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8 days ago

We enjoyed the short hike to the falls. Stairs were wet and steep, make sure you have good shoes, TONS of college kids there jumping off the falls, we watched from the pool below, water was perfect, very refreshing

this was my favorite hike all year. the top reminded me of the Himalayas a little bit.

16 days ago

Five Stars for a Moderate. Perfect day and weather for 9/6. Wouldn’t want to do this in the rain or in the Spring when water is flowing heavy down the mountain.

We met a group via Meetup and enjoyed seeing a new trail through someone else's guide. We just followed along on a 12.5 mile hike from Smugglers notch to Sterling pond, Madonna summit and Whitedace summit with a stop at Bear Hollow shelter. Nice hike, we met some cool hikers and then did Camels jump the next day.

My gps clocked it at 2 miles each way. Good little hike, lots of off leash dogs. Took about 2 hours with my pup.

Beautiful and quick hike. About two hours, round trip

21 days ago

Really only for mountain biking. We felt very unsafe hiking here.

Looked great for mountain biking, though!

Quick Intensive hike,

Listened to other reviews and went up Profanity Trail and down Long Trail. It was (for us) the best route given the conditions.

23 days ago

Great 2-3 hr hike depending on your ability. A few areas of steep climbing but worth the gorgeous view at the top of the valley. Start early to avoid the crowd and bring a snack or lunch for a break at the top.

23 days ago

Nice in-town trail but very busy - even on a weekday.

The trail is not as challenging as the description above. Hiking boots or low cuts I agree. You don't have to be in outstanding condition. If you enjoy an aerobic work out once or twice a week you'll enjoy this hike. If you enjoy sitting around on days off find a less demanding trail. I'm in my 70th year in good condition for my age but no where near the condition of an avid hiker or runner as referenced in the description.

27 days ago

Not easy for 65+. Some steep climbs that concerned us regarding return trip so we cut our hike short. Up to that point, really enjoyed the first part.

Short hike, superb waterfall and ultraclear water ! Loved it !

This is a rather strenuous hike I would stay out of it with non athletic people... Not many views over the mountains but nice view over the pond when coming over it.

The recording indicates 9.6km, my GPS was showing over 13km and it felt like it!

This is the perfect hike if you only have 2-3 hours but still want a good workout and great view. The incline is pretty steady throughout; you don’t get too many breaks, and the last half mile is rocky (but we love that). Took some nice panoramic shots at the top. Highly recommend.

If you have the good fortune to do tgis hike in clear weather, the 360 degree views from the top are a stunning display of beauty. This is a demanding hike, with multiple areas requiring solid footing and carefully placed hand grips over steep rock. Do not attempt it in running shoes, tennis shoes etc---the difficulty of this trail requires hiking boots for ankle support and with soles that grip well. Also, on the way back down, be mindful of slippery rocks. Several portions of the trail are wet, and the rocks are wet and slippery here and there...it wouldn't take much to fall if you are not paying attention. With all of that said, if you take your time and bring 4 liters of water per hiker, your reward at the top will be a stunning display in every direction. Strenuous, but amazing! I did it in 2 hours up and two hours down--I'm an avid running and hiking enthusiast and move at a brisk pace. I would add an hour each way to those times if you are not in top-notch physical condition, or are traveling with kids.

Great hike but be aware that it’s a scramble. The person in a group that started in front of us with sandals and a baby in a backpack turned back after five yards. What was she thinking? Much of this hike is a scramble and you don’t want to lose your footing. But it’s fun and rewarding if you are in shape.

This trail does require a bit of patience (it took about 2.5 hours to reach the peak in the wintertime. It was, however, well worth it: you are afforded a great view of the valley (you can see the chin, Mt. Mansfield, in the distance).

1 month ago

Nice hike with some hills and rocks at top. Beautiful views!

Nice trail with some challenging uphill climbs. Heavily trafficked so get there early to avoid large crowds at the summit.

1 month ago

Nice trail with beautiful views at the top. It was crowded though. The summit area is not very large and there were so many people up there that it was difficult to find space to sit and enjoy the view.

An easy light trail down. Didn’t bring a swimming suit but wish I had! I would have gone again if my vacation was longer. Beautiful!

1 month ago

Was a challange for my crew but we made it to the top was so worth it!

Loved this hike. Had my 9 and 11 year old daughters with me. We had a blast. A few tough spots for the girls, but they made it through.

My favorite day hike in Vermont! A relatively short hike, most of this trail isn't very steep. There are 2 or 3 rock "scrambles" along the way, but mostly it's an enjoyable hike for some spectacular views at the summit.
This trail can get very crowded though so try and do it on a weekday or in the winter (even better views!)

Very easy hike down to the falls. Be careful! The last stretch of hike to the falls itself is very steep and requires walking through small streams and unsteady rocks. The waterfall is beautiful. There were some locals that were jumping off of the falls (would not recommend) but swimming in the pools below was a fantastic way to cool off.

1 month ago

Great trail with amazing views at the top. Kinda steep at points but doable if you’re in moderately health and shape. Plenty of kids and elderly were doing it

We really enjoyed this hike! I told my wife this is a “value hike”- You get spectacular views in a short period of time and distance! Of course there is some serious elevation gain, but it’s worth it. There are some great 360 views from the top. One of my favorite hikes in the eastern US.

Touch for a Fiset Trail bot a lot to see. Trail sa ok

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