9 hours ago

Whoa this hike was difficult. Being new to the area and still getting used to the elevation this hike kicked our butt. We made it though! The waterfall was absolutely worth it. Little purple butterflies everywhere it was picturesque. The way there was exhausting a lot of uphill and a couple areas where you climbed over rocks but nothing drastic. The way back was easy we flew back to the parking lot. Just a couple areas on the way down were steep and you had to be careful not to slip which I nearly landed on my back a few times if it weren’t for my skillz. Also when you see the bridge about a quarter of the way on the trail don’t go that way. We did for a while and had to backtrack. Which was dumb cause it should have been common sense to stay near the creek so we ended up on Bonneville which was a nice trail and cacti everywhere.. but yes if you see the bridge don’t continue on that trail. Good spot to take a break though! Bring lots of water!! And a snack/meal to reward yourself when you make it to the falls ;-)