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Utah Map

Paved path with lots of areas to walk down to the river. We went Dec 12th and it wasn't too crowded. Great way to see the beginning of the narrows and looking up all you see is canyon walls. There was also dirt paths by the river you could walk but you do have to come up to the paved path at some points. We also saw the dipper bird! Very beautiful and peaceful hike, easy and wheelchair assable.

We went Dec 11 and drove the scenic drive on the 13th. Not super crowded but they do have some road work by the zion lodge. Bonus tip: another great drive is to enter the park's tunnel through the east entrance of the park!

We went Dec 12th, there wasn't a lot of people but middle and upper pool is closed. We saw two waterfalls and it was very muddy/slippery at the pools. We also saw deer and turkeys while on our way in! Definitely a great hike.

This area has smaller parking than other trail heads. Short and steep but overall it took us around 30min in and out. We went Dec 13th and the trail was wet, not many people.

Not an experienced hiker and this trail was a perfect challenge. Took us around an hour and 50mins to complete. We went Dec 12th and there was a little mud in higher elevation, a little slippery. Loop is shorter than we thought, you can skip this and still see watchman point overlook.

rock climbing
21 hours ago

One of the hardest but great scenery on the top of mountain.

23 hours ago


23 hours ago

Excellent hike, petroglyphs are numerous and worth the hike up. Trail is well defined, not crowded on a week day and parking lot with vault toilet. Don't miss it.

Absolutely breath taking!

This is a response to Wolfie Perry: there are better spots to access the Pipeline further up the canyon. Rattlesnake is probably the worst place to access it, definitely a steep slog. I made a similar mistake hiking with a three year old on my back.

Love this hike, it’s so close and easy to get to. Parts of it are icy but I was able to manage only with hiking boots 12.11.18

December 11th...snow packed trail. Fun hike and super peaceful with all the snow. Didn’t even use my snowtrax.

Great hike. Strenuous, but worth the effort. Did it in early December and temps were perfect. A little muddy/snowy at the top, but nothing a good pair of hiking boots can’t handle. Went through about 1.5L of water, completed in about 4hr 20min (stopped at the top for 20-30 min).

Went on 08Dec18. A couple of areas where spikes are useful, not bad at all for this time of year.

Great easy hike. We ended up making it in 1 hour and 40 Mins out and back. Definitely recommend for a quick beautiful walk by the river

2 days ago

Hiked up hoping to get above the smog, but this wasn't quite high enough. Trail was mostly in good shape, just a bit wet and muddy in a few places, otherwise you were walking on gravel and a little bit of packed snow.

On the way back down, we saw a handful of Bighorn Sheep about a quarter mile from the trail head. Very cool!

2 days ago

Such a beautiful trail with all the snow. We done it with no spikes or snowshoes. One section is fairly deep and narrow but we made it through okay. If you go left on the loop its steep in a short bit of section or if you go right its a continual uphill for a good part.

Short and easy to get to! Go in the mid morning for best light.

Great trail. It's well-worn in the snow and you should only need microspikes unless you're going up right after a storm. Wonderful views of the canyon and valley all in one hike.

Hiked last summer...Fair warning they’re not kidding when they say this hike is hard. I’ve hiked plenty of ‘hard’ rated hikes before and this one kicked my butt. I would recommend hiking early in the morning or on a cooler day since most of the hike is in the sun. The beginning of the hike was really hard to find since it doesn’t look like a trail at all. It just looks like a dirt hill...you basically go up the switchbacks and then walk straight up this super steep dirt hill that eventually starts to form a trail. On the way up the hike there’s a little cave thats pretty cool by all the big rock formations so don’t miss that. The cabin is in good shape and was really cool, it made the difficult hike worth it...bring plenty of water, you’ll need more than you think trust me.

Hiked last summer...This trail is very overgrown the first time I tried to find it I failed and ended up on a different trail. However, if you do manage to get on the right trail it’s a lot of fun climbing over giant rocks and having the trail completely to yourself. It’s very steep, but a short hike and there are ropes along the trail to help you up the rocks. Although they seem old and frayed so I wouldn’t trust them completely. The cave is pretty cool, but it was scary climbing on the old rope and the inside of the cave was very slippery so you could easily get hurt if you climbed all the way to the back of the cave. (Bring a headlamp)

I just did this hike about a week ago. The snow makes it a little bit more challenging, but that’s the fun of it. It’s a short but steep hike so you feel like you’re still getting a good workout, and the views on the way up are amazing.

Super fun trail. Took the route of starting at the Primitive trail and ending with Devils Garden Main trail. Personally I found this to be nice because I went up the steep rock on primitive and not down it, which I was told many people turn around at that point. I will say though if going in the winter and planning on taking the same route, have ice spikes or chains. The Main Trail was icy around 2pm. The whole loop took me 4 hours and that includes stopping for lunch at Dark Angel and getting lost for about a half mile while looking for the Main Trail. Good hike all in all.

2 days ago

My husband and I completed this hike on December 9 with our neighbor's dog, Scout.

This hike was a little tricky for us to find... we didn't realize there was a second parking area up a steep driveway. Once we got on the trail, it was pretty straightforward, although we did have to use navigation once more to find that path.

We loved this hike! A slight incline most of the way, with some steeper parts. The snow-covered tree branches were lovely, and as we got farther into the canyon, we loved the view of the snow-tipped evergreens. We were also able to glimpse some blue sky! So gorgeous!

This hike doesn't have a definitive end.... it actually keeps going for 5 or ten miles I think. We had to look on the app to see when this officially "ended," and turn around.

Overall perfect winter hike for us! Almost gave it five stars because Christian was excited to see the weather radar up on the peak.

My favorite hike in Zion. Not a lot of trail markers and in the last half mile or so along the rim the trail isn't very defined. Download the map and be sure to take a backup paper map.

This hike is out of the main canyon and has excellent views. Combined with Deertrap it makes for an incredible day of hiking.

There aren't many trail markers in Zion wilderness so be sure to download and have a paper map for backup and make note that stave spring is off east rim trail but sometimes it isn't flowing. Check at the park ranger station beforehand!

Hiked it this am. Had to park on the road since we started early (5:30am) and the gate was closed. It was cool in the predawn, but it warmed a bit as we left the creek and then again as the sun rose as we approached the summit at 6:30. Including a break at the summit to enjoy the view it was still under 2 hours round trip. A little steep in spots, but nothing technical or challenging. Under 90 minutes would've been possible if we'd run down.

Definitely recommend the hike. Had been 20+ years since I hiked it last but the rattle of the Aspen leaves and the smell of brush and wild flowers was very nostalgic. The view in every direction was fantastic.

Probably one of my favorite hikes in Utah. The gate is closed... BUT! It’s not like last year when the gate was closed (13 miles total) now it only adds about 3 miles overall. So it’s about a 7-8 miles total. For the first timers if you want to make the trip faster I’d HIGHLY recommend bringing a couple bicycles and a good lock. You can bike the first mile and a half.There were about 20 or so people up there when we got to the springs at 2 pm. I’d definitely recommend spikes for the hike. Some parts are hard packed snow/ice. You can do it in just shoes tho. Don’t leave your trash up there and be respectful. Also, expect to see some nudity. Welcome to the wilderness

trail running
2 days ago

Saw 2 moose on trail on way back down from Blanche at 8:45am. One got a little aggressive and charged a hiker coming up the trail, but did not make contact. Whoa! Heads up!

2 days ago

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