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The hike begins with an easy stroll on a picturesque dirt road. After about half of a mile you turn left onto the trail, which descends towards a stream. After crossing the stream, the trail begins a moderate ascent. It goes through the open col between Haystack and Middle Mountains, then swings left to steeply ascend the pinnacle of Haystack. Great views from the summit of the Mettawee Valley, as well as pastoral New York and Vermont.

Been to quite a few nature viewing spots throughout New York and Vermont and the view from the top of this fairly easy hike is unbeaten. we arrived at 430 pm and reached the summit at 540, we are not the most experienced hikers by any means but the whole hike up and back took about 2 hours, however we rushed back down to beat the darkness and only stayed on the summit for a few minutes. House towards the beginning of the trail has aggressive dogs who chased us down the road after dark once we got closer to the car, owner was outside and heard me screaming at the dogs to go away and did absolutely nothing, couldn't care less, which is sad considering it is legal to carry a registered side arm while hiking, and had I had one I would of likely drawn and fired a warning shot, that's how aggressive these dogs were towards us, chasing us down the road. Would DEFINITELY recommend having some protection because those dogs are nasty and unpredictable and the owners dont care. I shouted towards the house to call of there dogs, only half expecting a reply, and was met with a "F*ck you a*shole" shouted back. we were very nervous, for they were big dogs and it was pretty much pitch black at the time, so we continued with our light aiming behind us watching the dog that had come onto the road to chase us. he would start running at us and I would stop and scream as loud as I could and he'd stop for a second then continue at us. It was to the point I had my pocket knife out and constantly had to watch the dog, turning to scream at it to go away multiple times since it kept running after us, no way owners didn't hear me. They must think they own the trail because of their location. But other than that it was a great experience.

great loop trail...great workout

I hiked the LT last summer with my best friend from end to end , so returning to the gulch in the winter gave me a chance to reflect back on the hike from the glen birch shelter through the gulch to belvideere Mountain. It was all it was the first time but with awesome winter views of the the gulch covered in ice and snow and the ponds coming in on the LT and returning to the parking lot via the Babcock trail. Highly recommend for a nice day hike with a little bit for everyone, lots of wildlife and views for some great pics.

Great place it’s beautiful there and views are amazing

The first half mile will really test your legs. Very steep, challenging, yet exhilarating! After you reach the vista, you are treated to scenes out of a fantasy movie. Be sure to check out the panoramic view just behind the summit sign!

This is a tough climb and a tougher descent. Beautiful views

Very nice trail.

We had perfect conditions and a nice fall day . This was what you would expect for a moderate trail. Fairly well marked, stunning 360’ view from the top!!

Such a rewarding hike! Amazing views at the top

There is a reason it has the word hell in the name!Hardest trail in Vermont! Need good footwear and start early in the day. Many stops made due to the 90 degree day and no cloud cover. The trail connects into long trail at the Adam's apple cutoff.

Not too strenuous. Short hike to good views.

6 months ago

Not sure what all the fuzz is about. Walked on this trail it was very short and muddy. When I reach the end it stank like dead fish. Yes I mean STANK. No grand views no interesting spots. There are much better trails with actual lookout sites. Nothing to see here.

Great hike. Definitely moderate
Summit was beautiful. I did the hike with my 11yr old twins and dog

Good workout and a fast way to the summit of Mansfield. I wouldn't recommend bringing dogs as there are a lot of steep parts and large rocks to maneuver around. It can be done but you might be giving the dog a boost in certain spots.

not well marked but all in all good hike. summit has a breathtaking view.

Well marked trail with a steep incline in the beginning, strenous but not too hard. Great views and dog approved! Good trail for a dog used to trails and has some listening skills and is conditioned a little.

nature trips
7 months ago

As an fyi- there are no signs along the dirt road telling you there's a bog. No cell service either, if traveling via google maps. This is the most woodsy bog I've been to so far. The nicest thing were the labels sticking up from the ground identifying ferns, flowers, etc. I went here after hiking Faulkner Trail, and it's a nice place for exploring. Looks very accessible if handicapped, for the boardwalk portion.

Very challenging but really cool hike! The climb up was exhausting but the views at the top were worth it. The round trip took five and a half hours for my girlfriend and I - not experienced hikers but in good shape. Not sure how other people managed it in 1.5 hours! Avoid going if it's raining, there are lots of steep rock scrambles that would be very tricky if they were wet.

This hike should be labeled easy compared to the many hikes labeled moderate and rightly so. A great place to take in sunsets and moonrises.

Please be sure to see the comment below from Anthony Scott. There are TWO different trails that people are reviewing here. The trail that leaves from Rice Farm Rd. at the West River is steep with some rocks and roots. Small children will find this a tough climb. I'd say most 3rd graders would handle it, depnding on the amount of exertion they are willing to undertake. I had some middle schoolers who were not willing to finish it.
The second trail that people are describing here, thinking it is the only one, leaves from the trailhead on Black Mtn. Road. There is a rail fence and entry there. That trail goes to a separate peak. The trail is wide, ascends very gradually, is well-groomed, and leads to very nice views....much better than on the peak farther to the northwest.
If you have a family and prefer a shorter, gradual climb with good views, THIS is the one you want.
Of course, as Anthony said, you could just do the whole loop!

Great trail for a 1.5 hour hard hike. We went for sunrise and hiked the trail at 3 am. I highly suggest doing this! The chin (viewpoint top) was incredible. Very worth it!

A short but challenging hike. My personal favorite trail in the area. The view alone is worth the effort to get to the top!

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