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Decided to catch a sunrise this AM up on camels hump. Took burrows trail up and this was definitely a heart pumper, consistent climbing until the clearing before heading up on the long trail to the summit. Took a bout 1:20 up in the dark! I had to stop short from climbing all the way up to summit because of 40-50mph wind, but the sunrise was absolutely gorgeous with great 360 view.

great hike!
I would say moderate and not hard.
Took us 5 hours in total from the parking lot and back include stops...
Amazing view, wet and a bit slippery forest and impressive pass from the forest to the Rocky summit.
could be better marked tho

1 day ago

An easy 1 mile each way hike that I could do with my toddler on my back. Beautiful views of the lake and Adirondacks. The only complaint is that it was extremely crowded, but we were expecting that since we went on a beautiful fall Sunday so no big deal.

Well kept with all the traffic back and forth. Great scenery from the Green Mountain.

8 days ago

always a favorite. firetower trail up, Ridgeline down. pretty easy with a ton of switchbacks and not too steep. views are amazing for the work. I've done this trail a bunch and it's never crowded.

Enjoyed this hike. View are great at the top. Not much of a trail run due to boulders but a great workout. Took me 68 minutes both ways.

Decided to tackle another of the highest peaks of the state, this time in Vermont. Another 3.5 hour drive from home and same back. Decided to go up the lesser traveled route, Halfway House. Glad I chose that, saw 4 people as they were coming down but nobody else. Mile to the long trail but seemed longer. I'm not the fastest hiker out there so didn't want to have to move aside a lot. Another mile to the meetup with Sunset Ridge then up to the chin. A fair amount of rock jumping as you get closer to the final climb but nothing crazy. Halfway House wasn't all that bad in regards to actual climbing, just took time. The top was a little busy not that bad for a Sunday. One thing to keep in mind, as I knew where I was going, I met a couple who weren't sure and almost took the Sunset Ridge to go down which would have taken them down to the wrong side of the mountain. I got them straightened out, just glad I could help. Now the fun starts, heading down. I knew before I started I would go up HH and down Sunset. I just didn't think Sunset Ridge was as tough as I went through going down. I read somewhere that from easy to hard on this side was SR then HH then LC. From going up HH, I think SR is about the same really. Took a couple hours and had a constant thigh burn going but didn't want to stop because I knew I wouldn't want to get up :). Got to Cantilever trail and didn't have the strength to go out and back, maybe another year. As they say, doesn't matter how far or how fast you go, just that you go somewhere. It's always a few steps at a time for me, not bad for an overweight mid 50's guy. Enjoy yourselves!

This is a challenging but rewarding hike. We took the Monroe Trail up and back. There are some rocky and slick spots, particularly after you’re about two miles in. The last .3 miles is very rocky and steep, but doable. It took us about 5 hours total. You cannot beat the 360 views at the top!

Not to steep, perfect for us! Best hike I have been on in my life!

This park is ONLY open to Essex VT residents with a valid Indian Brook Park Pass! But here’s a little secret- there is no park employee at the entrance to check passes in the late fall through early spring- so if you’re not an Essex resident you’re out of luck for the summer but......
Posted signs say Dogs are allowed OFF leash here as long as they are in voice control. They only have to be leashed in parking lots and in the picnic area.
Lots of other trails besides main loop around the lake- worth checking out. Great for snowshoeing and x-country skiing in the winter.

Great run/power hike. Challenging in spots. I did read about people being scare of heights should not. On the Monroe trail that shouldn’t be the case. I didn’t experience the other trails.

This particular trail is fine, though ironically doesn't seem well maintained. There were several trees down in the trail that hadn't been moved or cut, and there was one tricky section that looked like a blow down had occurred. I say this is ironic because its one of the few areas you pay a park fee as opposed to Owls Head and Kettle Pond. Also, doesn't seem much traveled as I walked through a bazillion spider webs, especially on the loop side opposite the put-in area. I would suggest doing an out and back hike thru the side of Osmore Pond with a group shelter to the top of Big Deer- which has amazing views and is moderately easy as a hike.

16 days ago

Wow, this trail is absolutely stunning. Yes there's a pond and a few nice views of the pond and surrounding views along this slippery loop trail, however the trail alone is worth visiting for this hike. Its kind of like- whatever you envisioned as woods in fairy tales when you were a child.

I found this trail to be difficult with the footing, stepping on and in between pointy rocks and numerous exposed tree roots for 85 percent of the journey, but I could have been having an off day for hiking too. The pond is definitely worth visiting. Seemed like a very remote place, with lots of AT/LT hikers passing through this time of year. It is very picturesque with dozens.of mini water cascades flowing among moss covered rocks. I also found lions mane (mushroom) here which was a pleasant surprise.

Loved this hike! Originally had planned on doing all of the White Rocks Long Trail hike; however, we ended up parking in this “picnic area” and starting on this trail. I would say the hike is more moderate than difficult - there are a few steep areas, but overall not highly intense. Near the top there is a beautiful pine tree Forest that is truly majestic. There is also a “rock grave sight” with piles of stacked rocks. Once you reach this point, you should follow the blue path to the outlook. At he outlook, you’ll have to do some exploring to find the views. If you get all the way out, keep going to the right more - there is a beautiful outlook with nice areas to sit and enjoy the views! Very very beautiful and not too demanding!!

20 days ago

west ridge trail to glastenbury is loaded with camp sites but with little to no outlook points until the summit. if goal is to reach summit in one day - i suggest starting before 9 AM. some real beautiful camping spots. especially liked little pond - about a half mile off the LT/AT

Had a great time breaking the loop into two half days. The climb up Stratton was a welcomed work out. We had a foggy afternoon so no views at the top. Great tent sites at the pond and lovely swimming too! The hike out was flat and easy which made it so we could enjoy the surroundings and each other’s company. This is a great route if you’re looking to get back into backpacking and/or if you’re looking for an enjoyable easy weekend. We recorded at between 12 and 13 miles round trip.

Was definitely worth each step!

Awesome hike with beautiful views definitely be prepared with water and food there is a nice mountain top place to eat as well about a 10mile hike

I'll start off by saying that these mountains are beautiful and any hike in the area is well worth it. However, the intel and directions from the All Trails route is not ideal, and coming up from the Sugarbush ski area can get confusing and tricky. That said, starting at the Lincoln peak base lodge, follow the utility road that goes under the lift. There are several forks in the road, the first of which you should take the left road. After that all the roads will eventually get you to the same place, as long as you keep going up. You are loosely following the Organ Grinder trail, so if keep seeing those signs, you are on track. The road is smooth but punishingly uphill at times. It's essentially a 3 miles at a 1000 ft gained per mile ratio. From the top you can get to the Lincoln Peak viewing platform (which served us no good because of the dense fog) and then follow Long Trail south to Abraham, which is a 40 minute hike. Make sure to jump off trail about 300 yards down from the Abraham summit to get a glimpse of the famous plane wreck from the 1980s. Very cool! From there you wind back to Lincoln, and over 2 minor peaks on to Ellen, the summit of which is forested but very peaceful. After getting back near Lincoln peak, you have the option to follow the All Trails route and descend down the "Middle Eart" trail. This is not recommended. The way is slippery, steep, with very dense vegetation. I'd recommend continuing past the Middle Earth ski trail back up to the Castle Rock chairlift and following the "Troll Road" trail down. We did not do that ourselves, but it looks like a significantly easier route, and ends up in the same place. The hike was excellent, but All Trails will let you down a little bit from a best route perspective. Still entirely worth the trip however!

The climb gets steep toward the top but the footing is good. No scrambling. Views from the fire tower are fantastic.

on Mount Philo Trail

22 days ago

Nice hike. Decided to take devil's chair trail after the summit. It was very narrow with lots of interesting crevices. Loved it.

The best trail I have hiked in vermont! The trail on the way up is majestic - just incredible. There are a few steep and rocky areas, but the view at the top is incredible. There is room on the top to enjoy lunch and view the incredible scenery. I highly suggest this trail for the adventurous! It is somewhat difficult and steep in areas, so good shoes are a must.

23 days ago

Incredible hike with great views but it comes with some work. I highly recommend the popular loop that combines Dean's Trail, the Long Trail and the Monroe Trail. The crowds were out for Labor Day weekend but certainly not overcrowded. The Long Trail isn't for those who aren't able to climb boulders combined with narrow trails. For a smoother climb, take the Monroe Trail both out and back.

This was my second time hiking Mount Mansfield, but this time we did it as a larger loop hike. The hike going up to the ridge was slow going due to the wet rocks. Once on the ridge there was a lot of people and the whole ridge was socked in majority of the time with a few breaks of sun here and there. We hiked up the Halfway House Trail to the Long Path and down the Sunset Ridge Trail.

Listened to other reviews and went up Profanity Trail and down Long Trail. It was (for us) the best route given the conditions.

Did the trail as described and would agree that it's Moderate though I recorded a GPS of 19.1km so around 12 miles. Ascent to Stratton Mountain isn't hard and navigation easy (by Welsh standards where I'm from) as trails well marked. Stratton Pond great place for lunch and top us around 6 hours at an easy pace

25 days ago

This is a nice hike, definitely got my heart-rate up and a good sweat. The Monroe trail ascends through forest, sometimes with a decent pitch but often leveling off to allow you to catch your breath. It is consistently rocky requiring constant vigilance - and the rock can be slippery even if not wet. We were surprised to find a fair bit of water in the trail on the mid to upper part even after a dry spell. You only get views during the final ascent to the summit up the steep rocky section after the end of the Monroe. We are in our late 50’s/early 60’s in good physical shape but this was our first climb of the summer and it took us a solid 4.5 hour round trip with 15+ minute stops on the way up for lunch and at the summit. It was almost 2 full hours to get down surprisingly as we were cautious moving down the rocks. We were both tired and sore but felt good about summiting.

26 days ago

Lovely enough trail along the brook at the beginning, but doesn’t offer much in terms of views once you get up there. Nice for a quick walk if you want to gain some elevation, but don’t expect too much. Nothing tricky or difficult about this hike

Amazing hike. One of my favorite ever! This section was 11.1 miles by my GPS and I would rate it hard due to the number of extremely steep and slippery sections. Enjoyed multiple breathtaking 360 degree views and got a good upper body workout from the scrambles. Trail was well marked.

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