trail which was nice, there is a small area suitable to camp with a fire ring, would love to spend a day there hanging out.

This is not “out & back” ; it is a loop. The paper map from the park is kinda vague. Was not clear where to park or begin. My advice: Park at the first “trailhead parking” lot on the left a little ways past the beach parking. You’ll see a little amphitheater. The trails begin across the street from this lot. Hike straight towards the campground past 2 yurts. The bathroom in the campgrounds is exceptionally clean! I did not see any trail markers in the campground. Right beside the first campsite you’ll see a paved road blocked by a park gate. This is where the orange trail starts. I hiked counterclockwise. Great little trail. Pretty rocks & ferns. Nice bench with a view. There are 5 creek crossings on the second half of the trail. No bridges, but easy to hop. When the orange trail markers end, you’ll momentarily follow the blue trail, then it changes to yellow, then white and shortly brings you back past the yurts to the parking lot where you started. Only saw one human the whole day :)

$10 entrance fee but you can walk right up to the overlooks from the parking lot. It was a bit too crowded for my liking but beautiful views. The trail was pretty easy. Really cool experience if you have never been here before!

This was a fun day hike! It was a little too crowded for my liking but overall an awesome experience. It is quite a climb up all of the stairs but worth the views and it is nice and easy on the way down.

4 days ago

My dog and I love going for some easy strolls at this park! It can get a little crowded though! Nice views of the river and a lot of activity going on during the summer months.

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