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Beautiful trail! Like everyone else mentioned, starts off easy peasy with most of the elevation gained during the last bit which can be a bit challenging. We were blessed with clear blue skies and a gorgeous day to complete this hike up Killington. Highly recommend.

Great trail for dogs. Signage at top is a bit confusing, but when it says “trail” on sign it means the lower loop, where you can find most of the vistas. Trail is very well blazed - Americorps was there that day for upkeep which was helpful. Lots of elevation gains and losses for a good workout. Hopefully they clear some trees for better views next year.

16 days ago

The cascades are pretty as is the overlook. The trail is well maintained and is never super steep. It's a good hike if you're not looking for traditional summit views or gut wrenching vertical gain. The lack of people was also a plus.

I would echo everything Josh S and Emily Gilson wrote. A very beautiful and picturesque hike throughout. Make sure you bring a jacket, plenty of water and bug spray (if you are an insect meal like me). We made it up and down in around 4 hours. I don’t recommend this for small children or dogs with short legs.

Great trail, beautiful waterfall. A couple of the wooden beams on the muddy sections of the trails are rotting/breaking, but overall, not bad!

Un sendero maravilloso con una cascada hermosa. Hay unos tablas de madera en los partes feos del sendero que están rotas y malogradas. Pero, en general es genial!

Wonderful trail. Just wish I had more time to make it up to the top. Got to the 2.7 mile mark, but had to turn around because the trails were still covered in snow and they were getting pretty steep. Plus darkness was creeping up fast once the sun set over the mountain. The first three-fourth of the way up was pretty moderate. No crazy slopes until the last quarter and that was where all the snow and ice were at. I was able to get 2 mile mark in 20 minutes by running. Make sure you allow yourself sometime to go up this mountain. I believe about 2 hours up and 2 hours down should be good enough.

29 days ago

Surprisingly challenging, especially after some big rain. The trail at the bottom of the mountain meanders through the forest and it is an enjoyable stroll. Once the trail turns upward it takes you through varying forest types. Really enjoyable with a small waterfall along the track. The view is limited but the trail is the reward.

Very well marked! Trail was in good condition despite the thunderstorms this week. The Cascades are awesome but unfortunately my view was socked in with mist. Will try it again!

good hike. red rock vista is ok.. trees are getting tall and in the way, same as the north vista. however, the pico view is outstanding. i recorded a quick video of the view.


i hope more people come here and sign in, i would love to see the trail get more funds and some upgrades.

1 month ago

Really fun adventure with a lot of navigation involved. You begin the journey on a series of logging roads, these get more narrow and at times overgrown the farther you go. After the second river crossing you transition into spruces and there’s a couple steep switchbacks. All the directions in the trail description are correct and all the landmarks are still there. I would recommend screenshoting the directions and printing them so you can better navigate the logging roads. You should see two cairns on the switchbacks, ignore the first and begin bushwhacking on the second. The bushwhack begins with open woods with lots of ferns. These get much thicker as you near the summit, if you stick more to the left on the way up there’s a herd path that avoids most of these. The summit has a sign and a canister, which I had no problem opening. There’s a pen and a visitors log inside. If you backtrack to the false summit there’s a ledge with a great view of Killington.

Stunning trail. Definitely worth it.

Great hike and quite challenging. The first 2 miles were a breeze. Then it got steep. Trail was well marked and maintained. Last 1/4 mile after Coopers lodge to the peak was super steep and had large boulders to climb. The hike was worth every step as the views from the peak are amazing! I highly recommend the climb!

A solid loop hike. There are a few nice vistas, but be careful not to pass em by. They're not so obvious.

Definitely a hard hike. Really rocky and super steep at the end. Every bit of 8 miles round trip. Roaring brooks, a waterfall, Coopers Lodge, a cool summit and absolutely amazing views from the top. Fairly challenging and definitely fun.

Awesome views at the top.

As written before, the trail has a dual personality. After around 2.1 miles, you've hiked about 60 percent of the distance but only about 25 percent of the elevation. Once you start climbing, it's a slow grind to the top.

The only views are at the top, so I wouldn't recommend hiking if it's foggy or the top is in the clouds. That would be a long and hard hike not to see anything.

Awesome hike, gorgeous trail. This is well maintained and it being my 1st Vermont hike was impressed by how well maintained the trail was. A very accessible trail head makes the start of the day even better. Well done Vermont. Tent platforms above Cooper Lodge makes it a nice play to say as well.

Loved the hike! My wife and I are always looking for a challenging workout. First 2.2 miles were gently rolling. The next 1.4 miles to Long Trail were strenuous, but enjoyable. It was great looking through the trees to Pico and Ramshead peaks as we gained elevation. Cooper Lodge was neat... never been to it before. The last part of the hike was interesting... steep, but not very long, and plenty of foot holds. Views were fantastic. 360 degree views. Gorgeous.

Great hike!! Not for the weak though! Beautiful views!

The first 2 miles are a stroll through the woods, the next mile and a half to summit is a pretty steep incline. Good workout, did it under 3 hours but didnt spend much time on summit.

Lovely hike on rolling terrain. Would disagree with some others opinions about how difficult the ascent was. Yes, climb was steady but not grueling or too taxing. Scramble at the top wasn’t long enough to get you winded before emerging into an open summit. Good amount of friendly people up there today. Enjoyable hike. 4:05 with stop for waterfall, summit pictures and my hiking partners asthma attack.

Excellent, well-maintained trail with amazing views. I purposely hiked it on a day the gondola was not running, so I had the summit to myself for a (very windy) 5-10 minutes. The first 2 1/4 miles is basically a walk in the woods. The next 1 1/4 mile is a steep climb up to the Long/Appalachian Trails, gaining roughly 1,800 feet. The climb moderates along the short Long Trail stretch, but the final 0.2 miles along the Killington Peak Spur is a near-vertical scramble, the upper part of which is exposed. The round trip took me about 4.5 hours, including half an hour at the summit. 2.5 hours of that was going up, 1.5 hours of THAT in the last 1.8 miles. The round-trip distance as measured by my GPS is 8 miles (4 each way).

This trail was DIFFICULT, not moderate. The last 0.2 miles to the summit is a near-vertical scramble, though it is supposedly possible to avoid this by using a ski trail from the Cooper Shelter. The bypass may make it the upper end of moderate. You will want a jacket for the summit, as it was VERY windy and cool at 4,230 feet even though it was nearly 80 degrees at the base. If one desires, this could be an overnight trip as the Cooper Shelter is close to the summit.

Took us 5 hours, this is including a long break at the mini waterfalls and a long lunch at the top. A walk in the woods for the first half of the trail which was a nice warm-up. The last quarter mile was a steep rock scramble, essentially climbing stairs. The rock scrambles were in the shade which was nice. The bare summit on a clear day made for amazing views. A few other people were at the summit enjoying the weather and view. A quiet, polite, and friendly group. My calves and glutes were very sore the day after. Hiked in trail runners. Be careful on the way down.

3 months ago

Took the carriage trail from Rutland to Proctor. Trail well marked, nice hike 4.8 miles one way. We left a car at both ends of trail.

This was a beautiful trail.
We climbed it on a June morning in pleasant sunshine.
Started relatively flat for the first half then progressively steeper.
The last couple of hundred feet were a rock scramble and was too steep for us (58 & 63) particularly as the peak was by now above the cloud-line, so with no prospect of views and some regrets we turned back.
Rained most of the way back but we still felt elated by the hike.
Definitely recommended.
Aching cheek muscles from smiling so much!
Did not realise there was a cafe at the top. Should have researched better.

Amended to add.... Having done a few more trails now (this was my first) - it is NOT moderate. It is HARD.
Anything as steep as this was in the final stages (a near vertical rock scramble) is HARD (Particularly taking into account the length of the trail - 4 miles each way)
Up until then moderate was a fair rating.

4 months ago

I don’t know how this is rated hard. It’s not difficult and young children can manage it. It’s one of our favorite family hikes. The vistas aren’t spectacular, but hey, it’s the Appalachians not the Rockies.

Very nice trail. The map at the bottom is very clear but if you don't have a copy of it, the signage at the top near the vistas is a little confusing. Our suggestion--bring a map with you or download one onto your phone. Great views 360 degrees of the Rutland area. Strenuous overall. Dog enjoyed it a lot.

4 months ago

Fun hike. The trail was not super well marked and it was difficult to find the start, the geo tag is a bit off. The Falls were really pretty and we thought the view from the top was very cool.

6 months ago

It was a fun winter hike and bushwack as we head towards completion of the 100 highest in New England. Not extremely difficult except for the bushwack. But we are experienced hikers. I highly advise taking the high road to avoid the water crossings.

6 months ago

Really nice trail although we didn't make it to the top. Right now the first half of the hike is mud and ice. The second half has enough snow to use short snowshoes, and most of us just wore microspikes the entire time. Well marked and great for dogs and people. :)

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