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on Syncline Loop

14 hours ago

Easily the best hike we did in Canyonlands!!! It was tough and required some careful stepping up and down rocks, but the geography changed so much that it was constantly interesting ! We did it backwards which made us hike up the stairs at the end .. the toughest part of the whole trip but it was the most rewarding!! I'd rate it a 9/10 !! Took us about 6.5 hours, bring lots of food and water! Your energy gets really depleted!

15 hours ago

Moderate hike with a lot of neat scenic stops (take a guide trail map or you'll miss the petroglyphs!). It is always awesome to end a hike at a waterfall and this one does not disappoint. We love this trail and would definitely do it again!! It's worth going early in the morning to enjoy this piece of solitude without a large crowd!

pretty easy, but great views. It's worth doing.

Not used to hiking at this elevation, so felt more difficult to me. Very steep. Great views. Went in September so the trail had fresh green, trees starting to turn and snow. Lake at the top was worth it. Very beautiful.

What a great hike! Not many people--had the hoodoos to ourselves. I had never been on a hike that wasn't clearly marked so it felt like a real adventure. We added another mile or two to our hike because we passed up the site and then stayed a little too long maybe-- had to bust out the headlamps on the way back. Try to find the packed ground to make it a little easier or else you'll be fighting the sand the whole time. Really great!

16 hours ago

beautiful scenery. great day hike. starting to get a bit snowy this time of year but we made it up and didn't need crampons or microspikes

This had to be one of the busiest trails I have ever hiked.. I must of crossed paths with well over 100 other hikers in a 3.5 hr period..

The town has a lot of no parking signs and a few signs about a number to call if you have a boot on your car.. I drive semi so I just parked on the Main Street through town as it is a state highway and the can’t stop me from parking there.. From there is was less than 1 mile to the trail head.. There is also 2 parking lots at the Trail Head that charge $10.00 for parking, they are traveled and have Porta potty’s..

The start of the trail is strength up to the water tower and then drops down.. For about the first mile I was wondering if I was on the right trail, for the most part it is just a small gravel road.. Then it turns into a trail that Chris crosses the river.. I wore water prof hiking boots and for the first 3 miles my feet were dry.. There are pliantly of rocks and fallen trees to cross the river up to the first large water fall..

This is by know means a hard hike, but I would caution elderly with joint issues or stability issues from attempting this trip as the trail does have a few challenging areas with dirt slides.. This trail would also probably not be to much fun it the trail gets rained on..

After the 1st latter you will start to get wet.. there are areas where the water was from ankle to knee deep.. I recommend wearing shorts if you are going beyond the 1st ladder at the first big waterfall..

I ran out of time at 3.5 miles, but the trail continued on Pass this.. It is not on the map here, but it does continue..

The sight along this trail is breath taking, the hiking in the river was cold and sucked, but also exhilarating.. I stopped many times and just visited with other hikers.. Most youth I spoke to did not care for the hike due to the cold water temperatures.. Once your in between the canyon walls it gets cold, you will crave the heat of the sun before long..

A second pair of shoes and some additional socks for the return after you come back to the main trail, might make the 2 miles back to the parking area more enjoyable.. All together I clocked 6.9 miles and can’t wait to return and go further.. Great Hike, loved every minute of it..

18 hours ago

Absolutely beautiful! Would recommend you're in shape for this...my hiking partner was a little unprepared lol

18 hours ago

Honestly was huffing and puffing the whole way, worth the wind to the top. Couldn't do the full hike to the peak as it was iced out when I went a while back, but I've gone in warmer weather–august/september–and it was dope.

18 hours ago

Beautiful hike the whole way up to the falls.