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So let me start of by saying that HARD does NOT do this hellbrook trail justice it is Extremely Hard. It is very challenging especially if you haven't hiked in Vermont before be careful. With that being said, the scenery is absolutely beautiful. You have to scamper, bearcrawl, shimmy up rather large boulders/rocks, go thru areas where there is no visible or actual trailmarkers in some areas and then search for the blue markings that lead your way. I made it to the part where you climb up via some metal bars on rocks that you must pull yourself up thru and turned back because it looked to get more and more treacherous. And let me tell you that the hike back down was no joke ☠☠☠. Be very careful because you really have to shimmy down stuff to get back and words cannot describe the sheer gut renching dread you feel in some areas because there's no good way down. Do NOT attempt this trail if it has been raining unless you have the appropriate gear. Be careful and safe and have fun.

7 days ago

Today with the weather; cloudy with mist of rain, felt like walking through a rain forest. Especially with the running down stream of the water. Chilly, but with the trek and hear beating, not bad. At the top, walking"around" the pond was closed. Don't know the season or just today. Still a great trek.

Challenging 1 Mile ascent, but it’s very rewarding. Gorgeous views from up there into the Vermont foliage. Took also the Elephant Trail around the Pond, beautiful!

Not for the faint of heart, you need to use your hands as well. One challenge after another never boring, well worth the effort! We’re definitely do it again.

Loved the hike!! Exhausting but worth ever step! They tell you not to go down but that too was an adventure in itself ! would do it again in a heartbrat!

Was not prepared for how wet this trail was. More of a scramble than a hike in several places and I'm tall with a long steep. Beautiful though. Took about 2 hours round trip with time to stop at the pond and see the ski hill

I'm a native Vermonter, and somehow I'd never done Mansfield via the Hellbrook Trail until today. It is my new favorite ascent, and it is the business. Conditions were damp and foggy, but not rainy. Consider your boots before you start up this trail. I believe that almost anyone who is interested in tackling a "difficult" hiking trail will be physically capable of crushing this trail, but I would not attempt it unless you're confident in your footwear. A few sketchy sections (you'll know when you get to them) might be made less sketchy by stopping to brush mud/leaves/dust from the soles of your boots (or give them the ol' spit-and-rub if they're dry, though that's unlikely around here). The security that you will get from grippy shoes will mean more thrill and less spill (and a spill on parts of this trail could be very bad). Side note: I'm very afraid of heights, and I survived. A little of the old sit-'n-scooch can get you through the worst bits of the descent; there's no shame in it (well, maybe a little, but it's fine). Descending, by the way, is totally doable as long as you take your time, and choose your steps thoughtfully and deliberately. Happy hiking!

Well maintained trail with cutouts for views of Mt. Mansfield. Various terrain but plenty of flat forest floor to break up the few rocky climbs. About 2 hours for us 65 year olds. As expected, rocky and steeper at the top.

Machu Picchu stairway is a hoot. Bravo GMC!

28 days ago

Really great trail, nice views of pond. Lots for “stairs” on way up. Can get crowded.

challenging for some but definitely worth it

Don’t start what you can’t finish. This is no hike up a mountain. Scramble & climb more like it. Lots of upper body. If you are not prepared then you can do some damage to yourself. I was able to complete because I had to. As I first stated. When you start, really not easy to go back. That said it’s not easy going up either. I went alone on a very wet rainy day. Also totally unadvisable. Lots of other fun and safer hikes with great views. Do the pinnacle or hunger. These are way easier with only a few challenges near the top. But safe and doable. ONE MAN GATHERS WHAT ANOTHER MAN SPILLS.

This trail is difficult but worth the work. It’s far less crowded, you get an amazing vantage point to Lake of the Clouds as you ascend, and the view of the Chin from the Adams Apple is out of this world. To avoid the stress of even thinking about going back down Hellbrook, follow the Long Trail off the summit, then left to the Cliff Trail, and take the Stowe gondola down the mountain (it’s free!) you’ll then have a mile walk on the road back to where you parked but after what you’ve already done that’s nothing!

Thought this was going to be the easier of the new england summits to reach but was largely mistaken.

Hellbrook is no joke and when wet it will make you think whyyy?? There are many steep sections that will require a lot climbing maneuvers and putting faith in tree roots and slick rocks to grab onto.

The view was one of the best so it was worth it. We had a storm earlier in the morning so we were in and out of clouds for most of it until a clearing at the top presented some unique views and cloud formations.

Take Long Trail down and you will save some stress.

doing this trail 2x in 3 days really made a difference. what I love about this trail is there is almost as much upper body engagement with pulling yourself up over ledges or if you're short, essentially doing tricep dips to get down. trekking poles, for me, on the accent were useless. it had been days since it rained but it looks like this side of the mountain is always wet and muddy. I took the LT out to the road after Profanity. it's. 75 miles back to the car but worth it. hellbrook is a lot of single pass and on the weekend, there's just too many people. my recommendation, Hellbrook up, the Adams Apple is fun with great views of bear pond, rock climbing up to the chin, then profanity down to the LT and road. I also found LT was a knee-saver if that's a concern and here is where trekking poles are nice to have.

This trail whooped our asses. Not for the faint of heart. Brought the dog along and we will both be sleeping for the next two days. Unbelievable views and well worth it. Thankfully there are great breweries nearby (Idletyme).

Was one of the more difficult trails I’ve went on with my wife but def one of the more fun. Had to pull her up a few places. Seriously worth it for the views throughout. Loved it!

Brutal. Incredibly wet and was not expecting so much American Ninja Warrior in the accent. When just lunging uphillis the easiest part... trail could be better marked in places. While inherently, hiking includes views that those with fears of heights wold anticipate, that climb up the chin from the Adams Apple definitely gave me the flutters. you work hard.. the.. entire.. time.

An epic journey. I hiked this on a whim during a road trip from to New York from Chicago through Canada and Vermont. I saw this one from the side of road I happened to park at overnight and thought, “ooh, a nice shorter hike before I set off!” This Vermont trail is rated “difficult” and it’s not lying - this was perhaps one of the most challenging trails I’ve ever done - it involved a trail with very steep ascent (and descent), lots of rocks to traverse, and sections of steep and treacherous at times bouldering which was made more challenging by the fact that most of it was wet.

I learned a few valuable lessons:
- If a trail is kicking your ass on the way up, you can bet it will hand it to you on the way down. It seems some people go down a different day... which didn’t even occur to me.
- Budget for plenty of time, bring plenty of water, and some snacks to keep up your energy for the way back down - this might take the estimated 2.5 hours... or 5 hours for someone like me.

Honestly, I did this solo and questioned my life choices. It took everything I had to get UP, only to discover the DOWN was going to be MUCH harder. In fact, I considered calling the rangers for help no less than 4 times, fell down 2 steep bouldering sections and gratefully landed in a pool of mud instead of falling off the side of the mountain, and was ultimately grateful not to leave in an ambulance or body bag.

Not for the faint of heart or novice - this will take everything you have and more... but the views will steal your breath away!

This is an excellent hike! Very challenging immediately off the road. Like others said, it feels longer in length than it is due to the steep terrain. Absolutely worth it. Not good for unskilled dogs though because of the large rocks and a few short climbs.

1 month ago

If you don't like crowds, only hike this on a Tuesday when it's raining. The pond is pretty and if you go about 500ft past the pond, you'll be on the side of Smuggs and there are pretty views of Mansfield and the valley.

1 month ago

The views were amazing - totally worth it and I’m already planning my next hike up!

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails to hike in Vermont; probably because my late husband and I first hiked it back in 2004. It is a good couple hour hike up and back down. Worth seeing the pond but hope that it is not getting over hiked.

I originally planned to begin early in the morning but late night drinking caused me to start at 11 (typical). I parked at Sterling Pond Trailhead because I originally planned to Summit at the Chin then hike back across Mountain Rd and finish the day with a swim at Sterling Pond.

I parked at SP then walked down the road to Hell Brook Trailhead. The Hellbrook Trail is pretty taxing compared to the Long Trail (which I came down on). It required some parts of scrambling but after all said and done it'd be fine for most children around 10 or older and I saw an elderly couple (in their 60s it looked like) coming down.

The Hellbrook trail itself felt like it was more like 2 miles than the 1.3 that it says it is. (Maybe this is my pride being hurt from it taking 1hr 15min to get to the Adams Apple.) From the Chin I went down the Long Trail to the Cabin stopped for a minute then hiked all the way down the Long Trail to the road, in which I decided it wasn't the best idea to hike another 6 miles to the pond. So I decided to simply walk back up the road and happily finished the hike after about 4 hours from the time I left my car to when I was back at Sterling Pond Parking Lot.

Hiked this trail today for the first time. The pond is great! We hiked in with my 11 and 7 year olds. It was long for them but they made it. My husband has been coming to Stowe for 25 years and this was the first time he did this hike. We will absolutely do this one again!

This hike is not a joke. From the parking lot to the Adams Apple, get ready for the toughest 1.3 miles you've probably climbed. The first half feels like an unrelenting stair master, and the second half is basically rock climbing (with metal rungs drilled into the rocks to help you). Do Laura Cowle's or Sunset Ridge before attempting this one.
Spectacular views at both the Adams Apple summit and The Chin.

1 month ago

Good day to spend time with the kids. Plenty of climbing & easier than I thought to get back down. still have to be careful though.

Climbing Hellbrook two weeks ago was one of the most amazing hikes I have ever completed. This steep and challenging trail was exactly what I was looking for. Its steep ascent and decent amount of clambering was just the intense workout I needed. I started early in the morning and with the previous day's rain much of the trail was damp and at times slick however I never felt in danger as the trail provides just the right amount of roots and rocks to use as handholds when necessary.

I sweat profusely climbing the ascent in just about two hours and wouldn't have it any other way. I took brief pauses along the way but otherwise kept my body moving at a moderate clip throughout.

Due to intense fog and humidity I can't mention the views overly much but i can say it was satisfying to compare my elevation with the ridge across the mountain pass behind me. It was certainly an encouraging aspect to the climb.

At one point in the trail there are a couple of iron rungs mounted in the rock face for additional hand and foot holds. Never having seen this before on a hike, I found it quite intriguing and a nice little benefit right when I needed it. This also stoked my ego a little l knowing I was climbing a trail that necessitated such an addition.

All in all I couldn't be happier with the hike however it is definitely an intense workout and meant for people who have some experience and are able to conquer any nerves they might have about heights.

great trail great views!

This is a great 2 hour out and back (plus whatever time you spend at the pond). Lots of dogs on the trail. If you do not use the coordinates from AllTrails to find the trailhead BEWARE - Sterling Pond is NOT in Underhill State Park (even though that’s what this page says!) I used my car’s GPS system since I didn’t have phone reception and I ended up at the Mt. Mansfield trailhead after setting Underhill State Park as my destination (both the Mt Mansfield and the Sterling Pond trailheads are on roads called “Mountain Road” so you might think you’re headed in the right direction but you’re not!). It took 30 extra minutes to drive to the Sterling Pond trailhead. If you’re not using the AllTrails Coordinates to get there, make sure you’re taking the road that takes you past Smuggler’s Notch Ski Area.

The hardest I’ve done so far, but absolutely worth every step I took on that steep uphill hike! And of course, what a gorgeous view atop the Chin <3

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