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6 days ago

Great trail saw a beautiful Owl

10 days ago

Well marked, great hike, nice environment . All the people that use the trails are very friendly. An excellent multi recreational area.

Great loop, did not see another soul on a cloudy but peaceful day. The overlooks off the beaten path are worth a detour off the carriage trails. The pond and spring pastures are beautiful. Great 4-5 mile hike.

1 month ago

Good workout, great with dogs. The trails are intended for mountain bikers, but hikers/walkers r welcome too. Park at the Shaw Outdoor Center, check out the trail map on the north side of the center and pick a trail. I enjoy the Blue Trail the most, wider so easier to step aside for any bikers. Bring your water, you’ll need it as it’s a steep climb that switchbacks up the mountain. Many lookouts along the way and good pausing spots. Nice short local trail system.

Not much of a trail. Just a walk on a dirt road

1 month ago

super beautiful. if you take the left side first it's a bit tricky with navigation of the trails, but completely worth it. the pond is incredible, a wonderful 4+ mile trail run. be sure to check out the raptor refuge nature center VIN, on your way in, or after your hike, it's filled with Hawks Owls and Eagles.

trail running
2 months ago

Not much for “vistas”, but it was a cool and shady trail for a run. The trail is not well used, making the footing dicey on the steeps. A nice diversion from pavement

Very nice wide , well maintained trail , not too busy !
Great pond for clean dog swimming .
Dogs are “ supposed “ to be on a leash but we only leashed ours when people came. We walked a big loop and it took about 2 h

Excellent trails, pretty busy but wide paths. Great place to take dogs walking!

Nice easy trail..

Fun hike, was looking forward to a nice view from the top but turns out you really cant see a thing unless we missed something? Good workout nonetheless.

Great low key hike. Kid friendly!

Hiked Faulkner Trail up to Mount Tom on Earth Day (April 22) and it was a perfect sunny Spring day. Trail is easy to find from Faulkner Park - across from Woodstock Inn there is a covered bridge on Mountain Ave, go over that and across River street to follow the curve to Faulkner Park and then begin the hike on the pavement next to a stone wall. Trail is well marked and the switchbacks make the assent easier. Starts to get a little rocky half way up but the hardest part is close to the top where it gets narrow, a little steep and more technical but that does not go on for long. Nice views. It would be lovely later in the spring and in the fall. You can extend the hike by heading further to the Pogue or any number of other trail options. If just doing the climb to Mount Tom and back probably a few hours at a leisurely pace with stops to enjoy the views.

8 months ago

great little walk in the woods. it was quiet when we visited so we let the dogs run off leash.

parking is at the shaw outdoor center.

besides the main trail to the summit there are lots of side trails that are grey for running, walking, mountain biking, skiing or snowshoeing. you can't really get lost, though, just gon downhill and you'll end up at the outdoor center again.

9 months ago

This trail has some nice views of emerald lake and great forest walking. I liked it for a quick trail run but You can hear and see the road at the vista points. It takes about an hour.

The reward for walking to the top of the hill is the pond where you can stroll completely around the water and enjoy the mirrored reflections. Return the way you entered.

10 months ago

Went here to stretch my legs during a long car ride. I would say it's on the easier side of moderate with a very gradual incline. Views at the top were nice but not stunning. The trail was not well marked/not marked at alll. Also it looked like ATV utilize the trail a lot, which I personally don't like given the pup was running around

10 months ago

Nice! We first took this path, right at the fork. Then went back and took the other trail, left at the fork. Beautiful view at the end. Lake Champlain to the left and Kings Bay to the right. Both trails are unpaved. We didn't see anyone else asking the way. The views were a nice surprise.

Only a small portion of this trail is highlighted in red on the Alltrails map. The entire trail is shown as dotted blue from Middle Granville to West Rupert, about 10 miles one way. Vermont Route 153 parallels the trail between Rupert and West Pawlet. It is lightly traveled and offers an easier ride with different views.

From Prosper Rd past the Pogue to Marsh Billings estate. 2 hours. Easy gravel path to a moderate trail. Very nice and ends on the estate which is beautiful. I recommend picking up the Marsh Billings trail map at the Prosper Rd parking area or on the estate, as there are a network of trails in this park so you don't need to stick to the prescribed trail map.

11 months ago

I do plan to come back in the fall, I think there will be a better view at the top. As the other reviewers have mentioned, this is a buggy trail. Its also an atv trail so watch out. There are no sign markers and we ended up going into some guys property at first. He was kind and told us to bear left when coming from the bottom instead of going straight up. My favorite part was going through a beautiful field that another property owner has graciously allowed trail hikers passage.There are picnic tables and some views here. This is about two thirds up to the top. The top is worth it for sure. There is something very special about the Springfield area.

11 months ago

Nice little hour or so hike. We were at Emerald Lake camping, so it was a nice afternoon relaxing hike.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We hiked this trail today, indeed it was buggy and muddy at the bottom but drier and lovelier as we went up. The hike is unmarked, so our GPS came in very handy. Lots of frogs of various sizes in the puddles along the way, the kids found that very entertaining.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Great dirt road and trail combination hiking! Beautiful scenery. Pinnacle trail down to base rocky, narrow and great challenge as we train with packs for LT.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Such a beautiful hike! You park across from the Billings Farm and museum. Then walk towards Rte. 12, cross in the cross walk and that will bring you to the "trailhead". The trail is a small dirt road so it's super kid friendly. There are some beautiful views of fields on the way up, little benches for resting and it's very clearly marked whether you are going to the South Peak (the view down into Woodstock), the pogue or any other off-shoot of a trail. Just a heads up that dogs (and humans) are not permitted to swim in the water.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A great trail with lots of options for duration and difficulty level. It gets a little steep near the peak, but there are handrails. You'll see quite a bit of traffic on a Saturday or Sunday but everyone is friendly and the trails are wide. My dog loved it (there were lots of dogs on the trail), but she really loved the ice cream at the White Cottage Snack Bar down the road.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Started at the Faulkner Trail and then linked Mount Tom Road to the Pogue. Amazingly beautiful! We took the Mountain Road back to the Visitors Center and clocked just under six miles. Highly recommend this hike.

mountain biking
Saturday, May 27, 2017

First time biking on trail it's great for beginners like myself. Nice gravely grassy trails with nice views.You follow alongside a babbling brook a few miles outside of Granville almost all the way to Rupert.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

I noticed this had only one review so I decided I'd add my two cents. This is one of my favorites little hikes. Downside is it can be muddy and it can be buggy. Not sure why the description says it features a river. At best there is a small brook that runs beside the trail for a ways. At one spot it has been dammed up by beavers to make a very small pond (more like a large swamp). Sometimes in early spring/mud season the trail can become impassable here as the brook that flows out of the "pond" overtakes the road. The top of mount Ephraim is the highest point in Springfield and offers a great view on a clear day when the leaves are off the trees.

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