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20 days ago

Nice easy trail..

on Faulkner Trail

26 days ago

Nice views of the Woodstock valley on the well maintained switchback trails leading up from Faulkner Park. Last few hundred feet near the South view are more “trail like” and steeper than the switchbacks. Please be aware that the loop trail shown on the map includes a descent on the Precipice trail, a much steeper and much more difficult route, especially for seniors with less flexibility. The Precipice does have a convenient cable hand rail system that makes this scramble a lot easier, but it could present a significant challenge in wetter conditions. If it’s a leisurely stroll to some gorgeous views you’re after, take the switch back (Faulkner Trail) back down.

1 month ago

Great low key hike. Kid friendly!

Hiked Faulkner Trail up to Mount Tom on Earth Day (April 22) and it was a perfect sunny Spring day. Trail is easy to find from Faulkner Park - across from Woodstock Inn there is a covered bridge on Mountain Ave, go over that and across River street to follow the curve to Faulkner Park and then begin the hike on the pavement next to a stone wall. Trail is well marked and the switchbacks make the assent easier. Starts to get a little rocky half way up but the hardest part is close to the top where it gets narrow, a little steep and more technical but that does not go on for long. Nice views. It would be lovely later in the spring and in the fall. You can extend the hike by heading further to the Pogue or any number of other trail options. If just doing the climb to Mount Tom and back probably a few hours at a leisurely pace with stops to enjoy the views.

6 months ago

Nice hike although top was closed so improvised a loop trail.

7 months ago

Just perfect.

Very easy hike.

9 months ago

Took Faulkner up and Precipice down. Faulkner is well-marked, great for novices. Pretty view of the valley from the top. Lots of traffic, including some school groups. Precipice was less trafficked. A bit narrow at points (hence precipice), but not scary or needing special equipment since there is informal railing along the way. A solid, quick, and easily accessible hike.

Couple tough spots for dogs but overall nice

10 months ago

I if you follow directions on the way back you have to go through tough trail. A lot of fun though.

10 months ago

This trail is very entertaining to hike. Lots of interesting spots, and great woods for photography. If I lived in the area I would definitely go again, I bet its amazing in the fall.

nature trips
10 months ago

As an fyi- there are no signs along the dirt road telling you there's a bog. No cell service either, if traveling via google maps. This is the most woodsy bog I've been to so far. The nicest thing were the labels sticking up from the ground identifying ferns, flowers, etc. I went here after hiking Faulkner Trail, and it's a nice place for exploring. Looks very accessible if handicapped, for the boardwalk portion.

A relatively quick hike. Moderate ascent, but evens out. Great spot at the summit for a picnic. Take the Red Pine and Spruce trails back down.

10 months ago

Such a beautiful hike! You park across from the Billings Farm and museum. Then walk towards Rte. 12, cross in the cross walk and that will bring you to the "trailhead". The trail is a small dirt road so it's super kid friendly. There are some beautiful views of fields on the way up, little benches for resting and it's very clearly marked whether you are going to the South Peak (the view down into Woodstock), the pogue or any other off-shoot of a trail. Just a heads up that dogs (and humans) are not permitted to swim in the water.

11 months ago

A great trail with lots of options for duration and difficulty level. It gets a little steep near the peak, but there are handrails. You'll see quite a bit of traffic on a Saturday or Sunday but everyone is friendly and the trails are wide. My dog loved it (there were lots of dogs on the trail), but she really loved the ice cream at the White Cottage Snack Bar down the road.

Beautiful easy walk.

11 months ago

This is a wide smooth trail with little incline for most of it. Great trail for family even with small kids.

Nice loop hike that's easily accessible from downtown Woodstock. Several other trails intersect it if you are looking to hike more than the 2 mile loop depicted here.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

trail running
Saturday, May 20, 2017

It's a great steady climb until the top where you have to slow down because it's steep and a bit rocky!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nice hike up. Switchbacks on the way up until the top section where it gets a little steeper and has some rocks. Great views of the Town of Woodstock at the South Peak.

great view!

Monday, October 03, 2016

very well maintained, and pretty views.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Pretty mountain overlooks views of idyllic little Woodstock, VT.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

absolutely stunning view! A must see.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Nice easy hike. Unfortunately the upper section of the trail was closed due to construction (closed until September 30th) but saw plenty of chipmunks and a red eft newt.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Beautiful view at the top!

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Great little hike. Nice and easy on the way up and a much more interesting trip down. Not so sure I would bring small children down that way, very steep drop offs and only a steel cable to hold you back.

Monday, June 06, 2016

We hiked Prosper Trail to Pogue to North Loop back to Prosper. Well maintained trails. There were some climbs but nothing too difficult.

Monday, May 30, 2016

A combination of carriage roads and foot trails. Didn't have a map with all the trails off the main trail so we were walking in circles at times. The carriage roads are very well maintained and easy to walk on. The foot trails are more of your traditional hiking. Not too many views from the trails we took other than the Pogue. The trails are well marked. Can be as short or as long as you want with the spiderweb of spin off trails.

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