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Going up was a workout, but to me it got a little easier once I made it to the springs. Not really any lookout points as you’re going up, but some great views at the top. Going down was super fast.

Great mushroom finds this year! Since we had tons of rain, a bit muddy going but nice to see the brooks and creeks filled and flowing.

Great hike all-around. Impeccably maintained, well-marked, and plenty of overflow parking. Only disappointment was the crowd at the top that had driven up from the toll road. The view was a bit better from the Summit than the overlook, but definitely more solitude. There's also a spring about halfway up to cool down at. Challenging but not brutal.

Steep hike with faster elevation gain. Totally worth the views on top. Very little crowd thanks to the hot day and yesterday’s rain. Bring water and snacks as people mentioned earlier.. loved the hike and the views

Headed up after a torrential rain the evening before. Trail was solid and well drained for first two-thirds - graded and small gravel underfoot. Took a head dip in the Spring - a must. Then headed up the narrower rougher last section. Here it was just a river from all the high mountain springs. Need the trail crew with picks and shovels to put in 25-30 sluices. I built a few with my bare hands which helped but gave up a half mile from the summit. Turned away about 100 hikers on way back - the trail was completely impassable.

The directions took us to the additional parking lot which is about .2 miles from the start of the trail. If you continue past the additional parking you come to the actual parking lot but there is limited spacing.

Hike was steep but the terrain wasn’t difficult. The hike up and down alone is about 6.2 miles without a stop at the extra lookouts.Took two experienced hikers about 3 hours round trip with about a half hour stop at the top submit. There was an observation building at the submit that has clean bathrooms.

Great view at the top! Would recommend for moderate to advance hikers.

Almost all vertical hiking. but it is well worth it. gorgeous view at the top.

1 month ago

Awesome hike but it is tough. I brought my three kids and they hated me for a little while afterwards. See my full write up. http://www.eastcoasthiker.com/trails/equinoxmountain

Constant uphill battle. Great workout. View is beautiful at the peak. This trail does not let off when it comes to the incline. Most of it is dirt path through the woods and then it gets a bit rocky towards the top. Worth the sweat.

Very tough hike, with almost no relief from uphill madness! I have hiked several high peaks in VT, and this hike was on of the the most strenuous. It was a great challenge and recommend to anyone looking for a rewarding and awesome workout.

One side note was the summit, which is also the top of a long road to the top. Sort of takes away some of the glory seeing people who just drove up a road enjoying the same views, without the hard work!

Nice steady hike to top. Great views of surrounding mountains. Wild flowers coming in. Trail in best condition I’ve seen it. Black flies not bad with steady breeze

Great Hike!! Definitely a work out, but the view at the top makes it all worth it. Some points to keep in mind though: This is not an easy hike. Make sure to take plenty of water and snacks, appropriate footwear with grippy soles and an extra layer for the cooler temperature in the afternoon at the top. We hiked the blue summit trail mid May and there was still quite a bit of ice towards to the top. It’s narrow and very slippery on the ice. The visitors center was not open when we reached the top.. much to our disappointment, but the view was just breathtaking. We completed the trail in just under 4hrs.

Good hike with a nice 360 degree view at the summit. Hiking it in the snow added a fair element of challenge...and fun!

Great hike. What a workout. Views not great until the top but too busy climbing to worry about it!

Great training hike to see what kind of condition you are in. Steep and relentless but not technical at all as for half the trail you are hiking up a road. Due to this, it is not a long hike, but you will definitely work up a good sweat. Nice views of Manchester from Lookout rock. don’t forget to pay your respects to Mr. Barbo as my Lab, Molson and I did.

A major butt-kicker. Super steep and rocky toward the top, which was great. It became a magical fairy land up there too. Very beautiful. The summit views are fantastic of course, but some of the serenity is spoiled by the presence of a parking lot. My wife and I ran up in an hour and 17 mins, and down in 59 mins. Be prepared to get whooped :)

definitely rated accurately. nothing but incline the whole way up. bring lots of water and snacks but if you like a challenge it is a lot of fun and rewarding when you make it to the top. my dog was actually tired the next day which was a bonus.

I knew this was going to be a rough hike when I saw the 3,000 foot plus elevation gain on the app. Another hiker on the trail said to me it had the feel of one of the high peaks of the Adirondacks. It's a real but kicker and a good challenge - it's uphill all the way (well I guess it does level off slightly toward the top). Unfortunately for me it was raining, windy and there was no view when I got to the summit as it was all fog. There were quite a few people at the top - most from the toll road having lunch in the building. The building is nice as it offered a spot to refill the water jugs. I'll have to take the toll road next time as it's not a hike I really want to do again right away.

Great Hike! Really loved the challenge! Pity it was raining all the way up but the shelter at the summit it's a great spot for lunch and warming up! Recommended for all that like a challenge and are relatively fit! Not many spots where to stop on the way!

This was a very hard trail, you are hiking at a steep incline for the entirety of the trail. There are not many good places to stop to rest along the way. The view is incredible, but since you are able to drive to the top of the mountain, this takes away from the rewarding feeling of reaching summit.

It was tough than I thought... but good workout!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SO hard! Longest 3.3 mile up ever. But worth the climb.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Steep and hard. Just the way I like it.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Challenging but great hike. Going up is rough but it is worth it at the top.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Awesome hike or snowshoe (have now done both). Hard and steep but such a reward at the top with 360 degree views. Took about 3 hours all in including a 30m stop at the top and wandering out to lookout rock. 1:20m to the top at a solid clip. Highly recommend for those in shape and ready for a short but great challenge.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

So crowded, but it's a good challenge. I was up to the summit in 1:20, down in 0:40, so a 2hr hike. Park at the school and walk up the stairs and behind the football field. The trail is marked and clearly visible. The W. Union St. parking lot is small and jammed.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Blue Summit Trail is a Fantastic, challenging Hike to the Summit of Mt. Equinox. It is the largest peak of the Taconic Range where you will be Hiking over 3800 ft in elevation. At the 2 mile mark there is a bench and about 200 feet away is a stream shooting out of the mountain to help cool you off. Regroup here as the rest of the Hike is a steep incline with minimal flat ground. The journey to the top is a reward in itself but reaching the Summit and the views are breathtaking.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Fantastic Hike. Very challenging and as other hikers mentioned in previous comments, there are hardly any flat spots.. steep incline pretty much all the way.
But nonetheless, well worth the climb. Trail is well marked and beautiful. Roughly half way into the hike there is a bench. good place to cool off before starting the steepest section.( Don't miss the Spring which is just 250 ft from the bench)

Hiking poles are recommended on this hike. Summit views are breathtaking and they have a cool visitor center.

Hard but rewarding hike. Would definitely visit again.

Toughest summit around. Solid pitch with no breaks. Some cool side trails and viewing areas near the top. Final stretch through stream beds and pines is awesome.

Very difficult but very rewarding. I did this hike in March in 6 degree temperatures. It was below 0 degrees at the top of the mountain (even colder with the wind chill), but the view of southern Vermont and New Hampshire was worth it.
This hike is very steep and took a lot out of my friend and me. The woods are thick toward the top. Town is very cute too (Manchester). I would recommend this hike to people in moderate to great shape. If you want to do it in the winter (like I did), bring spikes for your boots. The hike is icy and I slipped quite a few times.

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