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Awesome hike. Best one I’ve done on the east coast.

The trail condition was somewhat difficult today, the snow was semi hard and the path has been trampled, so hard with snowshoes. Was a beautiful day though and not too windy nor cold ! Long walk from the winter parking to the beginning of the trail. Will try again this summer !

bit muddy and wet. crazy views througout the hike. some tricky rock scramble sections. very well marked.

Nice hike. Hells brook ascent to the Adam's apple and chin was definitely a rigorous but rewarding climb.

conditions : wet + windy + leaves
Trail : loop starting from ccc road @ up maple ridge @ long trail (forehead to chin) @ down sunset ridge
stats : 5h (including breaks) / 12km / 867m
cost : 4$ US per person, they also accept Canadian money.
This is my 4th hike ever (my biggest yet), it was a great personnal challenge.
Great advice from the park ranger : start going up maple ridge in these wet conditions, it would've been very dangerous going down those slippery rock walls.
Very hard on the knees going down such technical terrain, using hiking poles normally help but the ground is so irregular we could use them only near the bottom.

Great, easy hike. It costs $23 per vehicle with one adult and $8 more per adult to go up the road, and the gates at the bottom close at 5PM. Beautiful views, almost all over rocks. If you're afraid of heights the drive may be hard for you as you get closer to the visitors center, and there are parts of the path that may be hard too.

Pretty easy hike. Take the toll road up to the summit and then hike to the chin.
The hike itself was very pretty where you can see the lake Champlain on side and the presidential range on the other side. You are hiking on rocks all the way through, which could get difficult if the rocks are slippery. Overall a great experience. Must do if you are in Stowe. keep in mind that you will need to pay a pretty handsome amount to get on the toll road. Also make sure to get there early since they get full pretty quickly.

Hiked this on 9/2/17 - Saturday. Normally, we don't hike on weekends due to the number of people, but it was a gorgeous day so we took a chance. This is a good, but hard hike. It definitely got the heart pumping. Not a particularly kind trail underfoot, as you have to consistently watch your step. Toward the top, there is some hand over hand, narrow rock scrambling that has to be done about the last 1/3 mile. For those afraid of heights this could be an issue. I can't say it's the worst I've ever been on and I have been known to freeze-up on a high, narrow precipice. Made it to the top and it was well worth the effort! My muscles definitely knew they had been worked the next day. NOW, my complaint. PEOPLE LEASH YOUR DOGS. #1, it is dangerous to others and your dog to have an unleashed animal...i DON'T CARE HOW WELL BEHAVED YOU THINK THEY ARE! #2, IT IS RUDE! NOT EVERYONE IS A DOG FAN having your furry friend who just played in a mud puddle suddenly think I'm their best friend. This does not endear me to you! #3, take water for your pet. Backpackers, rely on that creek water for drinking. Keep your dog out of it. #4, If your dog isn't a "hiker", this is not a trail to start them on. There are some very steep places and some your dog may be afraid to go up or down. Please don't take 15 minutes trying to coax your dog up or down when people are lining up waiting on narrow parts to get by then expect everyone to clap because your dog did a good job! There is a leash rule on this hike. It is for everyone's safety. Please be considerate and obey it. Out of the 10 or so dogs on the trail on this day that we saw only 1 was on leash.

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8 months ago

Great hike and views, though highly trafficked on the Sunset Ridge portion. Would recommend going counter-clockwise, as others have reported.

This was a great hike. Relatively easy if you take the toll road up and go from there to the summit. There are lots of offshoot trails that take you to different places or that you can go out and back on. They can quickly get more difficult if thats what you're looking for. Great views, crowded but not crazy. We would gladly do this one again. Definitely recommend.

I did this loop counterclockwise just like at least two other reviewer's had suggested. It was fantastic. Completely socked in with fog for the first 3 1/2 hours, it finally cleared and the mountains revealed themselves. Next time I'm going to head up the Cliff Trail.

This was a fun little hike with some scrambles, some climbing up and down, and some slippery areas.
Parts of the ridge were quite windy.
We hiked with our 12pound pup whose 10. She was a champ, but I did pick her up a few times because of the wind or jagged climbing areas.
Driving up the toll road was pretty fun, too!

This is probably the most beautiful trail in Vermont. There are views in all directions from the rocky ridge above tree line. The whole trail takes about an 2 hours round trip and the pitch is pretty mellow. If you are looking for an easy hike, avoid the more difficult trails that branch from the Long Trail such as cliff trail. These are very steep and technical. This is also a great trail in winter and it provides access to Stowe's backcountry terrain such as Rock Garden, Profanity Chute and Hourglass (not that these are very gnarly and should only be skied by experts)

The view on this trail was AMAZING! My son and I did this trail in about two hours. My son is a wrestler and in very good shape, me? Well let's just say I could lose 100 lbs, but love hiking. He had to wait on me a few times to catch my breath.

The trail was mostly rocks and well marked. The wild flowers and pine smells were nice. I would definitely recommend this trail to anyone (not afraid of heights)

amazing!!! the way up via sunset ridge is relatively easy, but the way down on the Half way house trail is another story!! Very technical and slippery but the views were incredible!! Loved every minutes of the day!!! I will hike it counterclockwise next time! Happy trails

There's no better view in VT

This is a tough hike that begins at Underhill State Park, which had plenty of parking available for Memorial Day weekend in 2017 and charged $4/person. Because the park has tent camping, there are bathrooms and potable water available at the trailhead. The total time actually hiking was about 6.5 hours, and the actual distance of the hike was about 9.7 miles. GPS systems will calculate the distance as if this area were flat and show a distance of 8.7 miles.

My girlfriend and I did the Mt. Mansfield loop counterclockwise, which is the direction I would recommend because the Maple Ridge Trail is the most technical part of the hike and would be more difficult to do descending than ascending. Two parts of the Maple Ridge Trail stand out as scariest. One is a rock wall that has only limited grips and toe holds, and a fall off that wall would cause serious harm. I took off my backpack for that part and still found it to be scary. I wish they would add some rebar grips or a ladder there. The second part is a chasm about six feet deep that you have to leap over. As with climbing the rock wall, there is no margin for error with this leap. You have to commit and then execute properly. The average adult may find it frightening but will be able to do it safely. I would not recommend it for small children or for anyone with limited mobility. Because of these two challenging sections, I would not recommend this hike in slippery conditions where the rocks would be wet or icy.

The views on the hike are spectacular once you get to the rocky outcrops on the Maple Ridge Trail and will continue to impress on the Long Trail and for most of the descent on the Sunset Ridge Trail. The Sunset Ridge Trail gets much more foot traffic than the Maple Ridge Trail because most hikers from Underhill do an out and back taking the Sunset Ridge Trail toward the peak of Mount Mansfield.

Well kept and indicated! Did do the loop trail, but walked from p2 to taylor lodge for day1, long trail to butler lodge for day2 and back to p2 for day3! Nice little hicking, still had a lot of snow up to butler lodge! The lodge are clean and well done.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Stayed at a lean-to in Underhill State Park and hiked up the next day. It was a challenging hike, but the distance made it doable.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

This short hike was certainly a nice follow up to our disastrous attempt to hike Mt. Madison the day before. A short drive up the road to the Nose and then you take the trail that follows the spine of Mt. Mansfield all the way to the Chin. Great views all the way around. You get a great view of Lake Champlain to the west, and can see all the way back the Presidential Range to the east. This is kid friendly also, an easy hike that follows a bedrock trail for the most part. Got to see some fall color which was nice too.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hiked from Underhill State Park. 8.5 mile strenuous hike. Great views during the hike and at the summit(s). It was near peak foliage and ver beautiful.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

a bit more challenging than I thought it'd be, but totally worth it.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Directions to this trail are completely wrong. Fortunately, ended up on the property of a really cool guy back in the woods in the middle of nowhere that kindly turned me around and gave me directions to Underhill State Park where there are a couple of awesome trails up Mansfield. I'm not sure if this is a coincidence but the path to the trail head at the state park is called Eagle's Cut trail so maybe that is the reason for the confusion. But Seriously don't go bug that guy.

Friday, July 15, 2016

We spent a week Hiking The Green Mountains of VT. This was probably my favorite part.The Cliff Trail is awesome, would be sketchy in rain or snow, lots of scrambles and squeezes. The view from Summit is great.You can hike the long trail up or take Gondola to Cliff trail or even take toll road and hike along summit. Spectacular.Would like to go back and explore West side of the Ridge.Dont recommend a heavy pack on Cliff Trail.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

moderate. great views

Monday, October 12, 2015

Breath taking view! Or maybe that was the hike up lol. I had a wonderful day doing this trail it was unforgettable to say the least.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Great Views! My only suggestion would be to avoid the cliff trail if you are afraid of heights. There a few places where you are climbing up over large rocks that leave you feeling a bit uneasy. Also make sure you pack a lot of water. I know that should go without saying but I passed a few groups that were out of water and I ended up giving away one of my large water bottles.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


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