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Hey guys I’m here in Oahu traveling alone and definitely the top of my list is the Haiku stairs preferably getting from the back way to avoid legal issues, anybody interested in joining me this upcoming Sunday the 18th or Monday the 19th? Please get in touch with me IG @juaaaness or my email Juan.sanchezme@gmail.com

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This should be a must for all Americans.
A walk through history surrounded by the beauty of nature in lovely Concord.

If you can break this up into two days do it. We day hiked it, left at 2am and back by 6pm. Super long day. Camped at Alabama Hills on the way out.

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I enjoyed watching the kayaks on the river.
I want to go back and join!
Very lovely.

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A wonderful history lesson surrounded by the beauty of Concord. Where it all began. Very sentimental. It was an honor to walk in the steps of the minute men and I enjoyed all of the detailed signs pointing out everything. Lovely bridge with birds landing and making for a great picture by the lake. Enjoyable! Not difficult at all. Nice flat surfaces mostly.

You’ll definitely loose the trail a bit. Great swimming holes to explore near Ropi.

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Beautiful hike down to the bottom of the canyon! The echo was absolutely amazing. It's a very steep on the way back up and some areas are challenging. Definately worth it!

Great night hike!!i

Great directions to the trailhead. The trail is wider and has a good uphill challenge. There are a lot of offshoots of the main trail so it was hard to stay on track. Nevertheless the hike was beautiful and the shrine was great.. even though I went on a not so clear day.

Very highly recommend this trail as an excursion from Page/Lake Powell or as a pitstop along US-89 between Page, Arizona, and Kanab, Utah. The Wahweap Hoodoos are some of the most beautiful, most otherworldly rock formations I’ve ever seen. I was inspired to check them out after visiting the nearby Toadstool Hoodoos last year and found myself wanting more, as they were cool, but a little underwhelming.

I stopped off at the BLM’s Big Water Visitor Center on the south side of US-89 to get a paper copy of the trail map. They have an iPad there with pictures that they can show you so you can get a feel for the trail and things to look out for before heading out.

It was fairly easy finding parking at the 2WD spot before the dirt road crosses Wahweap Creek—do NOT attempt in a sedan as there is mud and sand. From the 2WD parking lot to the fence was a ~15-20 minute walk. It’s no longer a “hanging” fence as it has been repaired and now there are multiple gates where you just have to lift up metal loops to release the gate and squeeze by. Just make sure to close the gate behind you as you are entering a Wilderness Study Area.

The hike is fairly easy to follow with minimal routefinding required; simply follow the footsteps and head upstream through Wahweap Creek. When I visited over Veterans Day weekend, there was little water flowing in the creek and small patches of mud here and there, but I can imagine during the summer monsoon this will be much heavier.

The hoodoos themselves are on a parcel of the cliffs on the south/western banks of the creek reached ~2 hours into the hike, so stick to that side of the creek. You really can’t miss them as one of the bright white hoodoos is visible halfway through the hike. Make sure to explore the initial hoodoos on the cliffside, the second grouping inside the alcove area, and then the third, most beautiful collection of hoodoos on the other side of the cliffs…just keep walking and you’ll find them.

I met maybe half a dozen other folks doing the hike that day. I started at 11am and was one of the last heading out to the hoodoos.

The hike to the hoodoos took me 2 hours, and I spent ~1 hour exploring them and having lunch I brought with me. The hike back to the car felt much much faster (perhaps it was slightly downhill?) but it was still 2 hours going back, for a total of 5 hours hiking time.

Bring lots of water (2-4 liters depending on the temperature) and a hat/sunscreen. In November I wore long underwear base layers beneath jeans that kept me comfortable, so plan accordingly.

Thank you to many who posted about this hike. I had picked a different hike, woke at 2:00 am. Read your reviews. We woke in the morning and I told my wife ,”Change of plans!! This was by far the best hike we have done ... the bamboo, ponds waterfalls EVERYTHING!! ALL TRAILS best app I have. We live in Vancouver BC use it there all the time. Been to Australia, used it there. Been to Indonesia, Bali and yup!! Used it there In New Zealand, used it to hike Rangitoto Island. We took trails no one else knew about (on that day)
Thank you all keep posting. People read and make decision based on your feed back !!!

Totally worth doing

Great day hike, not too challenging and a nice steady incline. A good amount of snow was on the trail but it was packed down well, no spikes or poles necessary. Saw no other people and the view at the top was incredible. Very cold and windy at the top.

Challenging first accent but the views from the top are worth it

it was great hike.

The gate to get in was blocked and fenced.

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Fun little walk with great views of the lake! Good for all experience levels and ages. There are many areas to pop off the trail and go for a swim if the weather is nice. Some of the trail is poorly marked as well.

Few inches of snow on steep section approaching the ridge. Possible to do without poles and traction, but these would’ve come in handy. Basically glissading down certain sections. Butt kicker with nearly 4000’ in gross total elevation gain.

amazing hiking, even in the winter!

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I luckily had the coordinates in my GPS for the trailhead as there is no service on that part of HWY 88. The trail is incredibly easy to veer off of, but if you love adventure and climbing rocks this is the trail for you. My 5 month old, black lab puppy was loving the rock hopping. The general idea (in case you find yourself off the trail) is go up and over the rock mound/hill. I will admit that I almost called it quits but each time I found the trail. Getting to the lake was absolutely stunning, I wish I could post a photo. I went early in the morning in late October and was the only one there. Will definitely make this trek again! I think I will download the trail map the next time though..

Beautiful, well-maintained trail.

When you get directions from this app for the trail, the location spot leads you right to where you should park. It's a very small gravel pullover. There is no designated parking or signs. You will see a couple large rocks. Once you approach the trail and are facing the river, go left. It's a very short trail, and the first half is fairly easy. Took me 40 minutes to get to the top. It is very rocky on the first half of the trail so be careful. There is some graffiti on the rocks in the beginning and some burned out fires, but it's still a gorgeous hike along the way to the top. There are multiple very pretty waterfalls. Once you use the bridge to cross the river you are almost half way. The second half gets harder and consists of some switchbacks. Once you get to the top you get a 360 degree view. About 180 of it is looking at a ridge, but the other 180 stretches as far as you can see. I have done this a couple times and even for a sunrise and it's absolutely amazing. I recommend this for even beginner hikers. Just take your time on the second half of the trail.

first I must stress , going up the Logging Road is very steep , pretty much straight up the mountain for 2 hours . I was not prepared for this from Reading other reviews and I cannot stress enough that it is very very steep all the way to the top . However ,it was a great hike, pretty views, my friend and I and our two dogs did it in under 4 hours. it was a bit chilly due to the time of year and the wind near the meadow was icy LOL. definitely wear layers this time of year, otherwise it was a good hike in a good day :-)

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I’ve done this hike almost a dozen times, it’s my favorite to bring friends to when they come visit Vegas. The rock scrambling and lack of clear path makes it very dynamic, and the views both during and at the very end are just amazing. There’s a rock I just lay down on at the very end, letting me cloud gaze while getting the best view of the city. Best trail honestly.

Went during leafs weren’t on trails and now much to look at but definitely a tough trip and fun!

Must do for anyone who loves Civil War history like myself. Tons of history markers that gives you a feel of how the battle played out. Great park with a really nice vistors center.

We actually got on this trail because we missed the trail head for the Wave Cave hike. Glad we did. It is great hike with lots of terrific things to see. Went all the way to the top past the needle. Not for the novice but I would go again and recommend highly.

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Pets allowed?

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