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Rather short. Very steep. Dark not high quality forest.

Great views at the top. Pretty well marked but you have to be aware.

Stay to the left to take the easier trail with switchbacks. Still some hills to power through, but the other trail is much steeper, yet shorter if that's what you prefer. Stunning views at the top, will be back again to visit once more of the leaves change!

9/23/18 Today was just a nice partly cloudy day for us too hike. It was in the 60's. We began the hike at 10:50am.Started on the monroe trail which is slightly steep. Then took Deans trail which was very nice and tranquil, was able to keep a steady pace. Make sure when you see an big open field on the right too go over and look and see the camel's hump from a distance. Spectacular view, an artist and photographers dream!! Then on to long trail where it gradually increases in altitude and also more obstacles to face with roots, rocks, boulders to scale with bare hands and on knees. Some spots slippery and wet on rocks and gravel. Then at the summit was unbelievably great feeling off happiness of this sight. We saw lake Champlain and 3 other mt peaks. The summit had a very neat alpine tundra biome as well.
An excellent hiking experience. Total hours for us was 5hrs 44 min. with 31,608 steps on pedometer. This was our first hike at 4,083ft. Be sure to bring warm clothing or extra shoes just in case. The summit can be windy and cold if it's not in summer season.

Very pretty short hike. Beautiful views from the rocks/cliffs. The "advertised" length is a little deceiving because the walk from the parking lot to the trailhead is as long as the trail. I hope to do this one again.

Great views and amazing trails!

Easy to moderate hike depending on which trail you choose to take up to the viewpoint. Can be done as a loop, which is how we usually do it. Great hike for kids and dogs. Usually not too crowded and nice views of Lake St. Catherine and the surrounding NY and VT mountains. Perfect for a quick hike - takes about 20 minutes to the top from the parking area at a moderate pace.

loved this trail. 2.3 miles of easy going trail but it's all business once you hit long trail north. challenging and scenic. I would not do Deans' for the decent or when wet.

Amazing views. Quite challenging.

Great loop but not to be underestimated. I suggest Monroe to Dean, then Long Trail to the peak- this way most of your scrambling is going up, not down. Note that on the Dean trail, once you have reached the saddle, there is a well marked side trail to the right that leads to a large marshy clearing- to your left is a large rock- the views of Camel's Hump from the top of that rock are outstanding. On the way back, check out the alpine trail, about a third to half way, there is a side trail to the right that leads to a piece of the left wing of a B-52 that crashed into the mountain in the early 60s...

Easy walk with a surprise waterfall in the beginning. Missed the loop turn off so did a few extra loops. But nice and leisurely.

one of the high peaks in VT, she is magnificent

Nice, wide looping trails through an aromatic, shadey cedar forest. Can get mosquito-ey at dusk in mid-summer.

5 months ago

Took the carriage trail from Rutland to Proctor. Trail well marked, nice hike 4.8 miles one way. We left a car at both ends of trail.

Challenging, but doable. The view from the summit is worth it!

Several unmarked trails through a nice forest setting and along along Lake Champlain. Found a calm peaceful spot on the rocks to sit and relax. Gorgeous view of the adirondacks as well

I just love this place which Is close to where I live and is an easy go to for me! Easy trails with beautiful views of Lake Champlain, the Adirondacks, Camels Hump and Mount Philo at look out points. Great for walking, trail running, biking as well as winter activities. Go get it!

Good trails, but most are not marked and there are many trails that divert off the main one. Great views of the lake, both high up on the cliffs and close to the water!!

6 months ago

Nice, easy to moderate hike, with two ways to the top that can be done as a loop. One trail, which heads south from the kiosk, is much easier with switchbacks. The main route is steeper but shorter. The view at the top is very nice, with Lake St, Catherine in the foreground and the southern Adirondacks to the west. There is a platform at the top for camping. Across Endless Brook Road is another trail system for hiking and mountain bike riding maintained by Slate Valley Trails, with some more nice views.

A fine train for snowshoeing. Starts you at the top of the hill so you coast down then have to slog back up. Would be easier to do in reverse. In winter, the access road is marginally plowed and basically single track, so it is moderately treacherous. The trailhead parking lot will be closed so you must park in a passing place on the road. Not ideal.

11 months ago

I was hesitant to hike this in the snow, and didn't quite make the summit due to bad timing on our part, but I'm so glad we did it. The frozen terrain would have been impossible to pass without crampons, but the hike itself is so rewarding. There's a small cemetary at the trail head parking lot you can walk through. Next time I'd like to do the full loop to the summit via Monroe and head down via the Dean/Long Trail. My review of 4 starts is only due to an incomplete hike that day.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Loved it. Took our dog here. Just passing through the area. Lots of doggies on the trail and cool views! Easy peasy.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Monday, October 23, 2017

Awesome views of the lake!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Great place for a quick (or long) walk in the woods!

Friday, September 22, 2017

You can actually hike in a big loop about 3 miles in this natural area. Wonderful trail in early fall, very secluded and quiet with mushrooms and wildflowers galore​.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Love this place. Was my everyday dog walk when we lived in Burlington.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Gorgeous hike, weather can make the few scrambles up and back down a little treacherous; nothing to sweat over though, take your time and enjoy it.

I recommend a detour off Monroe to the Alpine South trail about a mile from the summit. It leads to the peak as well, but has a crashed WW2 fighter wing about 10m off trail that is certainly worth seeing if one has the time!

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