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Nice views and picnic spot.

Great hike! Took us about 3.5 with a few stops to pet dogs and climb the watch tower. Great workout and moderate hike!

Great! lots of diferent things to see! the waterfront is amazing.

Many access points and great views along a lot of the way. Cremees(soft serve) at Burlington bay is a great way to end.

Great Hike, not too difficult and very enjoyable! Very windy at the top of the tower but 360 views are great! We had lunch on the grass underneath the chair lift, again great views and very quiet!

My favorite walk close to my apartment for the pups! Always beautiful

Loved it! The view was absolutely amazing! The passing by views were the same. Passed by a babbling Brooke. Would not recommend this trail for small children or dogs because of the steep heights. Make sure you bring flashlights in case you get caught in the dark. Took a partner and I around six hours to finish this track while taking breaks and looking at the views. Overall wonderful!

The first two miles meander uphill with a good mix of flats and climbs. There are two small outlooks before you reach the main summit. The final mile is the hardest on the way up with the steepest sections and is thus the hardest part of the way down. The views from the top of the fire tower are great. For those not comfortable climbing the tower I suggest taking the short spur to the Mt. Road and taking a left to climb up to the ski lift overlook down towards town. I would not recommend this trail for dogs or young kids. Know your ability as it's essentially all uphill.

mountain biking
6 months ago

The Alltrails map is missing a two-mile segment south of Poultny which ends at a slate quarry, and a half mile section north of Castleton College which ends at the Amtrak station on VT 4A. The station has a wonderful cafe/deli offering soups, sandwiches and pastries!

Only a small portion of this trail is highlighted in red on the Alltrails map. The entire trail is shown as dotted blue from Middle Granville to West Rupert, about 10 miles one way. Vermont Route 153 parallels the trail between Rupert and West Pawlet. It is lightly traveled and offers an easier ride with different views.

Not a hike, since it stays flat the whole time. But it's great for biking, running, and walking. Views are spectacular. I went for a run on a Sunday afternoon and it wasn't super crowded -- even parked my car at the mills point parking lot (the one closest to the causeway).

Nice ride, lots of traffic, well marked trail!

road biking
7 months ago

Beautiful place to ride or walk.

Very gradual ascent, great views from the fire tower. Trail is well maintained. Pleasant half day hike.

mountain biking
7 months ago

I started in Castleton off the main road across the street from the Deil / Bakery. The parking by the side of the Deli is for Amtrak trains. You are best off by driving a quarter mile into the college and there is parking by a second trail head. I was informed by locals that you can park any where at the campus, but it is best to park at visitor parking. If in doubt, ask at the main office. The rail trail begins with crushed gravel and quickly turns to a one lane dirt path that is level and fine for hybred bikes with a wider tire. A true mountain bike would be over kill on this trail, not that you could not use one. It is 7 and a half miles to Poulney and the trail is shaded for the most part. Views are obstructed by tress and shubery in some parts. The trail would benefit by mowing the grass and trimming bushes and trees , but there is a lot of room to ride your bike. In poulney, it well worth to take a break and enjoy lunch at a reasonable price. Continuing on toward New York, after about two miles the trail abruptly ends. It is worth hiking up the rock / slab pile for photos of the cliff with the farm house in the fore ground. At this point you are dumped unto a county road with limited shoulders with truck and car traffic traveling about 50 miles per hour. You may be better to travel against traffic at this point. I stopped in Ransonville by Methodist church. A post man told me the local land owners took the land back and that why you are dumped onto the road. Locals also told me to continue onto to Granby ? in New york where the rail trails contintinue is very dangerous on local congested roads with no shoulders and high speed traffic. I peddled back to castleton completing 9 miles each way. An easy, level bike ride well worth doing.

Clearly marked trail. Good balance of switch backs, steep and flat intervals.

Trailhead has parking at base, access is via station rd just over the train tracks, make a left.

If you only want to do one direction and are hiking with a group, someone at Okemo recommended parking 1 car at the base and 1 at the top of Okemo near the fire tower, which is where the trail end.

It starts with a steady climb that levels out and doesn't become difficult until you're about a half mile from the top. It's a very peaceful trail and it's well-marked with blue markers. A bear did come across the path as I was coming down from the top with about 2 miles still to go. It saw me, turned around, and ran off down the path. I would just be careful and be prepared if necessary. Overall - great hike!

Great scenery!

This is not to be missed! Lots of folks enjoying the trail today from toddlers on trikes to pooches on leashes, so be ready to share the road. Views are spectacular- especially the colchester causeway. Mostly flat, detour around miles 5-7 that puts you on a fairly quiet road with bike lanes. Some gravel and dirt areas. Stop by Charlie's boat house right before the bridge for a snack and a great time!

Perfect day hike. In late May the way is very muddy & the black flies are in full force but the air is pleasant. The Summit includes a very steep, high fire tower that must be climbed to really see the views.

First time biking on trail it's great for beginners like myself. Nice gravely grassy trails with nice views.You follow alongside a babbling brook a few miles outside of Granville almost all the way to Rupert.

trail running
9 months ago

Ended up hiking this on the rain. A deluge actually on the way back. But all in all it was a nice hike in late April - snow still at the top. The first mile or so was not kind (just steep) but the rest of the hike wasn't bad.

Lovely!! Cold, windy... but out of the ordinary walk it was. And free!!! (for once!)

I love this Hike❤️

Monday, November 21, 2016

Fun on foot or bike.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Well maintained and safe path. Nice spots for fishing on lake.

mountain biking
Sunday, October 09, 2016

Great, lightly used bike/walking trail. It is not paved, so a hybrid or mountain bike is best suited. Well-maintained gravel and cinders surface. There are two sections, with a break in the middle in Granville, NY where landowners closed the trail, you can ride from Castleton, Vermont to Middle Granville, and pickup the trail again just south of the post office in Middle Granville and ride to West Rupert, Vermont. It is about 21 miles total. Beautiful views, plenty of wildlife to see.

road biking
Sunday, October 02, 2016

Simply beautiful! Great views! I love Vermont!

road biking
Sunday, October 02, 2016

This trail offers a great tour of the waterfront of Burlington. I would say it's a must do for all visiting this great city. I love Vermont.

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