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We hiked this in mid-May, for the most part we did well with the steep inclines but at the very top ice became an issue and we had fun sliding on our butts the way down for a little ways. Not all of the sliding was intentional. All Trails has this rated as hard and it is, several people brought their dogs which made for some entertainment. This Mike is not to be missed if you’re in Vermont.

One of the best hikes ever and I’ve done a lot. Gorgeous drove to trailhead from Stowe. As green as green can be. Wonderful trail, rocks,roots but wide and forgiving. Just lovely and smelled good too. Better than any of the 35 Catskills that’s for sure. Would do this again. Nice view despite gloomy day. Of course rain in last .3. I’m cursed. Did as up and back, not loop.

18 days ago

Amazing hike! Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the top because the trail got crazily snowy and slippery. Yup, even in May. Even with the snow, the hike is very doable if you are in good shape. I'll definitely be back.

Really fun hike. It’s tough and rewarding! Plenty of snow still- I loved having my poles and spikes for comfort but hikers were making it up and down without. On a clear day, the view can’t be beat.

Hiked up yesterday in 100% snow. Conditions were excellent, sunny and low traffic. Trails were well travelled and easy to follow. I think by next weekend it'll be full on mud season though, and not advisable to use the delicate trails.

amazing views!

1 month ago

Hiked it the other weekend. What a great trail. deffinitly recommend a winter hike up it if you haven't!

excellent! Took us 3 hours and had excellent views.

Fantastic views

I was hesitant to hike this in the snow, and didn't quite make the summit due to bad timing on our part, but I'm so glad we did it. The frozen terrain would have been impossible to pass without crampons, but the hike itself is so rewarding. There's a small cemetary at the trail head parking lot you can walk through. Next time I'd like to do the full loop to the summit via Monroe and head down via the Dean/Long Trail. My review of 4 starts is only due to an incomplete hike that day.


Nov 16, 2017

We really enjoyed this hike, the transition from maple forest to evergreen to finally stunted bonsai pines near the summit was exsquiste, the last 3rd was a steep climb. The lower third was a little messy, with creeks flowing through much of the trails despite numerous breakwaters in the trail, the 2nd 3rd was predominatly icy, where these flow had frozen, but with proper traction strap ons this was not an issue, the top 3rd was hard pack snow, with some ice. The summit was crusted ice, with blowing snow, and cloud.

We ascended the Burrows trail intending to descend the forest city trail, we made it to the summit but trail marking for the long trail was poor to non existent on the summit in these conditions. There were no rock cairns to mark the trail that we could see, what blazes there were on the rock (We saw only one) were painted in white, WHITE!!!! Lol.

There were a few white string markers that seemed to lead off a cliff. So in the end we were not able to either discern or proceed along the long trail, and retraced our steps down t (he Burrows trail.

We encountered only one other hiker that day, on the same trail, no other tracks at the summit from other trails at about 1pm. The one fellow we met said that he despite several trips to the summit has yet to figure out what happens to the long trail either... he also retraced his steps.

Our ascent took 2 hours, and the descent 1.5 hours at a relaxed pace. Will try again under different conditions, and maybe build a cairn or tow on the summit if we can crack the code

Starting to get icy near the summit so be mindful. Took about 3 1/2 hours to complete at a fast pace. Very beautiful views at the summit.

Had a blast! Highly recommend.

First time doing Camels Hump on this trail. Did it with an amazing best friend and hiking buddy! It was beautiful, the leaves were exactly the correct level of crunchy and the views were amazing when there were breaks in the clouds. Highly recommend and actually may prefer this trail to the others I have done in the past (see other reviews) on this same mountain. Thanks All Trails Community.

7 months ago

Was not the most strenuous hike, but nearly had us out of breath in some spots. The dean trail was fun, even in the rain. It was like beginner rock climbing. Ninja (my dog) had no trouble jumping over some obstacles. I would not take anyone afraid of heights or a dog that lacks physical ability on the dean trail up to Camels Hump. The dean trail had interesting rock obstacles and overlooks after 3ish miles. The Monroe trail is sort of boring, but a much easier climb up to the peak.

The last mile on the way up is extremely steep! Made it up to summit in about 50 minutes. Amazing, amazing views! Saw a black bear on the summit, about 30 feet away from me. It ran away, but I think it was coming for a huge pile of peanuts someone had littered on the top... beautiful hike!

This would have been an awesome hike without the dog. We made it just a ways up the long trail section before we had to turn around and come back because we were tired of lifting the dog over rocks. Got to be some really great scrambling and beautiful views, but not good with a dog! I should have brought a goat instead...

7 months ago

7 months ago

Beautiful views up at the top. I found the segment between mile 2 and mile 3 of the Monroe trail most difficult, but maybe that's just because I started off too aggressive. Took about 1hr 40 min for me to get up, and judging based on the number of groups that passed me vs the number of groups I passed, I'd say I was about average speed.

For any other non-locals, the Ben & Jerry's factory is only a ~10 min drive away. I unwittingly drove right past it, made for a nice post-hike stop.

8 months ago

Monroe trail is a fantastic hike. My dogs love it. The trail is challenging and the trek down always feels longer than I expect it to. I plan for at least 5 hours. It takes me about 2 hours each way with no stops and I like to stay on the peak for about an hour.

Very great hike with some great views of Mount Mansfield and Lake Champlain! Trail is also very dog friendly.

Incredible sunrise hike! Worth the early morning for the rewarding views of VT

Beautiful views from the summit. Took us around 5 hours, but one of those hours was spent enjoying the summit :)

This was an iconic VT hike! Start early to avoid the crowds and make sure to bring an extra layer for the top since it can be windy. The views above the alpine zone were amazing!

8 months ago

Pretty steep all the way up. The last mile or so splits. We took the more direct but steeper path. I felt like a legend scaling the rock walls above the tree line. Like another reviewer said, you'll earn the beautiful views!

trail running
8 months ago

I took Monroe (blue blazes) to the summit trail (white blazes). It was raining and 50 at the bottom and quite cold when you got higher. Trails were well marked and the terrain was mostly moderate. I wouldn't call this a difficult hike, with the exception of a could small sections of the last .3 miles, which required minor scrambling. Plan for 2 hours to the top or under an hour if you run it.

Beautiful trail. I believe moderately difficult is an accurate description but the views are 100% worth the challenge. We did the burrow trail up and back and it took us three hours. The parking area fills up fast so arrive early.

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