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This trail is predominately used my mountain bikers, so we had to step off the trail quite often. The falls is more of a stream with a drop off, so if you are expecting a large waterfall you will be disappointed. Some of the forks in the trail are not marked, so it is easy to get on the wrong path. I strongly suggest taking a picture of the map at the trail entrance to help guide you. The scenery and trees were very nice though.

Left at 8:00 in the morning and the weather was perfect. Trail wasn’t crowded. Took about an hour. The end of the trail was rocky but manageable. The waterfall was a little disappointing......not a lot of water coming over. Still a great hike!

This trail is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Great views of the canyon and absolutely exhilarating with the large drop offs and hairpin switchbacks.

I did this hike on 7/20 and as of today, 7/21, I was informed by a ranger that the trail is CLOSED due to a rock fall.

This hike was a fun one. We encountered all manner of hikers out here. There were the just out for a stroll variety and then the hard core this is my work out variety. For the easy stroll just walk up to the resevoir. For the more serious ones go on up to the waterfall. Note: there were plenty of signs warning about the dangers associated with the waterfall; also a law enforcement officer we chatted with on our way up said they usually "lose about one a year". Having said that, the waterfall fell into the category "probably safe if you don't do stupid things". Good hike and viewing the map it looks like there's another lake a little further up from the water fall. Will probably do that one next.

Very fun hike my 8 yr old enjoyed every bit of it the drive is a 6 mile dirt road not a bad drive though fun slot canyon the slot canyon is relative short but fun ....

Great little hike! We were lucky to hit it on a drizzly day, crowds were leaving, didn't have to wait on ladders going down, only on first ladder coming up - waited 10+minutes for group with small children who were crying and paralyzed with fear trying to descend first ladder. Beautiful slot canyon, would have continued further if thunder and rain hadn't threatened us.

Beautiful place but sharp rocks on the way make it a very slow hike and a challenge is you’re like us who did it with a bunch of young kids. We also got to the point 2/3 through the hike where we didn’t know where to go as the road seemed to have been blocked by large boulders. I suppose that’s why this hike is labeled as “moderate” difficulty.

We arrived at the hot springs by 8 am Friday morning and only two other cars in parking lot. Very few people came and went before 10 am. It was getting crowded after 10 so we left. We enjoyed this fairly easy hike and loved the hot springs. The most enjoyable hot springs I've ever been to. Don't pass this hike up. Follow advice to arrive early, be respectful of others enjoying the pools, please take out your own trash, watch out for rattlesnakes and other wildlife, most importantly take your time and enjoy this wonderful place.

Awesome trail. It’s gorgeous, plenty of water and waterfalls, there are fire pits all along the trail and a nice big waterfall near the end. If you go far enough as well there is a fun swing. Definitely a fun weekend hike.

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Beautiful. A nice short scenic hike.

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Loved this hike. Partially shaded on the way to the meadow with a fairly steady but feasible climb. After the meadow, I continued on almost to the peaks. It gets very steep, loose, and difficult to keep your footing right before the summit. One of the most difficult hikes I have done, but you could turn back at the meadow for a more moderate hike (I think the 4.2 mi round trip distance is if you turn back at the meadow). Includes gorgeous views of the meadow, wildflowers, peaks.

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This is a fairly straightforward climb to a waterfall that is, as others have noted, pretty dry this season. The first 1.3 - 1.5 miles of the ascent are rather featureless. Once you reach the higher altitudes, you start to get some views of the canyon and Alpine and Lehi beyond. It is a pleasant trail, one of the busier ones we hiked, but probably not one we will repeat.

As to the fork at the log referred to in previews reviews: there is a sign post pointing to Scout Falls which takes you on a short (but slightly difficult climb) and, if you take the other fork, you climb above the falls and get a nice view of the area.

The great: not much other than the clear paths.

The good: some of the views are nice and it is a good workout.

The not so great or good: busy trail, much of the trail is meh, a long way to drive to the trailhead.

I really enjoyed this hike with the running water of the Virgin River next to some of it. The waterfall was nice and there’s so much to look at along the way.

Interesting short hike that is steep for the most part. The information on plants is nice as you go up. The water coming off the rocks is refreshing.

Nice short hike. But the trail to the waterfall is currently closed.

Not 3.4 miles! It’s 2 up and 2 down, so be prepared! My kids 5 & 3 walked the entire time and it took us about 4 hours (including the stay at the waterfall).

Then hike was perfect, just longer than I expected. Also dusty and a lot of rocks. Otherwise one of the best longer hikes I’ve been on. Totally worth it!

Good trail with lots of scenery, beautiful views at the top, but it is a hard climb if you're not used to the altitude. Don't stop at the first lake. Check out the other two as well. We saw a moose at the second lake. He stayed on his side and we kept to our side and all were happy.

Beautiful hike in and fun hot springs. Avoid on the weekends as it’s super packed

Hiked July 9th. Yep, the sand was a butt-kicker, and the 102F heat didn't help matters with very little shade on the trail. That said, highly recommended trail. It turned out to be 6 miles round trip. Payoff at the end is so worth it. Plenty of space at the falls to lay on a towel. The pool at the falls started to shade around 1pm, and by 2:30 was fully shaded.

Beautiful hike! Easy to moderate, with some steep and rocky parts. It is dusty! The falls are beautiful.

So gorgeous! So many beautiful medicinal herbs to nibble on the way up. Amazing views!

The valleys and wildflowers are spectacular in spring. The uphill was in sections so not too much to take on.

When I was younger I loved this hike, however, be prepared to have a lot of people around you.

The hike was nice and relatively easy. Lots of little kids on the trail who seemed to do just fine. Although it was a hot day, there is plenty of shade along the trail. The trail is filled with a very fine dust, so be ready to get dirty!

Awesome hike, and all the better for the fact that I didn’t see a single other person up there, and even on the last hundred feet back to my car my footprints were still the only ones.
Note: there are no trail markers. However, as long as you have the map cached in advance on your phone (there’s no cell reception in most of Zion National Park), or have a paper topo, you should be fine.
The initial ascent up the slab is a fun challenge, the middle section route-finding through the bushes as less fun challenge, but it is all 100% worth it for the views at the end. I confess that I nearly turned back in the middle section, because I thought I’d already seen the best views, but thank goodness I continued all the way to the end, because it is one hell of a view!
Warning - do not start this hike if it is raining or if rain is forecast. Other than the slab being incredibly slick, the hike starts and ends for about half a mile along a creek bed, and this would be impassable when the creek is flowing.

A lot of fun. The waterfall is only a few feet from the road, then you double back and go to the peak at the end of the trail. My 6 year old had a fairly easy time with it.

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Awesome downhill!! Although there is a section where you can gap the river but make sure you can clear it! Other than that it’s very fun downhill good for beginners and your riders.

Beautiful trail. Be warned, don’t wear shorts.

The Riverside is an easy trail. At the end of the Riverside trail, one can begin to hike the narrows by simply following the river. We hiked the river about 2.5 miles passed the fork where we first chose to go right (Orderville Canyon) where the water is warmer, then tracked back to the fork and briefly peeked at what the left fork offered before heading back to the Riverside trail. Fantastic hike, and my 5 y/o thoroughly enjoyed the entire 5+ miles of hiking in the river.

The first time we attempted to hike the narrows, our hike was cut short due to rain (hazardous due to possible flash flood). So we returned 6 years later to continue what we had started. So worth it, and we can't wait to do it again!

Didn't rent shoes, but we did bring walking sticks, which are really, really helpful. We hiked in July and the water is cool, but not too cold. I had no issues hiking in my Keen sandals until we enter Orderville Canyon, where tiny pebbles got stuck in my sandals a few times.

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