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Beautiful and easy walking trail. We did 6 miles out and back (3 each way). It was a great recovery walk after doing The Long Trail to the Chin the day before.

Did this trail in an hour with 3 kids, and that included 20 mins spent at the fire tower at the top and 5 mins picking blackberries on the way down. Easy trail, mostly rock “stairs.”

Great network of easy hiking trails, perfect for exercising a dog. Enough space to spend hours walking. Beautiful natural setting.

Ummmmm... I had absolutely no clue where the heck it was. The map was super confusing and I was honestly just overall disappointed. I had a good feeling, but I just got lost for a while. Maybe I just didn’t see it, or I didn’t spend enough time looking. I know one thing for certain, though. Wherever it was, it definitely wasn’t obvious where it was. I did nothing but waste my time.

mountain biking
4 days ago

I loved it! The only flaw is that for me I had no idea where to turn around and the constant background noise. Other than that, it was incredible!!!!

5 days ago

If you've got friends or family visiting you in Vermont, Mount Philo is the perfect way to spend a few hours. A very easy mile each way gets you some great views of Lake Champlain and the surrounding areas. Very crowded in the summer, try to hike this one around 5 or 6 pm to catch the setting sun over Lake Champlain.

This trail was not what my son and I would consider easy. It is a steep climb right off the bat, which is discouraging to young beginners. This trail ended up with my son in tears and I had to ride both bikes back down. Not fun! And not easy!

Amazing hike. The gentle climb goes through a variety of sugar lots and old farmlands. The view at the top is incredible. Nice log house at the top identifies the mtn peaks that you can see.

8 days ago

Nice family friendly hike. You can choose to stick to path or follow the paved road both up and down. Offers some beautiful views of Lake Champlain.

It was lovely in the woods, with a couple of nice vistas near the peak of Green Mtn. Continued toward Little Rock Pond, with a few more nice views along the way. Continued along the LT/AT south to complete the loop. Flat and lots of hikers headed out the 1.7 mi to the parking area. A nice hike.

9 days ago

Moderate elevation. Good distance. Gr8 view.

This is the perfect walk with amazing views of Lake Champlain. It’s also a great bike ride, including a paid ferry trip to Chicago next to the Lake Champlain Islands.

Used this trail to get to Hamilton Falls. Great views.
Dam release after heavy rain made it very special.

Did trail after heavy rain which made East and North pretty wet. However views of pond great.Also a great "Boardwalk" that takes you thru a bog with views of a beaver house. Swim at beach after hike makes it very special.

enjoyed hiking here. we met so many people from different age groups. very nice view at the top and relaxing picnic spots. restroom area is also well maintained. in short worth the hike. and perfect for beginners!

This is a well kept, well used path that is easy, accessible and beautiful. What a fabulous activity for Burlington.

This is a must do, whether you’re a local or just visiting. It’s easy, it’s scenic and it’s a fabulous way to see the lake.

beautiful area to take a walk

15 days ago

Perfect hike for beginners. Gives a challenge at the beginning, great view at the top and easy paved road on the way down. I would have preferred a wooded path the entire way but this hike was enjoyable. We passed many of all ages, 3 years to 70s. Some of the younger kids were complaining but our 8 year olds did great. The path was hard packed and steps were available in some areas.

A very enjoyable afternoon hike (about 90 minutes) with plenty to recommend it. We did a loop entering the trail head at Holden's Kiosk to the Pinnacle via Headwaters trail. The trails are very clearly marked and we'll maintained. There are posts along the trail that provide information about the vegetation, topography and interesting history of the area. Of special interest are the numerous stone fences the hiker crosses which were made by homesteaders hundreds of years ago for sheep farming, which is hard to believe given that they appear in the middle of the forest. the view at the pinnacle is quite spectacular.

17 days ago

We hike Mount Philo with our kids a few times a year and it is always a fun adventure!

on Snake Mountain

18 days ago

This is nice trail, but I warn you not to try to follow the loop to the right. The trail is poorly marked and there are many intersecting trails making it impossible to continue the loop. I went back and forth on several trails trying to get back on the loop shown in the alltrails map. I finally gave up and turned back. Luckily the app allowed me to track all my various attempts and get back to where the trail split.

18 days ago

Easy hike, wonderful views!!

This is one of my favorite hikes! Been doing it since I was a little girl. The top is absolutely beautiful in both winter and the summer.

The view from the pinnacle is breathtaking. Cabin at the top for an overnight stay. Will definitely do this one again

20 days ago

Nice main path loop with several side trails interspersed. We took our dogs around the main path and through some of the side trails for a few hours. Lots of mountain bikes to keep an eye out for and a few narrow spots where it was tricky to get off the path and out of their way. But it’s a nice, easy hike with the dogs and we will use these trails again.

Fun and easy hike with great views at the top. I did this in combination with Killington Peak for my NEHH, the trail to Pico is fairy direct but doesn’t gain a lot of elevation, so it’s quite easy, especially compared to hikes in the Whites. As with most trails in Vermont, it was pretty muddy for a couple sections, especially with the recent rains. After the switchbacks you pass a cool cabin with a couple of bunks, as well as lots of thru hikers names carved in the walls. From there the trail climbs quite steeply to the peak, but with no technical sections at all. The summit has great views of Killington and the Southern Green Mountains. If you want to continue on to Killington like I did, it’s just a few easy miles on the Long Trail with virtually no elevation gain until you reach Killington Spur. The peak is spectacular and definitely worth visiting if you want something longer.

great views and an easy hike. picnic area at the top.

Great hike and quite challenging. The first 2 miles were a breeze. Then it got steep. Trail was well marked and maintained. Last 1/4 mile after Coopers lodge to the peak was super steep and had large boulders to climb. The hike was worth every step as the views from the peak are amazing! I highly recommend the climb!

Challenging but beautiful trail with a decent view at the peak. I hiked all the way to the peak with my wife, 11 year old daughter, 4 year old daughter, and 2 year old daughter (in a carrier on my back), if you are out of shape probably should prepare for this hike before attempting. This trail is pretty steep and having excellent cardio is a must. Bring plenty of water and food. Also, unless your children are like mine and do very well with hard hikes I wouldn’t bring your children. Starting at he CCC road it about 2 hours to hike to the peak and about 1-1/2 to get back.


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