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I have done both timp trails. They are beautiful and fully worth the effort

16 hours ago

This trail and Henry's Fork Lake is slightly less used than Dollar Lake which is the main access to Kings Peak. The lakes in the upper basin are reported to have large fish

17 hours ago

Was up there sledding two weekends ago with zipfy. Two days in a row, beautiful snow lots of families with little kids, However, there are too many loose dogs on the trail. The person I was sledding with got chased by a two different dogs off leash while heading down the trail. There should be marked signs or dogs need to be kept on a leash.The first dog nearly ran from its owner into the parking lot (someboday caught it before it lept over the cliff) and the second dog bit the person I was with through his park and all the owner did was ask the dog to apologize to my friend....luckily no puncture wound but a nasty bruise that is just healing three weeks later. I love dogs too but signage and strict rules about having a leash on. The owners were lucky their dog did not bite a child -the scenario would have been not in their favor.

lots of fun for our kids

19 hours ago

This hike was our first on this trip to Moab. The first mile is straight uphill. It's hard and grueling. After that it's a pretty moderate trail. It is very well marked and not heavily trafficked. It is a pretty hike with views of Moab and the Canyonlands NP. My kids enjoyed exploring the arched caves and echoes. The only water along the trail are little pools left over from rain-so definitely bring water for your pooch.

Not a bad morning hike. Pretty busy. Not one where you can let your dog off the leash:) No shade, so earlier is better before the heat. We were reluctant to take out large, 10 year old, 100 lb boxer because of the steep, cable part. I would say about half the bigger dogs made it up and the other half turned around. Thankfully, our boy was able to do it-he's pretty trusting and has been on some difficult hikes-but he struggled. You can see the arch from the cable area, so if the dog can't make it, you don't have to turn around empty handed!

People of all different abilities made it in this one. Older, heavier, kids, parents packing kids.... the arches are beautiful. Corona is one of my favorite ones.

This was our favorite hike for this Moab trip! Super dog friendly! Lots of creek crossings but plenty of well placed rocks-didn't get wet. A couple little pools for dogs and kids to splash around in. Lots of shade. Pretty easy hike! Moab changed the trailhead name-I think it's called "Overlook" -something like that...but we just looked for the "morning glory sign" and knew it was the right one:) The Arch is amazing! Definitely a must do.

ok so we came back to do this hike sans dogs. went up bell and down little wild horse. lwh is more interesting hike imo. some scrambling but worthwhile. bring water socks. we had to wade thru pools up to calf deep.

We went here on our honeymoon.

We got a self guided permit as ranger led hikes had not yet started for the season. (3/22/17)

Scenery is great, and it's a fun adventurous hike with lots of a rock scrambling, fin canyons, and feels very secluded. We only saw three other families.

We did get lost, and it made for a nerve wracking time trying to navigate our way out- which detracted from the overall experience.

Would do it again, but only with a ranger.

I was 5 months pregnant and did this hike while there was a shit ton of snow on the ground. But it was so nice! Not going to lie, with all that snow it was a bit harder. My husband and brother-in-law had done it when it's been warm and said it was lovely. So I plan to go back when all the snow melts

Very easy walk, great for our little family. Beautiful scenery.

Great, small hike. A little steep for little kids, but mine were able to do it with some help down. Saw some moose at the lake. A lot of fun.

1 day ago

Perfect winter night hike.

Great hike--good workout and amazing views. Did this hike on 3/19/17. As of that time it was still pretty snowy near the top which made for some pretty slow going, and wet feet coming back down. Totally worth it though.

Kristan Makl: I think someone may have found the micro spikes you lost. There was a single blue set of micro spikes (the kind with the metal spirals on the bottom) that someone had placed on top of a post at the trailhead. It was there as of Sunday 3/19/17.

1 day ago

Lacking signage, but that's what makes is a "secret"

Maybe the most incredible hike on the planet! Challenging but not crazy either.