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Vermont Map

Lots of snow but the trail is nicely packed down! I used microspikes the whole way which worked perfectly. My pup did fine the whole way too...

The lake is beautiful and healthy w.r.t. wildlife (fish, turtles, birds). The path was very nice, piney underfoot alot of the way, a few nice small streams, a couple nice small clearings, and a lot of the path was along the lake with nice views. Only negative is it was fairly buggy so bring bug spray. Trail was very easy and pretty much flat the whole way. I would definitely recommend.

We tried to go to Bourn pond after the (spectacular) Lye waterfall but the trail was very poor. Markings were hard to find, fallen trees required small detours, trail was muddy, and lots of bushwacking was needed. We turned back after ~4-5 miles after the waterfall fork. The forest was very beautiful but I would not recommend doing this hike.

The trail was uphill but not too strenuous and the falls were spectacular, cascading and dropping for 100+ feet (saw shortly after a good rain). Definitely avoid the other fork to the pond, we hiked maybe 4-5 miles on it before we decided to turn around - the trail was pretty poor and had to walk around fallen trees and bushwack brush fairly frequently.

Attempted to summit Mt Mansfield with a friend today, but the snowdepth (26" last 24h) and the steep slopes made snowshoeing almost impossible. Do not attempt this trail right now, I'd say to wait for the snow to compact and for someone to break trail. The white paint marks on the trees are easy to miss, so follow your topo and avoid the cliffs on your left near the summit (above the resort side). It's a beautiful area nonetheless, so I'll give it 3 stars and I'll try again for sure later in the winter.

Nice forest area with a beach overlooking the lake. Very pleasant, nice easy walk.

Nice little trail around the pond. In the winter it freezes over and ppl Nordic ski/skate. Very pretty.

Great bike trail but, really, this is a nice place to take a stroll close to the city after having a meal with friends. It’s not a hike through nature, but more of a stroll in town beside the lake.

road biking
6 days ago

Excellent and beautiful trail to walk, run or bike on. The trail takes you right through lake Champlain and the views are obviously stellar. One of the best easy trails to do in Chittenden County

My husband and I hiked this one a few years ago in the spring when we stayed at the lodge and it was really nice . We would love to come back. It would have been more enjoyable if I wasn’t so worried after seeing bear and moose tracks for the majority of the walk. I am not from the area and was not used to seeing that at that point in my life so I was a little more anxious than I should have been about it. We did end up seeing a moose though (not on this particular trail but close to it)! I do remember it not being that difficult of a hike and we were fairly inexperienced at hiking at that point. I would highly recommend it.

10 days ago

Great hiking trail with a nice view. Mix of steep and flat terrain!

11 days ago

Was looking for a hike for me and my dog as the family was skiing Mt. Snow. This is about a 20 minute drive from Mt. Snow and it has off road parking and allows dogs. Both big pluses. I would say it's a moderate hike in the winter as there is a mixture of snow/ice. Make sure to bring your spikes and/or hiking poles. It was a beautiful/peaceful hike. The trek up definitely raised my heart rate. There is a fire tower at the top and the folks up top said it had great views but unfortunately my dog wasn't up for the climb. Otherwise, the views were okay since the foliage was off the trees but nothing spectacular. The loop took about 1 1/2 hours.

11 days ago

Killer view from the top of the fire tower. We entered the trail behind Vermont Distillers Inc for a moderately inclined hike that could be completed by anyone in decent shape. The hike up probably took 35 minutes. Absolutely worth the trip.

12 days ago

Was a beautiful winter day , tons of snow on the ground and easy hike in and out. The lake was the perfect size. Will be great swimming spot for summer . And also can see snow bowl ski slopes from the lake and see the mountain. The trail was well marked . Little steep in some spots , other then that an easy hike .

What a beautiful hike! The trails are fairly slick with ice covering the base of the trail. Spikes are a must to travel safely. Trail is very dog friendly as we passed many individuals with dogs! Took 2 hours to reach mt. Abe peak and 15 minutes to hit Lincoln.

Nice up and down trail. Much board walk. Liked it!

13 days ago

I would give this more stars, but when we went in May the black flies were brutal. We ended up sprinting up and down the trail and didn't have much time to stand still and take in the views. The view was incredible and would like to have more time next time to take it in without the flies

Excellent !!

13 days ago

Very nice path, the top is definitely worth the long hike. We were walking slowly so it took us about 1h30 to reach the top. Very nice view not crowded. We did it in the winter and it is very nice.

Hiked 1/1/19. Muddy in the beginning, a few water crossings as it rained day before. Very much worth the view at the end though.

15 days ago

Short walk to the fall. Very beautiful half frozen water fall at the end. Went there in an early morning on 1/2/19 with my dog.

15 days ago

I don’t know what this trail is like in warmer months, but you will definitely need ice cleats to hike here on new year eve (12/31/18). I brought my golden retriever with me and she did it without any problem (she quickly learned about the ice and she would get around it). Met the black mountain dog and one of the golden retrievers - I heard they live near the trail and hike with people daily for fun. To be honest, the trail should be rated as hard given the steepness. The half upper portion definitely feels like good cardio exercise. I had to take breaks in between and my heart was beating fast.

16 days ago

This is a great short hike to do while visiting Stowe - beautiful and varied forest along the trail, enough gain to get your heart pumping, and great views of Mansfield and Camel's Hump from the top. I tried it, unprepared for the ice, with a friend on 12/30/18 and we turned back about 3/4 miles in. Went back alone with microspikes and poles on New Years Eve day and made the top easily. Going up I met people on their way down, but I broke out onto a vacant summit and had about 15 minutes to myself up there before heading back down. I've done the hike many times in all seasons, but this was the iciest I've experienced...

Trail not very well marked.

Hiked 01/01/19. Great hike with multiple different trails from the Audubon Center, but the parking lot was very icy and some patches on the trail were as well, I would recommend crampons if hiking in the winter. Will definitely be back

Hiked the trail 12/31/18. Great hike. Temp was 34, no bugs, no snakes, good views. Hiking partner knew Tim and took a moment to silently remember him

Good exercise!
Easy access.
Much better views when leaves down.
Be sure to hike Nature Trail on other side of resoviour

17 days ago

Fun hike! I will definitely be going back

A really good, but long, hike up Camel's Hump and back from the Winooski River valley. Some rocky ridgelines provide great views of the mountain during the approach, and the summit sure is rewarding after so much elevation gain!

The ground was frozen but exposed for the first 2.5 miles of the trail, then turned to about 6 inches of hard crust. My wife used crampons for the top section and I used snowshoes. Traction devices are a must for the final push to the summit! The snow crust became thicker near the top, but didn't seem to get deeper than 12 to 18 inches. Took us about 5 hours with our dog. Thanks to the couple we met returning from lunch at the resort's summit lodge, who took our photo. Beautiful hike on a clear day for the views. We can't wait to return in the summer!

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