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Decided to catch a sunrise this AM up on camels hump. Took burrows trail up and this was definitely a heart pumper, consistent climbing until the clearing before heading up on the long trail to the summit. Took a bout 1:20 up in the dark! I had to stop short from climbing all the way up to summit because of 40-50mph wind, but the sunrise was absolutely gorgeous with great 360 view.

great hike!
I would say moderate and not hard.
Took us 5 hours in total from the parking lot and back include stops...
Amazing view, wet and a bit slippery forest and impressive pass from the forest to the Rocky summit.
could be better marked tho

9/23/18 Today was just a nice partly cloudy day for us too hike. It was in the 60's. We began the hike at 10:50am.Started on the monroe trail which is slightly steep. Then took Deans trail which was very nice and tranquil, was able to keep a steady pace. Make sure when you see an big open field on the right too go over and look and see the camel's hump from a distance. Spectacular view, an artist and photographers dream!! Then on to long trail where it gradually increases in altitude and also more obstacles to face with roots, rocks, boulders to scale with bare hands and on knees. Some spots slippery and wet on rocks and gravel. Then at the summit was unbelievably great feeling off happiness of this sight. We saw lake Champlain and 3 other mt peaks. The summit had a very neat alpine tundra biome as well.
An excellent hiking experience. Total hours for us was 5hrs 44 min. with 31,608 steps on pedometer. This was our first hike at 4,083ft. Be sure to bring warm clothing or extra shoes just in case. The summit can be windy and cold if it's not in summer season.

Enjoyed this hike. View are great at the top. Not much of a trail run due to boulders but a great workout. Took me 68 minutes both ways.

This is a challenging but rewarding hike. We took the Monroe Trail up and back. There are some rocky and slick spots, particularly after you’re about two miles in. The last .3 miles is very rocky and steep, but doable. It took us about 5 hours total. You cannot beat the 360 views at the top!

Great run/power hike. Challenging in spots. I did read about people being scare of heights should not. On the Monroe trail that shouldn’t be the case. I didn’t experience the other trails.

Great views and amazing trails!

22 days ago

Enjoyed the hike even though we had 20 yards of visibility and the wind was blowing 30-40 mph. Being that this was my first time up Camel's Hump I will have to return to experience the gorgeous views. Parking lot off of camel's hump Rd was packed but trail wasn't overly crowded

The best trail I have hiked in vermont! The trail on the way up is majestic - just incredible. There are a few steep and rocky areas, but the view at the top is incredible. There is room on the top to enjoy lunch and view the incredible scenery. I highly suggest this trail for the adventurous! It is somewhat difficult and steep in areas, so good shoes are a must.

23 days ago

Incredible hike with great views but it comes with some work. I highly recommend the popular loop that combines Dean's Trail, the Long Trail and the Monroe Trail. The crowds were out for Labor Day weekend but certainly not overcrowded. The Long Trail isn't for those who aren't able to climb boulders combined with narrow trails. For a smoother climb, take the Monroe Trail both out and back.

25 days ago

This is a nice hike, definitely got my heart-rate up and a good sweat. The Monroe trail ascends through forest, sometimes with a decent pitch but often leveling off to allow you to catch your breath. It is consistently rocky requiring constant vigilance - and the rock can be slippery even if not wet. We were surprised to find a fair bit of water in the trail on the mid to upper part even after a dry spell. You only get views during the final ascent to the summit up the steep rocky section after the end of the Monroe. We are in our late 50’s/early 60’s in good physical shape but this was our first climb of the summer and it took us a solid 4.5 hour round trip with 15+ minute stops on the way up for lunch and at the summit. It was almost 2 full hours to get down surprisingly as we were cautious moving down the rocks. We were both tired and sore but felt good about summiting.

loved this trail. 2.3 miles of easy going trail but it's all business once you hit long trail north. challenging and scenic. I would not do Deans' for the decent or when wet.

Amazing views. Quite challenging.

Harder than expected, but that could have been because I was pregnant! More rugged than the Monroe trail.

Great loop but not to be underestimated. I suggest Monroe to Dean, then Long Trail to the peak- this way most of your scrambling is going up, not down. Note that on the Dean trail, once you have reached the saddle, there is a well marked side trail to the right that leads to a large marshy clearing- to your left is a large rock- the views of Camel's Hump from the top of that rock are outstanding. On the way back, check out the alpine trail, about a third to half way, there is a side trail to the right that leads to a piece of the left wing of a B-52 that crashed into the mountain in the early 60s...

29 days ago

Challenging trail but very worth the effort!

1 month ago

Beautiful 359 degree views.

1 month ago

Great hike!!

1 month ago

Took Burrows to the Long Trail to the summit. Had a 3 y/o & a 16 m/o in backpacks plus a dog...was tough, but very do-able. Views at the top are amazing 360° & worth any pains of climbing up/traversing down.

Fun until I saw a bear! I ran

1 month ago

Great hike, I really enjoyed it. We went up the long trail, which was steep in places & there was some scrambling. I rather enjoyed this as I love climbing and haven’t been for a while. The views on the way up are stunning and the summit views are incredible. We didn’t stay up for long as there was a storm due. Highly recommended!!

One of my favorite hikes! Challenging but well worth the effort once you reach the summit.

on Camel's Hump Trail

1 month ago

New hikers. we couldnt do the hike till the summit but the route was fun and scenic. met people from all age groups and enjoyed conversations.

one of the high peaks in VT, she is magnificent

1 month ago

Great intermediate hike! My Garmin GPS unit said the parking lot elevation was 1615’ so total elevation gain was 2466’. Loved it.

It was awesome experience

Considering I’m 63, have two hip replacements, a knee replacement, and most of my back is fused, I’m darn impressed with myself for doing this one. So worth the sweat for views, on the way up and down, and at the summit. Very safe and well maintained trail.

1 month ago

A classic!

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