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Half the hike, you’re walking through a construction zone. Construction vehicles making tons of noise. Too much construction and house building around the area are ruining this hike. Some nice views when you finally start walking along the roller-coaster-like ridgeline, but nothing really special. Trail looks like it’s meant for ATVs and mountain biking. Hike elsewhere.

Can’t access this trail anymore. I guess the parking lot is on somebody’s property, and that somebody decided to put up a gate with a sign that says “KEEP OUT” and the only way to get around it is by hoping the fence...which will probably result in one of the WASPs in the neighborhood calling the police on you.

I know trail as Shinob Kibe... I have never heard it called Shiblom Kibe. Great hike. Be sure to find the little cave too.

After you pass the gate the trail starts just to your right! Excellent views

mountain biking
28 days ago

Cool trail, lots of cool rock formations. A mix of sand, technical obstacles, climbing, and slick rock riding.
I joined up to castle rock via the Grapevine, and prospector trails.

Short, but steep hike with incredible views of Washington fields.

on Dino Cliffs Trail

1 month ago

Gorgeous trail with stunning red cliffs and dino prints. However, it is short and you can hear traffic on the highway and see the sprawl of town on nearly the entire hike.

The dino prints were covered with sand from recent rain when I was there. You may need to look closely and brush them off. Be careful not to step on them, they are right on the trail.

1 month ago

Some interesting rock formations, but mostly it's a boring hike. I definitely wouldn't want to do it in the summer, it's 100% exposed. The trail is fairly well marked but can be easy to lose in spots.

It was dank yo.

Amazing views. Short, but steep little hike.

3 months ago

The end of this hike is worth 5 stars, but overall I give it four. If you start your hike where the pavement currently ends (the entrance to the Brio home development), it’s about 7 miles round trip up to Elephant Arch and back. Once you get off the unpaved dirt road and start your ascent up Bone Wash, heading toward the arch, the real beauty of this hike begins.

5 months ago

The trailhead was hard to find because a new neighborhood is being developed and we had to drive through a construction site to reach it. The hike was interesting and different. Definitely don’t regret hiking it once. One thing I didn’t like about the hike is that it didn’t lead to a final destination of a scenic area. It simply led to a dirt road.

5 months ago

Elevation gain. Benches along the trail and pet waste stations. Pleasant walk.

trail running
5 months ago

This trail is good IF YOU LIKE STEEP. You can acess the ridgeline trail from several places on the west side but you'll be using your hands to hike up it's so steep. Once on top its a rollercoaster of hills, great for cardio training. When you get to the end of the ridgeline you can turn and return or loop down and around. It's steep thats all.

trail running
6 months ago

Grapevine offers some great views! I also enjoy it for the fact that it’s a gateway to a lot of other trails, for example; Brackens loop, Dino cliffs, sand mountain trail and more! It is more of just a dirt road rather than a trail. Great for running, mountain biking or hiking. I often see people on horse back as well. Easy family friendly hike.

Nice views but did not like this trail. This app gave me two separate trailheads; one off the Dam Rd and one further south. Won't do this hike again.

10 months ago

Great trail after you turn left toward Dino Cliffs. Lots of beautiful scenery, fun rock formations and views of the city. We hiked this trail, others were mountain biking and made me want to bring my bike back and try it :)

11 months ago

Actually we hiked up to Elephant Arch starting at the Mill Creek TH and then following Bone Wash. The trail started out a double track that goes to a Washington City well. After that it follows a sandy wash bottom. Well marked trail to an interesting Arch that really does look like an elephant. Easy hike but sandy most of the way.

11 months ago

Great view of the different geologic formations in Color Country.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

It was a lot of steep hills.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Maybe I went down the wrong path after I started it but at the bottom there was a way sweet pond with vertically cut rocks and mini waterfall.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Boring jeep trail horrible for hiking... would be better on Mt Bike.

trail running
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Appropriately named; plenty of deep, bright red sand to enjoy! I've only completed this trail from east to west; using the Grapevine Trail to connect in and then the Millcreek Trail to exit back out for a total of 6 miles.
Beautiful lookout once on top of the hill; a nice 360 view. The west end of the trail is hard to follow mostly because sand can't be hardpacked and well-worn so its easy to loose among the sagebrush. I've lost trail several times, even after knowing my way down. The key is to look for the next white trail marker sticking up and make your way to it.

An excellent place to see unique wildflowers in the spring!!

trail running
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A secluded desert trail with stunning cliffs all around; red and white banded sandstone to the north and steep lava slopes to the west. Park at the north end of Green Springs Dr along the roadway and head north over the stepover gate. After about .5 mile after passing the Icehouse Mesa fork, take the unsigned trail that leads to the left. You'll know you're on the correct trail because it heads toward the space between a lava mesa to your right and a lava cliff to your left. After running over the saddle the terrain levels out and the cheat grass covers much of the trail; watch closely to follow its switchbacking. It finally connects back in with the Washington Hollow Trail to bring you back to your car.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Good and easy hike. The start Point on the map means parking on the side of an Interstate. If that's your thing then go for it. Although a longer hike, the trailhead where I started has a parking lot and easy access to the Trail. You will likely see bikers and perhaps horses along the way. Mostly solid footing, with some sandy areas. No shade. Started at sunrise and enjoyed the views.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

beautiful walk. saw lots of wildlife. great views!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This trail follows a ridge to the west pig Washington Utah. Lots of up and downs. Decent sceneryand overlooks of the surrounding countryside. The initial ascent is three big one although there are a couple places where you're going almost straight up. Good hike for the moderate or weekend hiker.

Friday, May 19, 2017

There seems to be an issue with this app.

First: It stopped recording my progress mid hike.

Second: Two of us used the google maps link on this app, intending to meet and enjoy the hike together.
We were both given two separate trail heads as THE starting point.

If you intend to meet up with multiple people, arriving from different towns, be sure to double check that your end point is the same.

I may try this trail again in the future and will update the review then.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Easy walk. First half along utility access road. Nicer after branch on to Dino Cliffs

Thursday, February 16, 2017

It was great for a 2.5 year old and a very curious doggie. We are from out of town, so this was magical!

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