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Panoramic views at the time. Steep climb up and fun run down. Went in September - definitely some wet , mud spots - challenging, but rewarding

Hiked it in rainy conditions but still not that difficult while also not the best negotiating without good boots. View from the top is well worth it and lots of little fun changes of scenery and natural environment. Go Birds.

Hiked this trail a few days ago and there was a LOT of mud but we kept going to the summit. My husband and I have been doing mainly moderate rated hikes during the few months we have been in VT so wanted to try our hand at a Hard rated hike. Some of the moderate hikes we have done were more difficult than this one (Mt.Ascutney for example) but with that said, the last half mile or so to the summit and back down was hard. If you were to go only to the point where there is an open area and you run into the service road for the first time (maybe 2 mile mark) and no further, I would rate this as a true moderate hike. And there is a lovely view at that point. This is also where we could not figure out the next part of the trail ( the blue blaze is to your left on a lone tree in the middle of an open batch) and wasted time going up the service road. Once we got back on track, we entered a lovely forest setting which felt ancient and a bit creepy and that led us to the cabin where we met a young gal into mile 100 of her LT journey. That is where the path goes up to the summit and you hit the service road a few more times before the true summit. In my opinion, the view at the first open area is equally as good but if you are like me and just wanna finish what you started, you will get a good workout that last push. The overall experience-muddy conditions, length of trail, moderate with hard section-resulted in a great hike. I will also add that my husband has lung issues and knee issues but did this hike. But he also had hiking poles, proper footwear and clothing. We saw several folks who had regular footwear turn around because of the mud and because they had no idea what was up ahead. Just keep in mind that this is a ski mountain. You might hear construction on the way up and there will be ski lift equipment at the top. But none of this interferes with the overall experience in my mind. I even enjoyed the mud-especially going down when I no longer cared about getting dirty!

on Thundering Brook Falls

10 days ago

easy and lovely during the fall

Love this app and this place there was a coyote

The trail is muddy, but worth it!

Really easy walk especially if you’re looking to bring small children along. There’s a library, playground and athletic fields nearby as well so it could be a great trip for young families.

This is a very easy short walk, over a well maintained path, to a pleasant waterfall that’s accessible to all.

Very short and easy walk. Perfect for all levels of abilities, even handicap accessible. You wouldn't expect such a gorgeous waterfall view from such a short walk. If you're able to climb up the side of the waterfall, you will find another one further up!

Maybe I’m just super strong (lol) but I’d rate this as more of a moderate than a hard trail. The Appalachian trail part is definitely fairly easy, elevation change is gradual and the forest is beautiful. Lightly trafficked. Cross Rte 4 from the trail head to take AT North and when you get to Willard’s Gap, stay right to keep on the AT. The Deer Leap trail is steeper and more populated, and also... muddy! Hiking poles would come in handy for this section. The overlook is made up of some large rock faces, a great place to rest with amazing views.

This is such a great hike. Today we were in the clouds, yet it was still spectacular. We came down the back which was very steep and fun!!

Great hike...trail was nice and dry! Couldn't imagine doing this when it's wet!
Parked at Pico, hiked up to the top, then took this trail back to Trailhead at Inn at Long Trail...walked back to Pico...7.3 miles.
Hiked with my ski poles, highly recommended!

I met up with a group, not that I planned to, and hiked this near-4 mile loop instead of the shorter 2 mile out and back popularly listed on alltrails. Fantastic hike with moss covered rocks and boulders, mushrooms galore, and a wonderful view. Just take care at the view, as there are no flat boulders to run around on! I would not rate this trail as easy though- due to the steep nature once you go past the overlook and up to the viewless peak, and then steeply back down to the AT trail. Overall a great trail, well maintained and intuitive. Planning to come back for sure.

1 month ago

There is another trail access opposite the listed access here, if coming from Gifford Woods- at Thundering Brook Rd with an obvious trailhead. The trail might add .3 or .4 miles round trip for the journey and has a long boardwalk over beautiful meadows. The falls are beautiful, though difficult to photograph in the early evening due to being bright up top and dark down below. I would suggest an early morning photography shoot or on a very cloudy day.

1 month ago

Challenging climb with plenty of huffing. We just assumed that fellow reviewers were exaggerating when they said it was “steep.” We hiked up e trail with the intention of descending the c trail. However, c trail was closed due to “construction.” We came down a trail, which was so steep that our quads were shaking.

Wonderful views but a strange place as it includes trails and ski runs intermixed. We felt like we were hiking in a park. Watch out for mountain bikers!

this will always be a favorite of mine. it's a good hike. not too long, not too short. the views are awesome at the top.

A little more strenuous than moderate in some sections. The overlook is beautiful....worth the extra .4 miles.

Crossed paths with many people on the way up and down, covering all skills and fitness levels. The reward is the view and an appreciation for a beautiful part of the planet - and so accessible. I rarely hike with a walking stick but chose to on this day - the best decision! I was ever so grateful for the walking stick in the wet conditions on the way down.

Short nature walk with a lot of streams. Good for kids. 60-90 minutes. A quick hop to Kent pond.

Steep hike, but was a good challenge. Great views!

Wow!! This trails gives “a lot of bang for your buck!” It’s the right amount of workout when you need a quick hike!! The view from the overlook is awesome!!

Fun and easy hike with great views at the top. I did this in combination with Killington Peak for my NEHH, the trail to Pico is fairy direct but doesn’t gain a lot of elevation, so it’s quite easy, especially compared to hikes in the Whites. As with most trails in Vermont, it was pretty muddy for a couple sections, especially with the recent rains. After the switchbacks you pass a cool cabin with a couple of bunks, as well as lots of thru hikers names carved in the walls. From there the trail climbs quite steeply to the peak, but with no technical sections at all. The summit has great views of Killington and the Southern Green Mountains. If you want to continue on to Killington like I did, it’s just a few easy miles on the Long Trail with virtually no elevation gain until you reach Killington Spur. The peak is spectacular and definitely worth visiting if you want something longer.

Nice and easy family hike to beautiful falls. My kids had to add to the difficulty and climb to the top of the falls. Just a pretty on the top as the bottom.


Excellent Family trail. Amazing views!

Nice hike. Steep in a few places but never too bad. Overlook rock had a nice vista.

Nice family hike with great views!

Lovely hike, terrific view.

trail running
3 months ago

beautiful view, steep trail

Great view at lookout and like others have said, it’s a cardio workout on the way up till it levels out. We enjoyed it.

Beautiful scenery with minimal effort! As a local I say this is a necessary stop for tourists! Great for all ages

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