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A much better approach to this hike would be to begin at either Lincoln or Appalachian Gaps and sticking to the long trail ridge. Hiking up (or down) the ski area is a chore and, as some of the other reviews noted, difficult to route find. It’s also tough on the knees coming down.

The exception to that would be to hike up and down the castlerock troll road which is a nice way up and down from the ridge.

Trail is still there! It’s marked with white dots. Was a bit hard to follow with white dots on white snow. Very quiet and I Got the sense I was the only one who’s been up there in a while. Nice to see the lean-to finished as last time I was up there it was still being built.

14 days ago

Set in the heart of Northfield VT right by Norwich University, it’s a popular hike for town people and for the military college across the street. Not too much flat terrain, but the mountain isn’t ridiculously steep. Lots to see on your way up with the quarry and training field along with the anchor for the old 1980s ski slope at the very top. Definitely a landmark for Northfield, but a huge historical aspect for Norwich University. Easy and fun hike for a family and pets!

11/17/18 definitely challenging with lots of snow!!! Finished in about 5 & half hours... Grateful for Coopers lodge to “warm up”

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21 days ago

Skied from Chase Park to the covered bridge. River and birds beat out the traffic sounds on nearby Rte 108.

21 days ago

Beautiful early snow. Nice place to walk your dogs. Additional trails outside WW boundary

My honey and I weren’t able to walk the entire trail because the wind was a bit much that day. Pristine trail, ideal for walking or biking. Every city/town should have a trail like this! We plan to return with our children and bikes.

Awesone view :)

27 days ago

I Hiked 11-7 it was raining in the early am. Then it turned beautiful. It was Diwali and my wife put Tilak on my far head to help guide my way. I went the easy way and followed the Burrows Trail. A little challenging at the very top. But this is very doable. Fantastic view. Saw like further then I could believe. ONE MAN GATHERS WHAT ANOTHER MAN SPILLS.

I went Monday 11-5 Lots of ice. Then when I got to the white rock trail it was a ton of snow Many of the markings are on the rocks So I could not see them but it seemed pretty obvious as to where you need to go. Very windy at the top but a fantastic view. ONE MAN GATHERS WHAT ANOTHER MAN SPILLS.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail! Near the beginning, trees are labeled with what kind they are, which is fun. The trail follows a river and a rock wall at different parts. I wasn't expecting much incline since it is described as a loop with no view, but it definitely dies have parts that you hike up. There were a few parts that were hard to find the trail with tree markers fading, but I also think it would have been easier if I went a different time of the year - when I went, the ground was covered with fallen leaves.

The view is incredible! Really love this hike and I would recommend it!

Great hike with dog

1 month ago

Great hike with an amazing view. Very popular so the top may be hard to find privacy.

Great hike today!!! Beautiful views!!!

October 25 18 - some snow on the trail which made it a little slippery but doable. Our first time on the trail and it was very well marked with blue paint. Highly recommend driving past the "Trout club private property" signs until the end of the road. There is a public parking lot for the hiking trail.

Absolutely beautiful views. The trail did get challenging about halfway up as we reached the pine forest area. It was rather slippery with ice and snow in the 34 degree weather, and the wind was very strong on the summit. Would do it again in a heartbeat though, wish it wasn’t so cold and could have enjoyed the view a little longer.

As most have pointed out, this hike is very easy for the first 1 1/2 mile. It definitely gets tougher though! The last half mile (as of 10/19) was very icy. It made for a do-able, but challenging ascent to the top. Make sure to dress in layers, as the top of the mountain is significantly colder and has high winds. With all that said...the view is worth it!

1 month ago

A friend and I went on this hike hoping to see pretty foliage but realizing we were a little too late and most leaves were on the ground. She is a more avid hiker than I am, I typically stick to more moderate trails. Looking at the reviews people said it was pretty decent until the very top so I thought I’d go for it. Needless to say this trail kicked my butt, and hers too, but I struggled the most. The last quarter-mile is intense like people say especially now as it’s covered with ice. But even the mile before that is pretty much straight up with lots of rocks, mud and fallen leaves, even some patches of ice. So I think we hit the trail really the latest time in the season before it gets kinda dangerous. You definitely need micro spikes to get up that last quarter mile with all the ice. But overall it was an adventure is hike and Cooper’s lodge with a nice place to stop and rest and even a great place to spend the night if hiking the Appalachian trail.

Nice walk in the fall

Great hike, was windy and snowing-the shelter made for a nice place to get out of the wind to have a snack and a rest before heading back. The trail is well marked and easy to navigate. There were some beginning patches of ice right at the ledge where the ladder is, so tread easy!

Great hike, the last 200 yards I stopped, too steep for the shoes I had and did not want to take a chance on falling. But I will be back to get to the Summit.

1 month ago

Such a great mountain and will always be one of my favorite homes ones! The trail itself is in great shape- and VERY well marked! Thanks ATA for keeping it so nice! A rather steep climb towards the middle- yet the last mile to the top flattens out.

What a great set of trails, I hiked, but am betting these are a blast on a bike! The all intersect and loop together so you can make it as short or as long as you want.

Really nice!!

I went into this hike figuring that the top would be socked in with fog. I won't repeat what everyone else has described about the challenge of the trail. It is accurate. The final climb did have some ice though that added to the challenge. I hunkered down for a snack at the top behind a ledge. Just as I was starting my descent the fog lifted and I was able to get some really neat pictures. Totally worth the effort. My first 4,000 footer.

Great short hike, it is not "easy" if you are just looking to wander in the woods on a semi flat path. There is some elevation gain and there is a steep push at the top to get to the window. It was perfect for someone who is just looking for a quick hike that has a little bit of a work out.

1 month ago

I loved everything minute of this hike, but I would not rate it is easy. It is a continual uphill walk through the woods, over roots and rocks. I felt like I needed to be looking down the entire time to watch my footing. The trail was a very well marked at the bottom and the top, but the middle section less so and I know I got off the trail at some point. Nevertheless, I loved this trail. I walked up the trail, and took the road back down which was beautiful itself but in a different way.

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1 month ago

Excellent fun trail. At times it does get congested but it does ease up. Recommend weekdays as opposed to weekends. The ferry ride is well worth the $4 each way and allows you to visit the island for some good food and ice cream. I understand from the ferry driver that on weekends the line gets very long.

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