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Vermont Map
11 hours ago

I did this hike in the winter . I broke trail for the 1st 4 miles which was so lovely to be the first. I agree with some of the comments below . The elevation was great for me . The trail head is really easy to find . There isn’t a trail head marking, per say. Follow the water up till you don’t. That’s your only water source . The trail follows the water . There are also 3 blue horizontal lines on some tree in the direction to follow . One your at the juncture, go right and up. It’s a .5 from the tower to The view from the peek which was pretty magical. I like frozen snow and ice personally. The view from the tower was pretty mind blowing . I will be definitely hitting this hike in the summer .

Nice, quick, hike with my dog. I went at sunset with snow on the ground. It was easy enough, and so I would say this is on the lower end of moderate, if that. You could use micro spikes (like I had on) to help, but probably not necessary.

14 hours ago

18 hours ago

20 hours ago

Did the hike on the 9th of March. Up Laura down Sunset. Beautiful hike. Word of caution. Be prepared on the way up for everything. Snow is deep and soft in places. Other places icy and slick. Glad I brought both shoes and micro spikes. Views from the top worth the effort.

4 days ago

Gorgeous trail with some historic flair, physically demanding, especially in winter. It was obscenely icy with very precarious cliffs so I'd recommend holding off until at least mid spring to do this one.

miss this state

5 days ago


Just went out for a tiny hike in the snow. Can’t wait until there is no snow to do the full hike.

5 days ago

Trail was snow covered. Used snow shoes, had a few bare, exposed rock iced over spots but were able to walk around or use poles to help get by.
View from top is good

5 days ago

Will always be my favorite go to climb !!

Mid March summit attempt was a success. Took Long Trail from the road and found my way to Taft Lodge. Decided to take Profanity for the first time. Great experience. Hard climb with the snow and ice. Crampons are an absolute necessity. Poles too. Ice axes not necessary, but may make ascending the final 200 feet easier.

Well worth the effort! Beautiful hike!

Just wanted to check this part out quick since we were just driving by and it was super icy along with not having our cramptons with us. Just parked on the side of the road and hoped out. Can not wait to do this section when we finally thru hike.

The road is closed as of today, and, according to the cop posted at the road closure sign, is nothing but ice. And probably will be for a long time. Super disappointing; wish the road closure was marked earlier, but it’s sudden, right after a curve. Will update review if we ever get to hike it.

6 days ago

Some icey spots but also exposed earth depending on the side of the mountain you’re on. Lovely day!

7 days ago

I agree with Deb, I too lost the trail midway but found it soon, also would not call it easy, maybe easy to medium.

The view at the top is amazing and worth the hike up ten fold!

This trail was absolutely beautiful and had an amazing view at the top. However, because of the snow and construction workers using the entire parking area we ended up having to park near the picnic area, we parked a little further down the road because the snow wasn’t kept up with further up and there was a gate up to get into the actual picnic area. We ended up starting on the keewaydin trail and made our way up. It was still an awesome hike! Will definitely be back to check out the areas we missed.
Also, when you’re leaving make sure you go back straight to those main roads this specific trail leads you to, especially if you have a typical car. We ended up going the other way because the gps said to and ended up in a ton of uphill and very muddy roads that we almost got stuck in multiple times.

Great hike! I would definitely go back. Was a little muddy but not too bad.

9 days ago

The view at the top is phenomenal.

9 days ago

Perfect day -perfect conditions for late winter SnowShoe trek. Did the loop, but went to tower via tower trail first, then back by ridge trail. Better on SS’s because of steep icy conditions last .1 mi. B-4 tower. Easier to climb than go down in winter. Trail well packed to tower. Only 2 SS tracks over ridge. Lots of snow to melt this spring. Snow overnight was sticky. My new SS’s worked great in all conditions. 6.5 mi. from beach parking lot. This geezer had plenty of exercise after this outing.

Beautiful winter hike. We were the only people on the trail all day. Bottom third of the trail was well packed snow. The top two thirds were fresh powder of 2 to 4 inches. We used micro spikes which were good for these conditions with only a few slips and post holes. The view from the top was magnificent and worth the climb. The hike is unrelenting uphill all the way with no flat areas. A lightweight spoon sled made coming down fast and a lot of fun especially in the deeper powder. We took 3hrs up at an easy pace and an hour down. Highly recommended.

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