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Great hike- wear hiking boots!

Awesome hike. Took 1:15 to hike in, and an hour to hike out. Plus whatever time you spend at the falls. Waterfall is gorgeous. We went right after a good rain, so it was running really well. Go early, or on a weekday if possible... seems like it’s a really popular spot. Moderate rating appropriate. Incline towards falls went on for a while... not just a “walk in the woods”. All four members of my family say “five stars!!!!”

Great hike.

Nice trail, a little heavily traveled, nice water views with waterfalls, good for kids and families.

Hiked to Bourn Pond via the Branch Pond trail from The Kelly Stand Road. Very muddy for a good portion of the hike. Spur leads to Branch Pond before heading into Lye Brook Wilderness. Well kept trail to the pond’s south shore. Relatively flat and easy hike.

This trail is definitely worth the trip! Easy start with a relatively flat forest path that quickly turns into a steep climb over rocks and streams. I would recommend wearing water or durable hiking shoes as your feet are likely to get wet crossing some small streams. The waterfall is stunning!

Poorly marked trail. Got to what we thought was the lookout and saw nothing remarkable, so I too, am guessing we didn’t actually get to the right spot.

Great trail. Lots of variety although the rock slides could be daunting for some. Fabulous falls! At the end of the access road ( which has some fun potholes) on the way back out of the “park” is a clever sign telling you there is a speed bump! Hard to tell with all the potholes...good for a chuckle.

10 days ago

Great trail, well blazed with a fantastic falls at the end.

The view of the falls is definitely well worth the hike.

I know people say they have missed the turnout for Prospect rock. Once you reach the white LT hashes you are there. Directly across from where the LT heads north.

Coming down is a lot faster.

Going up you climb over 750 ft to the falls. Awesome view at the end

The road to the trail is not paved and has very deep holes (so get in an SUV) and you will find a round about to park at. The trailhead is marked by a wooden sign that shows you where to go. You get to hear the waterfalls throughout the walk and sometimes have to walk on rocks to cross streams so wear good grip shoes for that. The trail is well maintained and there is a lookout of the river abt. 5min after the trailhead area. This is fairly flat at the beginning then it gets steeper about .5/1 mile into the hike. The only thing is that about 2 miles into the hike, the area closer to the waterfalls is not very well maintained. the bushes cover the trail so I would make sure you wear long pants and long sleeves so you don't get bugs on you. This area is also steep and you are sometimes walking close to a steep edge. Finally, the waterfalls at the end are beautiful and you actually should go down a little bit (instead of going left to go up near the falls) so that you can then go up but on the lower level of the falls. Oh and while others have claimed this is well marked, it's not really. You're on the blue trail at the start then near the waterfalls you are on the grey trail (no idea what happens in between) but you can't get lost. There is only 1 other trail that crosses path (7 miles) and the divergence in the road tells you the waterfalls is on your right so you can't get lost.

Slightly steep walk up an old road to the look out. We almost missed the sign for Prospect Rock, so be on the look out for it once the trail flattens out a bit.

Absolutely a beautiful hike!! The waterfall end was just amazing!!! One I would Definetly love to do over and over again. Peaceful. Quiet. The sound of the water on the way to and back just relaxing. Nice crisp refreshing water. Love love love this hike!

great hike in and out

24 days ago

Easy hike, very little incline, well marked with beautiful views of the falls. Highly recommend for all ages

Nice hike. The rock backdrop on the falls is beautiful!

Nice short hike with some elevation gain. Make sure you see the sign on the trail on the right to the prospect rock otherwise you might miss it.

The waterfall is great, but the trail between the waterfall and bourne pond is extremely overgrown and in need of maintenance. Also, mosquitoes were pretty bad throughout the hike. However, the pond is quite a nice place to camp.

Great hike did this with the entire family
From 68 years old to 17 years old
Great fun !

1 month ago

Some narrow points along the path, as well as some very steep ones. People who have trouble with heights may not enjoy the final part actually by the falls as it's narrow and very steep at some parts.

Really enjoyed this hike....waterfall very well worth the climb getting there. Climb was steady and never too difficult. Great 2-3 hr hike.

1 month ago

My wife and I and 2 small kids (age 2 and 4) did this hike summer 2018. A few steep passes, kids were in carriers for a good amount of hike. We took 5 hours, but stopped at the falls to play in the pools for 30 mins (parents-advise water shoes) and as well as other very slow trekking due to small kids. Beautiful falls, a lot of fun, tree covered 95% of the way in July made for cool hike despite 90 degree weather.

great view once you get to the to the look out. fairly straight forward trail

Great short day hike. Beautiful trail and waterfall, not much in the way of views of the valley but still very worth the trip

2 months ago

This hike was a bit more difficult than I had imagined, lots of rocks! Wet at the end before the fall. Keep going the view is amazing from the very top! Long hike but worth it. Would say for a more experienced than medium but I also had a 56 yer old climbing with me :)

Completed this loop in two days and we stayed overnight next to Stratton Pond. Branch Pond trail and Lye Brook trail are poorly maintained and have swarms of mosquitoes and flies. Needless to say, bug spray is a must! Lots of fallen trees on the trail and very muddy terrain. Difficult to move fast because of the obstacles and poorly marked in some places. Stratton Pond has very few decent camping spots. Long trail is nice and easy. There was just one view in the beginning of trail before the loop started and after that there was nothing special - just forest and okay lakes. Not impressed.

Sentier assez pénible au début, une route en pierre qui ne cesse pas de monter. De Plus le chemin à prendre était très flou, nous ne somme pas sur d'être aller au bon endroit ou si le sentier continuait. Nous avons croiser d'autres randonneurs aussi perdu que nous.

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