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Super hard, super gorgeous at the top!

went end of may... spectacular view at the chin. worth the long trek and deffinitly worth making the loop. profanity trail was covered in deep snow, so watch out going down after winter time into.

fun hike with some partial views of Monadnock.

Appropriately named; not a weekend warrior hike. This one is for two kinds of people; bare-chested freedom fighters or twelve year olds in Barbie shoes. Had two pretty good falls on the way down but managed to land in the fluffiest moss on this god given earth. Difficult hike, the real warriors take the Hellbrook trail on the way down, don’t be that guy doing the walk of shame on the road.

This trail is hard in all the right ways! Based on the signs we saw, from ground to summit is actually 3.6 -3.8 miles and takes about 3.5 hours. There are some fun features to explore along the way- big boulders, beautiful views, outcrops, and streams. Worth every drop of sweat.

I have always loved this hike. I have taken many people up for the first time, including Raven our Siberian Husky Mix. She loved the hike and met many dog friends along the way. We also go to see a lot of birds and small animals. The hike is well worth it! I’m going to take my uncles kids up very soon!

25 days ago

Great half day hike! Fairly easy and moderate slopes. Nice little ponds that are surprisingly warm, with lots of little fish, salamanders, and frogs. Not a particularly rocky trail, and some nice wildlife signs. The out and back to the gulch is easy and worth it.

28 days ago

Easy walk, beautiful views.

1 month ago

Nice walk in the woods and fields near Lake Champlain and its tributary, the Poultney River. Generally easy with some moderate climbing and rocky terrain. There are no views at the top, to get views either take Tim’s Trail in the same preserve or bushwack off trail to Bald Mountain to the north.

Contrary to what it says, dogs are allowed on this trail. My Pomeranian found it a lot less challenging than us huffing-and-puffing humans did! However, there were a few near-vertical climbs she needed to be carried up, and some of the pup-kour she was doing nearly gave me a heart attack. If you do choose to bring a dog, be prepared -- they must be physically fit, confident climbers, and wearing a harness you can lift them by. Couch-potato dogs should stay home or risk serious injury or lameness.

I climbed this solo and regretted that choice. Surely this is a trail meant for company for safety’s sake. I climbed it in the rain and had very few views. This was challenging and rewarding even without the views. Do yourself a favor and add some squats and lunges to your prep leading up to this.

This is my favorite trail I have done. my previous favorite was Franconia. This however is not for the faint of heart. In saying that I am not a wildly experienced hiker and had knee surgery 5 months ago so its doable for most.

It rained a bunch yesterday so the trail was slick, but that made it more fun. This trail starts out strong from the beginning and doesn't let up until you are back at your car. At the beginning you see that it will be steep and get a great view of the water and as you move up a bit a beautiful waterfall. The early stages are fun climbing up rocks and branches. It's steep and possibly the most tiring part of the journey. There a big rocks and caves, but the fun is just beginning. As you move higher it gets harder to climb and there will be points where if you call it wouldn't be good. The steepest climbs I have ever done. It was a blast though.

Our path was up hellbrook then up and over the Adams apple where we met up with the long trail to the chin. This part getting up to the chin was insane. Your climbing straight up and if you fall you are donezo. We went over the chin, checked out a bit of sunset ridge then down the profanity trail to the hellbrook cutover. The cut over was the worst part of the whole thing. There was still some snow on top of rocks and we were worried we would fall through it. This part of the trip was far less traversed and a pain. The way down with all the water made it very slippery, but we went slow and made it with no problems.

I could not recommend this trail more and it was so rewarding when you finally finished.

1 month ago

The trail is closed part way through due to flooding.

When you see hell and profanity on the map you know it’ll be a great hike. Starts off steep and leads to rewarding views all along Mt. Mansfield. It started raining when we were at the top so we took the Gondola down-I wouldn’t want to go back down in a downpour. The way to the Gondola was intense enough.

This is a sweet spot with easy trails and beautiful views.

2 months ago

Some parts still snowy, but the loop is such a fun hike!

2 months ago

Moderate incline, nice spot, pretty secluded, no views.

Very nice hike, beautiful view at the top.
Steep but doable. At this time of the year it was hard to find a fairly dry trail and was great.

Nice easy hike, great view from the top

3 months ago

Beautiful location. Great for a quick hike. Trails are well maintained and clean.

Unfortunately when I went there was lots of trash at the parking area. I tried to pick up some.

I dont live in the area but would return often if I did.

Poorly marked for hiking in the snow, overall pretty challenging hike, but totally worth it at the top.

The hike begins with an easy stroll on a picturesque dirt road. After about half of a mile you turn left onto the trail, which descends towards a stream. After crossing the stream, the trail begins a moderate ascent. It goes through the open col between Haystack and Middle Mountains, then swings left to steeply ascend the pinnacle of Haystack. Great views from the summit of the Mettawee Valley, as well as pastoral New York and Vermont.

Been to quite a few nature viewing spots throughout New York and Vermont and the view from the top of this fairly easy hike is unbeaten. we arrived at 430 pm and reached the summit at 540, we are not the most experienced hikers by any means but the whole hike up and back took about 2 hours, however we rushed back down to beat the darkness and only stayed on the summit for a few minutes. House towards the beginning of the trail has aggressive dogs who chased us down the road after dark once we got closer to the car, owner was outside and heard me screaming at the dogs to go away and did absolutely nothing, couldn't care less, which is sad considering it is legal to carry a registered side arm while hiking, and had I had one I would of likely drawn and fired a warning shot, that's how aggressive these dogs were towards us, chasing us down the road. Would DEFINITELY recommend having some protection because those dogs are nasty and unpredictable and the owners dont care. I shouted towards the house to call of there dogs, only half expecting a reply, and was met with a "F*ck you a*shole" shouted back. we were very nervous, for they were big dogs and it was pretty much pitch black at the time, so we continued with our light aiming behind us watching the dog that had come onto the road to chase us. he would start running at us and I would stop and scream as loud as I could and he'd stop for a second then continue at us. It was to the point I had my pocket knife out and constantly had to watch the dog, turning to scream at it to go away multiple times since it kept running after us, no way owners didn't hear me. They must think they own the trail because of their location. But other than that it was a great experience.

great loop trail...great workout

I hiked the LT last summer with my best friend from end to end , so returning to the gulch in the winter gave me a chance to reflect back on the hike from the glen birch shelter through the gulch to belvideere Mountain. It was all it was the first time but with awesome winter views of the the gulch covered in ice and snow and the ponds coming in on the LT and returning to the parking lot via the Babcock trail. Highly recommend for a nice day hike with a little bit for everyone, lots of wildlife and views for some great pics.

Great place it’s beautiful there and views are amazing

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